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I said leave

Flash back #1

(Plz read the notes at the end)
Kathy's POV
Do you know who sent it?" Niall asked me. I stayed silent. I thought about it, I did know who it is. She's been sending me messages for a while now, my former friend- no scratch that best friend- Hannah. "Well? Do you?" Niall said, I guess I must of zoned out.
"yeah, I do." I breathed out, a lump forming in my throat. Niall pulled over the car.
"ok, we're not going anywhere until you tell me what's wrong and why you look like your about to cry." He said looking the most serious I've ever seen him be. I thought for a moment then started sobbing. Niall looked like he wasn't expecting that yet turned in his seat and held me.
"oh, hey, Kathy . Louise." Hannah and Jen said running up to me and my best friend, Louise. "Hannah! Jen! How was Yorkshire?"
" It was good I guess... Who am I kidding it was shit without you guys there!" Hannah said, grinning. Jen nodded in agreement.
"Haha! I'm sure it was but we're here now so let's go..." I trailed off as the others finished my sentence for me, "TO LUNCH!!!" They shrieked, we'd always loved to eat, all of us. We all decided to buy some stuff from the store and go to the park to eat it.
*at the park*
We reached the park and started the five minute walk through it to our favourite tree. The tree were we all met and became best friends, shared our first tears, fights and make ups. Jen and Louise walked in front and me and Hannah behind. She seemed quite distant, it hurt me, me and Hannah had always been the closest out of all of us. "What's wrong, tomato?" I asked her. I'd called her tomato ever since we met three years ago, because of when we first met she blushed like a tomato. So before I knew her name I called her that, it kinda stuck.
"Jens moving. She's going to boarding school in America. She can't handle the bullying or daddy's death. Mum made the decision and she's moving in two weeks. Auntie Claire's gonna take her in. I refused to go but I don't want to lose my sister!" She cried.
"What? Jen's moving? Please tell me your joking!" I half shouted. By now Jen and Louise were next to us.
Louises eyes were wide and watery. "Your leaving jenny? Why didn't you tell us we could of helped!" She whispered.
"don't do this Jen. Give it time, we'll help you every step of the way!" I said. I put my arms around Jen.
"I have to go... Daddy told me I should follow my dreams... He made me promise... I can't let him down..." She whispered, then added, "I can't do that here... I love you girls but I don't think you'll ever see me again... Once I leave."
We just sat there crying for hours until it got dark and mrs king, Jen and Hannah's mum, came and took us back to hers, were we just cried and talked and cried.
We didn't eat that night, it took hours to fall asleep, but somehow we did, snuggled together.


Soooo. You just learnt a bit about Hannah, and their friendship.
but..... We all know what I'm gonna say... Comment rate and subscribe!
So I'm not gonna update until someone answers one of my questions. (I will do this every update)
1) what do you think of Niall looking serious?
2) does anyone here like banana bread?
3) what do you think happened between Hannah, Louise and Kathy?
stay gorgeous beautiful! I luv u! <3
thx georgi


Haha sorry I took so long :( but the next chapter will be uploaded soon :) glad you're enjoying it and thanks for answering :D xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyy gurrl. I was excited for the update. I will always answah yo questions.
1.I do have a pet. I have three actually, but my favorite is my cat, Ebony. She is my baby.
2.I do not know where I would live. I have never seen the places where they are from although I am sure they are lovely. I would probs choose Mullingar though.
3.a. Brother - Liam.
b. Boyfriend - Zayn
c. Best Friend - Harry
d. Classmate - Louis
e. Boss/teacher - Niall

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

Yes thanks! Main girl is taken but if I could have a bit of a description for Tessa I'd really appreciate it! Xx

Frogalaxy Frogalaxy

Heyyyooo. Sooooo, I kind of wanted to be a character. Maybe the main but that sounds really kind of stuck up so, since I would love to be any person in your story I would be okay with being like the older sister or something. Zayn is super hot and there aren't many stories about Zayn on here, so Zayn should be in love. But that's just my opinion. Second choice would be Harry and then Louis. :D Best friend's name could be Tessa. She would be confident and strong and totally hard to get.
Hope that helps! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne

1)two. English is my first and Im still in the process of learning spanish
2) I enjoy school and would probably cry if my school was burnt to the ground.
3) Harry - How down to Earth he is
Liam - how strong he is, I mena, the guy only has 1 kidney and he sings amazingly and he gets hate and mobbed pretty much everyday
Louis - I don't know. I don't know a whole lot about Louis but I do love his solo in Little Things
Niall - his eyes and his hands and just how sweet he is.
Zayn, All physical features as well as his relationship with Perrie. It is so beautiful

LeeAnnPayne LeeAnnPayne