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I'll Look After You

Old friends & New Acquaintances

I slam the door shut behind me and slide down the wood-paneled door letting a sigh escape my lips, a wide smile on my lips. I had no idea what he was doing to me – I think I am starting to fall for him. After a few minutes, I slowly pick myself up and make my way into the kitchen to find my mom most likely where I’d think she’d be. As I walk past the stairs, I notice two suitcases sitting on the bottom step, a pink sparkle one and a light blue plaid one.

My eyebrows crease together in confusion as I walk down the hall way that led in to the kitchen. The walk felt a bit longer than normal, but maybe it was just the fact I was trying to get a few things straight in my mind. I wanted to know whose suitcases they were – more importantly who they belonged to. Who would be visiting me when we’ve only lived here in England for only two days?

My questions were answered as I walk into the kitchen to find my mom sitting at the bar talking with my two best friends – Haley and Nikki – who were sitting beside my mom. I let out a squeal of happiness as I run forward and pull them both in a tight hug where I was close to cutting off each of their blood circulations.

“You know you’re a bitch for lying to me, right, Hales?” I chuckle as I look at Haley who had her dark hair in a messy bun on top of her head. She just smiles back at me.

“Abigail, language,” my mom says and shakes her head as she looks at me.

“Sorry,” I mumble under my breath as the three of us – Haley, Nikki and I – head toward the stairs.

“I like to mess with your mind, girl! You’ve known me how long, babe?” Haley questions with a smirk as I help them bring their bags up the stairs to the guest rooms that were next to mine.

“Right…I totally believed you that you two had work to go to,” I mutter as I drop their bags in each of their rooms before we go into my room. I open the door to my room and flip the light on as I walk in, the girl’s right behind me.

For the rest of the night, after we have dinner my mom made, the girls and I head back up to my room and stayed up for a few hours. I even tell them about how I met Julia and how she introduced me to the boys. They were both jealous that I am friends with them – they are huge fans – and the fact I am becoming super close with Louis.

“So, Abs, do you like him?” Nikki asks with a smile on her face as she looks at me.

I blush at her remark. “I…maybe – I think I do,” I say with a sigh as I sit there for a few more minutes to wrap my mind around that thought. I didn’t want to rush it since I just ended my relationship with Mike before I moved here.

“Awww, that’s cute!” Haley squeals with a smile as she engulfs me in a hug.

“Yeah,” I give her a small smile as I hug her back.

“Well, I’m exhausted from being out all day. Think I want to crash now,” I say as a loud yawn escapes my mouth.

“Yeah,” Haley says as she moves her hand up to cover her mouth as she yawns harshly. “I think I’m going to hit the sack too, I’m tired from that flight, I think the jet lag is kicking in…” she says as she gets up and begins to head toward the door.

“I think we all are, I’m so exhausted, guys,” Nikki says as the two of them get up and attack me with a tight embrace. I laugh at their actions and push them off me.

“Nikki,” I groan as she collapses on top of me pinning me down on my mattress. “Get your fat ass off me,” I tell her with a chuckle.

“Sorry,” she mutters with a smile.

The three of us bid each other good night before I finally have my room all to myself again. I start over to my bed when I realize I was still in my clothes – Julia’s actually. I pull them off until I was in my undergarments before I go over to my dresser and pull out my pajamas which consisted of a lace cami-top and a plaid pair of shorts.


The next morning, I am awaken by the sound of my phone going off. It chimed, signaling I had a new text message. I groan as I slowly lean up on my elbows and reach over to grab my phone off the table beside my bed. As I tighten my grip around my black and pink Otterbox case on my iPhone, I press the home button to see a new text message from Louis.

I can’t help but smile as I begin to read his text, which read: Mornin’ beautiful. How are you this morning? I wanted to know if you’d like to spend the day with me. The lads and I have the day off again :) had a great time with you yesterday btw xx

I begin to reply back: I’m alright, thanks for asking. How are you? :) I’d like that but would you mind if two of my friends came along as well? They surprised me last night after you dropped me off. I had a great time with you too (:

I sit up in my bed and swing my legs over the side before I slowly stand up. I run a hand over my tired face as I stare at my reflection in the mirror on my wall and pull my hair up in a bun so it was out of my face. After that, I begin to make my way to the door that led out to the hall way. After I opened my door, I go over to the closed door that was right next to my room and lightly knock since I had no clue if Haley was still asleep or not.

I heard a thump on the other side of the door. Clasping my hand over my mouth to stifle from bursting into laughter, I hear footsteps coming toward the door. Seconds later, it opens to reveal Haley standing there, blonde hair a mess.

