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I'll Look After You

Superman & Afternoon Drinks

“That movie was epic!” Louis exclaims a bit loudly as we head out the doors of the Movie Theater or cinema as they call it here in England. I was still getting used to everything, how it was named different than how it is back in the U.S. I’m slowly learning so it isn’t too bad.

“It was!” I exclaim as I look at him. He just nods and smiles back at me.

“Who wants to go for some drinks at the Green Man?” Niall pipes up as he looks at us. The rest of us minus the Irishman agree with his question.

We are soon on our way to the Green Man Pub where I first met Louis and the boys. It was going to be fun, especially since my two best friends Haley and Nikki were here. I was more than ready to get my mid day drink on with my best friends.

It was also going to be tons of fun especially since I would be with the guys and Louis, of course. Since I’ve known him the past few days, we’ve become real close and I feel like myself around him, which is a great thing. I was finally starting to accept the fact that I’m falling for him and it was totally obvious he felt the same by how he acted around me.

On the way to The Green Man, we all talk and catch up. I was sitting in the back talking with Louis and Nikki, while Haley was fully engaged in a conversation with Julia. Liam was busy talking with Danielle, Niall with Isabelle. That left Harry, who was keeping himself busy by staring at his phone, probably on Twitter.

Zayn was driving this time and Perrie was sitting in the passenger seat of the car. It was pretty surprising how we all fit in this car that had enough seats to fit almost twenty people. It was so spacious and comfortable.

“Hey Abby!” Louis calls. I turn my head, smiling to find him aiming his phone at me like he was taking a picture.

“Louis, what are you doing?” I question, the smile still on my lips.

“I might or might not be taking a picture of you,” he smirked putting his phone in his pocket.

“Let me see! I bet it turned out horrible,” I reply as he looks at me, a cheeky smile on his face.

“Nope, sorry, love, I may or may not Instagram or tweet it soon, you look quite smashing,” he recalls, the smile never leaving his face.

“Hand me your phone! I want to see!” I call out.

“Abby! What are you and Louie going on about back there?” Perrie asks with a slight chuckle as she looks back at me. I shake my head in response as I look over at her a small smile on my lips.

“Nothing, Perrie. Tell you later!” I reply, earning a smile from her.

“Fair enough,”

“Louis! Give me your phone!” I ask as I reach over to his front pocket where I saw him put his phone. He swats my hand away.

“Nope, Abby, not gonna happen, babe! If you give me your Instagram or Twitter name, I may let you see it,” he gives me a cheeky grin.

“Fine, want to know what it is?” I ask with a smile as I look back at him.

“Yes, obviously,” he replies with a chuckle.

I don’t reply right away. As I look out the window, I notice we were in front of the bar, The Green Man, where I first met Louis and the guys.

“We’re here! Finally!” I exclaim a bit loudly, earning a chuckle from Harry and Liam. We all get out after Zayn parks the car. Julia and Harry stood beside Haley, Nikki and Liam who had Danielle right beside him. Niall and Isabelle piled out after Liam and Danielle got out, which left Louis and I last. Louis gets out first and reaches out to grab my hand so I wouldn’t fall.

“Thanks, Louis,” I give him a small smile.

“Welcome, Abby! So, can I get that Instagram of yours now?” he questions me with a smile. We all head toward the entrance. After a few minutes, we get inside and head over to the roped off VIP section. Once we made our way inside, we each went our separate ways.

“Nope, let’s get a few drinks first and then I might tell you!” I grab him by the arm and lead him toward the bar.

“Sounds fair,” he replies with a smile. Next thing we know, we are at the bar. Each of us take a seat on one of the empty bar stools. Louis calls over one of the bartenders so we could order some drinks.

“Hey there, what can I get you?” a guy who looked in his mid twenties called out, looking at me and Louis.

“What do you want, babe? I’ll pay for yours,” Louis asks, looking at me with that cheeky smile of his I was really beginning to grow fond of. Am I really starting to fall for him? I’ve only known him a good three or so days, but feels like we’ve known each other much longer.

I stare at him a little longer than I intended to, his blue eyes shining under the dim lights of the bar. Soon, I break myself from my thoughts as I look down at the bar, fumbling with my fingers a bit.

