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I'll Look After You

Welcome to London

The next morning, I wake up to the sun shining brightly in my room. I slowly open my eyes and realize where I am; I wasn’t in my old room in California, I was in my same bed on the other side of the world in London, my new home. I was definitely not used to the fact that I just moved overseas to a whole other country I barely know anything about.

I guess it would be good for me to explore and learn a bit more about the culture and things of London since I am new here, after-all. As I push the warm covers off my legs, I sit up and swing my legs over the side of my bed before I set my bare feet on the cool wood floor. It sends a chill up my back; the feeling of the cold floor felt good, I liked it.

After I make my way over to my dresser, I open the drawer and pull out my favorite Victoria’s Secret push-up bra and lacy underwear before I begin to decide what to wear for the day. I wanted to be comfortable since I am going to be walking around and looking at things to do in London. I decide on a pair of jeans and a cute top.

I grab my clothes before I head out of my room in to the hall way. I walk in to the bathroom across the hall from my room and shut the door so I can take a shower. I wash my hair and scrub my body with my favorite strawberry kiwi body wash and shampoo of the same scent. After my shower, I turn the hot water off before I open the glass door of the shower and grab two towels, one to wrap my hair up in and one for my body.

I tightly wrap one of the towels around my wet body as I step out of the shower. After I dry most of my hair, I pull the towel and let my hair fall down. I slip on my undergarments and comb out my hair. Once I dry my hair, I put on my clothes and begin to finish getting myself ready for the day.

I put on just a bit of my makeup and not too much. After I finish getting ready, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I looked good. I walk back in to my room and grab my phone and take it off the charger before I slip it in my back pocket after I check the time; it was only five past nine.

After I grabbed my phone, I slip my feet in my grey TOMS and grab my purse before I head down the stairs.

“Morning sweetie; didn’t expect you to be up this early,” my mom says as I walk in to the kitchen. I jump a bit and glance up to catch her gaze. She was standing by the bar with a mug in her tight grip.

“Morning,” I say with a small smile. “Thought I might go explore and see what there is to do around here, especially since it’s our first day here and all,” I say as I rest my elbows against the counter as I look at my mother.

“Sounds fun. Are you hungry, Abby? I can make you something before you go if you’d like,” she asks and sets her mug down after taking a slow sip.

“N-no, it’s alright, Mom, I’ll probably just get something at a Starbucks if I see one,” I tell her.

“Alright, well, call me if you need anything sweetie, I think I might put up some more things from boxes I missed last night and just relax a bit,” she says with a sigh.

“Do you mind if I take the car? You don’t need it for anything, do you?” I ask as I look at her while I wait for an answer.

“No, not really since I’ll most likely getting things situated here anyways,” she says as she sets her mug of coffee down and heads to grab her keys that were on the counter. “There ya go, Abs, be careful now,” she says and tosses me the keys. She had a small smile on her lips as she looked at me.

“I will, Mom,” I promise as I put my finger through the key ring and swing it around on my finger.

“Oh and don’t forget to take a jacket, sweetie, its cold out there,” she calls as I head for the front door. I let out a loud sigh as I hurry up the stairs and grab my jacket that was hanging on the handle of my door. I slip it on as I head back down the stairs, keys in hand and my phone that was in my pocket.

“Bye mom! See you later!” I call to her as I pull the door open and step out in to the cool weather.

G0od thing she reminded me or I would be freezing my ass off. I tighten it around my slim body as I make my way over to my mother’s silver 2010 Mustang GT500. I press the unlock button on the key and open the door.

I stick the key in the ignition after I put my safety belt on. After I turn the car on, I back out of the gravel drive and begin on my way. It takes a good ten minutes or so to get to London. I am glad that it isn’t too far from our new house.

After I find a place to park in an open lot I spotted, I lock the car and grab my purse along with the keys. While driving along one of the main roads, I noticed a Starbucks. I put my keys in my purse so I wouldn’t lose them as I walk down the busy streets of London. I pull open the door of Starbucks and walk in.

The line wasn’t that long so I decided to stand and wait. There was only a few people ahead of me, and it was going pretty fast since there was a person to a cash register, two that I noticed. To pass the time, I fumbled around on my phone while I waited. I went through my messages to see I had a new text from Haley.

She was just asking how everything was going here so far and told me that her and Nikki miss me and hope they can come to see me soon. After I reply, I look up to see one of the cashiers’ waving me over so I can order.

“Sorry!” I apologize with a small smile as I walk up to the register.

“What can I get for you?” the girl asks with a fake smile.

I could tell she didn’t want to be there, hell, I didn’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to stand around waiting on customers all day. She was blond with dark highlights and blue eyes that were very similar to mine. Her name must’ve been Julia, according to the name on her nametag she wore. She seemed nice, like someone I can become good friends with.

“Uh, one Venti hot mocha, please, and a raspberry scone,” I tell the girl kindly.

“Name?” she asks as she looks at me with a cup in her hand along with a sharpie in hand.

“Abigail,” I tell the girl who scribbles my drink order down along with my name before handing it over to a barista who was making the drinks. She hands me my scone in the wax paper and tells me my total.

“That’ll be 4 pounds,” she tells me as I shuffle through my wallet for the right amount of pounds. I hand her the correct amount of pounds and put my wallet away before I grab my scone.

“Thanks,” I tell her as I put my bag up higher on my shoulder. While I wait for my drink, I take a bite out of my scone. After I wait for a few more minutes, they finally call out my name. I hurry over and grab my drink from the counter it was sitting on.