“H-hey,” she mutters and covers her mouth to muffle the sound of her yawn. “Morning, what’s up?” she asks as she looks at me with tired eyes.

“Not much, coming to see if you and Nikki were awake. I want to ask you guys something,” I tell her as we walk over to Nikki’s door which was closed as well.

“Tell us about what?” Haley asks looking at me, her eyebrows together in confusion.

“Nikita! You awake in there?!” I question as I knock on the door.

Haley chuckles at my joke. There was shuffling on the other side of the door before it opened. Nikki stood there, her dark hair pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she questions and looks at Haley and I with a confused look on her face.

“Come with me, I have to tell you guys something,” I grab each of them by the arm and drag them towards my room. We all make our way into my room and shut the door quietly so we wouldn’t disturb my mom who was most likely still asleep.

“What is it?” Nikki asks taking a seat on my bed while I go over and take my phone off the charger on the table beside my bed. As I press the home button on my iPhone, I notice I had a new text from Louis, most likely replying back to the last text I sent him. I break out in to a wide smile as I read the text.

It read: I’m alright, thanks. They are welcome to come. We’re excited to meet them, well, Julia and the girls are. Haha. Does one sound alright? I’ll come pick you ladies up. Can’t wait to see you, love. xx

“Looks like you two are going with me to hang out with Louis and the guys today!” I say a bit louder than I normally intended to as I turn to face the two girls I call my best friends. They looked at me like I was crazy with two heads or something.

“Holy crap! You’re kidding, Abs!” Haley questions as she stares at me, a look of pure shock on her face.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait!” Nikki says loudly and pumps her fist in the air, excitedly.

“I’m not Hales, I’m serious,” I tell her before I turn my gaze back to my phone I held tight in my hands. I unlock my phone so I could reply back to Louis. After I respond with a smiley face and tell him I couldn’t wait to see him again, I set my phone down before I look up at my best friends.

“I can’t believe we’re going to meet One Direction and spend the day with them!” Nikki says latching her hands tightly around Haley’s small figure. All she did was nod.

“We should start getting ready now since Louis is comin’ to get us at one, better start getting ready, knowing you two,” I say with a smile before I push the two girls off my bed on to their feet and over to my door.

“Pushy pushy, see you downstairs, Abs,” Haley and Nikki say jokingly as I playfully push them out into the hall way.

“See ya,” I mumble and laugh a bit to myself as I shut my door and head over to my closet so I could pick out my clothes for the day. I decide on some skinny jeans and a plaid top to wear along with my grey TOMS.

It takes me a good fifteen to twenty minutes to get ready. My teeth were brushed; I was freshly out of the shower and smelled great too, like watermelon and a mix of peaches. I grab my Vera Bradley purse along with my phone and put the strap over my shoulder before I head out of my room and make my way down the stairs.

I make my way in to the kitchen to find my two best friends rummaging through the cabinets, more than likely trying to find something to eat. My mom stood by the sink, the water running.

“Morning, mom,” I tell my mom as I go over and peck her on the cheek.

“Morning Abby. How did you sleep last night?” my mom asks, looking at me, waiting for an answer.

“Fine,” I give her a small smile as I take a seat on one of the bar stools.
“What are you guys doing?” I ask with a slight chuckle as I watch the two girls I call my best friends continue to rummage through the cabinets looking for food.

“Looking for something to eat, what else does it look like we’re doing?” Haley says looking over at me as she pulls out a bag of chips my mom must have got at the store.

“Y’know Louis will be here any time now, right? It’s almost a quarter to one, I’m sure we’ll be eating not too long from now, being with five teenage boys,” I tell them with a smirk and raise my eyebrows a bit as I look at the girls standing before me.

“Yeah…I guess you’re righ-” Haley gets cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“I bet that’s probably him!” Nikki says a bit loudly.

“I’m so excited to meet them!” Haley mutters with a smile.

I get off the stool and begin to make my way into the living room and over to the door. I could feel Haley and Nikki right on my heels. Reaching forward, I grab the handle and pull it open to see Louis standing there. My lips curve up into a wide smile.


here's the next chapter! (: i know i left it hanging but i meant to do that c;

hope you all enjoy! let me know what you think <3

if you like it, drop a comment and let me know (:


Thanks :) slowly working on it - been having major writers block so i'll try my best and update soon!

light me up. light me up.

omg i luv ur story. pleez keep updating

Sophalicious Sophalicious

Thanks! :)

light me up. light me up.

This is a really good story

Sophie Sophie

i totally love your story!!!! keep updating!! you wonderfull writer u