“Um, I’ll have a beer, whatever you have,” I tell the guy who nods his head.

“And for you?”

“I’ll have the same,” Louis tells the guy.

“I’ll be right back with those beers for you,” he tells us. Louis and I both give him a nod in return. Once he walked away, he turned to me.

“Your Instagram and twitter, can you give them to me now? You said after we get some drinks you’d tell me,” he smiles a cheeky boyish grin. I roll my eyes and smile.

“We haven’t gotten our drinks yet so you’ll have to wait a little while longer, Louie,” I reply smiling at him as I tap my fingers against the top of the bar. As if on cue, our beers were in front of us. Louis pays the guy for our drinks and grabs his beer in his hand before grabbing hold of my arm with his other dragging me back over to the VIP section where the rest of the boys were. I tightened my hand around the dangerously full glass of beer and bring it up to my lips so it wouldn’t spill over.

“You can tell me now, right?” he answers, taking a sip of his drink before setting it down on the table we sat down at. I give him a nod and a small smile in return.

“I suppose so,” I smile and pull my phone out of my pocket. I type my pass code in my iPhone before I go to my Instagram application, where I was already signed into my account like always. Once it loads, I go to the page where he can search up his so I can follow his page and he can do the same.

“Here,” I hand it to him. He takes it in his hand and begins typing in something. After a few minutes, he hands it back to me.

“Thanks, love. Now, I suppose you want to see the picture, yeah?” he smiled and pulled his phone from his pocket.

I nod my head in a quick fashion and smile as I look at him. He types in a few things, probably posting the picture on there. Not even seconds later, I get a notification telling me he was now following me, and that I was tagged in a picture, a picture of me, he took. I tapped on the picture so I could see it.

I was astounded at what was on the screen. It was a picture of me – well two, actually – in a collage with two images of me. In one, I was staring out the window, my hair flowing down my back, which made it look a bit vintage-looking. In the second one, I had a funny look on my face, a surprised look, but a smile on my face. He even used one of the vintage looking filters on it, making it look really cool.

“Wow, Louis – this turned out really good, I like it. You wouldn’t mind sending it to me, would you?” I question him with a smile.

“Not at all, I’ll send it now,” he tells me, looking at the screen on his phone tapping on a few things. While I wait, I set my phone on the table. I take another sip of my beer that was now practically almost empty.

“Sent!” Just as Louis yells that out, my phone begins to go off. I smile as I look at the screen on my iPhone.

“Abby, love, c’mere, I want to get a picture of us together,” Louis says pulling me closer to him, his arm wrapping around my shoulder, resting on my upper back.

“Sure,” I reply with a small smile as I look up, setting my phone down, my hand resting atop it.

“Harry! Could you get a pic of Abby and I?” Louis questions his friend who just walked up with two beers in each of his hands. One was probably for him and the other for Julia.

“Yeah, let me set these down real quick,” he replies with a smile as he sets the beers down on the table. Julia, Haley and Nikki were sitting a bit down from where Louis and I were talking and laughing about things. It made me happy they were getting along and getting to know each other. I turn, smiling toward the camera on Louis’ phone just as Harry snaps a picture of the two of us.

“Thanks, Haz,” Louis tells him grabbing hold of his phone from Harry.

“No problem, Louie,” Harry replies with his trademark smile.

Harry picks up his drinks and goes over to where Julia is, pecking her on the cheek. For the next ten minutes or so, Louis and I laugh at all the crazy nonsense going on around us and have a few more drinks and enjoy ourselves, having a good time. Everyone else was off in their own world while Louis and I joked and talked about a bunch of things.


Oh my god. Here's the next chapter! Sorry it took me SO long to update!! :/ hopefully this update didn't suck. glad I'm finally in the double digits for this story! woo!

I hope you all like it - what do y'all think?
Drop a comment and let me know!! <3


Thanks :) slowly working on it - been having major writers block so i'll try my best and update soon!

light me up. light me up.

omg i luv ur story. pleez keep updating

Sophalicious Sophalicious

Thanks! :)

light me up. light me up.

This is a really good story

Sophie Sophie

i totally love your story!!!! keep updating!! you wonderfull writer u