“Thank you,” I tell the barista who was making the drinks and grab my drink before I head for the entrance. As I take a step out the doors, I take a sip of my drink. It tasted so good in this cool, rainy weather.

For the next few hours, I explore London and sight-see. Have to admit, it was actually pretty cool here, and I am really beginning to like it. I went on the London Eye, which was awesome, and caught a glimpse of Big Ben. I even went around on one of those double decker buses and took a tour around the city. It was very cool.

I catch a cab back to the lot I parked in earlier. It only took ten minutes to get to the place where I parked my mom’s car. As I head toward the car, I notice the girl who took my drink order at Starbucks.

“Hey!” I turn and notice her run up to me.

“You’re that girl from Starbucks, I took your order. Don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” she says and puts her bag higher up on her shoulder. She had a thick British accent.

“Y-yeah, I’m new, just moved here,” I mumble with a laugh.

“That’s splendid! From where?” she asks in curiosity.

“Los Angeles, California,” I tell her simply.

“From the States, I see,” she says with a smile. For the next few minutes, we talk and get to know each other. By how we were talking, I can tell we would become super close. Since I was new here to London, I’d like to have some new friends to do things with.

“I’m going to meet up with my boyfriend and his friends; we’re going out to celebrate. Would you like to come?” she asks and looks at me.

“Sure!” I exclaim. “But I think I should tell my mother since she’s probably wondering where I am,” I respond.

“It’s no problem at all, take your time. Um, Abigail, is it?” she questions as I pull my phone out to call my mom. I look up and nod.

“I’m Julia,” she smiles at me.

After I dial her number, it rings two times before she picks up. “Hello?” I hear her voice on the other line. She seemed tired like I had just woke her up.

“Hey mom, I just wanted to call and tell you I met this girl and she wanted to know if I wanted to come with her and hang out with her friends. Do you mind?” I asked as I shift my eyes to the pavement.

“That’s fine, darling! I’m glad you found a new friend already! Be safe and have fun! By the time you get home, I’ll probably be asleep. Love you, Abby,” she says in the phone. I look up to meet Julia’s eyes that were staring back at mine, waiting for an answer. I give her a thumb up to signal I can go. After my mom and I say our goodbyes, I end the call and drop my phone in to my bag.

“Great! Come on, love, it’s not too far from here, but first let me put my things in my car then we’ll be on our way!” she says as she opens the door to a red Fiat and puts some of her stuff she didn’t need before locking it up and grabbing me by the arm as she leads me to wherever we were going.

I notice we were standing in front of a pub called The Green Man. Apparently it is a very popular place to come for drinks in London. She drags me through the huge doors of the pub and leads me to a VIP section that was blocked off by a velvet red rope. I notice five boys sitting there talking quite loudly and drinking.

“Julia, love! There you are,” a boy with dark curly hair and emerald green eyes comes forward and envelops my new friend in a tight embrace. I’m guessing he had to be the boyfriend by how he was holding her against him.

“Hi, love,” she greets him with a kiss before pulling away and turning to face me. “Harry, this is my new friend, Abigail, I took her order at Starbucks earlier and just ran in to her a few moments ago, actually,” she tells the curly haired boy who had a tight grip on her waist.

“Nice to meet you, love, I’m Harry,” he says and pulls me in to a friendly hug.

“Boys, this, is my new friend, Abigail!” Julia says as she pushes me toward where the other four boys were.

There was a dark haired boy with dark complexion and very pretty yet mysterious brown eyes; his hair was coiffed with a streak of blond in it. He seemed dark, handsome and beautiful yet a mysterious air about him. He was the first to introduce himself.

“I’m Zayn,” he says as he comes forward and pulls me in a hug. He soon pulls away and smiles.

The boy who sat next to him had short brown hair and chocolate eyes. He was tan as well, just not as tan as Zayn was. As I looked at him, I could tell he had to be the responsible one of the bunch. He introduced himself as Liam and pulls me in for a hug.

The boy who sat beside him was blond with blue eyes. You could obviously tell he had dyed his hair because there were spots of dark peeking out from underneath. He had a mouth full of braces. When he spoke, I knew he sounded different from the others. He sounded Irish. I learned his name was Niall. He pulled me in to a hug.

Lastly, my eyes caught glimpse of the blue-eyed boy with messy brown hair. He was adorable and hot, might I add. There was something about him that made me want to know more.

“Nice to meet you love,” he says with a smile. “I’m Louis,” he finishes and pulls me in for a hug. It lasted a bit longer than the other ones.

That was when it hit me, the names, they all sounded familiar. Where have I heard them before? Oh yeah, the boys were in a band – One Direction. The biggest boy band in the world right now. All young girls these days are crazy about them and talk non-stop about these boys. I was a fan but I only knew a couple of their songs.

The rest of the night, I sat and talked with Louis while we drank and got to know each other. In all honesty, I can totally see myself with someone like him. He seemed so different than the other guys I have been with. I even learned that recently, his long time girlfriend left him.

I even exchanged numbers with all of the boys and Julia. I have a feeling; this is going to be a normal thing for us. After just meeting them a few hours ago, I can tell that I will become super good friends with all of them.

That night, I didn’t make it back home until close to two o’clock in the morning. Right when I got home, I passed out.


Next chapter!!!! (:
Louis and the boys are finally in the story :D
Thanks to everyone who is reading this so far! The next one will be up soon!(:


Thanks :) slowly working on it - been having major writers block so i'll try my best and update soon!

light me up. light me up.

omg i luv ur story. pleez keep updating

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Thanks! :)

light me up. light me up.

This is a really good story

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i totally love your story!!!! keep updating!! you wonderfull writer u