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1D Prank Wars

Chapter 5 (You are really starting to bug me…)


“It looks so realistic mate…” said Zayn with amazement and wonder.

All the boys were looking at the robotic roach my friend, Danny, had designed a while back. This thing was nearly indestructible, water-proof, remote-control operated, and could even fly so that made it even better! He used it on his sister once and she went completely mental! I get so excited when I think of how Mia is going to react to it; oh this prank is going to be good…

“What exactly are we going to do with it mate?” Harry asked.

“Well let’s go pay Mia a visit, but first I need to go by the store” I said in return.

We went to the local party supplies store and bought a bag of fake roaches. The boys had no clue to what I was planning, but they just went along for the ride which was just fine with me…

We arrived at Mia and Lisa’s apartment and used the spare key they had on top of the door frame. It was still rather early in the morning considering it was a Saturday. So we came in quietly knowing that they were still asleep. We crept into her room and I told the boys to take the fake roaches and place them all over her bed and to put a couple near her face to freak her out when she woke up. Niall kept giggling and almost ruined the whole prank, but the girl sleeps like a rock so we were ok; once we finished we went out to the main room waiting for her to wake up. It wasn’t long before we heard her screaming like a lunatic.


I woke up to something tickling my nose; I thought it was a feather at first but then I opened my eyes. I just about died when I saw it was a roach…

I quickly moved away from the pillow just to feel another on my neck. Everywhere I turned there seemed to be a got damn (quick authors note! Whenever I say GD I don’t say God I say GOT instead!) Roach! At this point I was screaming, and in the background I thought I heard someone laughing and another voice saying ‘shut up’ but I was too scared to care. I jumped out bed groggy and disoriented; I soon saw that my floor was littered with roaches. What the hell happened last night the Apocalypse?! I ended up stepping on one and it caused me to run square into a wall…Great, now I have a headache too. I managed to make it out of my room with what little bit of sanity I had left. When I got out there I saw all five boys laughing and grinning like idiots…

“YOU SONS-A-BITCHES!” I said as all the fear in my body left and was replaced with rage.

“OH GOD- HAHAHAHA- THAT WAS HILARIOUS HAHAHAHA!” coming from Harry rolling on my floor looking beet-red.

“I’m so sorry we scared you love, but you deserved it after the brownies; please forgive us but it really was quite funny…” leave it to Liam to apologize even if it was intentional…

“NOW YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO NEARLY SHIT YOURSELF!” Niall chimed in. Everyone burst into another fit of laughter; if I wasn’t so pissed off I would have laughed too.


“YOU VIDEO-TAPED THIS?!” I asked shocked

“Management heard about the war and saw all the positive feedback we were getting because of it…so they said we need to record the rest of the pranks for the fans…sorry love.” Liam answered

By that time Zayn came stumbling back into the room laughing harder than before…clearly he watched the video.

“Oh my God- hahahahahaha-mates you have got to see this!”

I watched the video with them, and the way they set up the camera got them really good footage of the whole thing. They even got the part where I ran into the wall much to my displeasure.

“Whatever I’m going to take a shower and I expect all that crap out of my room when I get done…understand?” then I turned and reluctantly walked back to my room.


We cleared out Mia’s bedroom of all the roaches like she asked except for one… the robot. I put it in the middle of the floor knowing full well she would be able to see it.

The boys and I waited in the living room for Mia to finish her shower. It wasn’t long before I heard curse and she walked out with the roach pinched between her fingers.

“Forget something?” she held up the bug thinking it was a fake like the rest.

“Nope we counted to make sure we got all them out of your room.” I defended. I held the remote under the table so she couldn’t see me. I then pressed the button to make the legs move.

“What the hell do you mean it isn-AAAAHHHH! IT MOVED! IT MOVED!” she screamed dropping the bug and cradling her hand like she just touched acid.

I immediately made the bug move in her direction and watched as it chased her around the couch a couple times. The boys and I were not even trying to contain our laughter at this point. She suddenly jumped on the couch with a triumphant, yet crazy, look on her face

“Haha whatcha going to do now?!” she spoke directly to the bug. Little did she know I had another ace up my sleeve; I pressed the button that turned on the robots flying abilities and she just lost it.

“THIS MOTHER-FUCKER FLYS?!” she asked to herself. I honestly believe she forgot we were even in the room, and didn’t notice Zayn filming the entire thing.

She tripped trying to jump over the backside of the couch and landed face first on the floor. My first reaction was to make sure she was ok, but before I had the chance to ask she was up running (and screaming) like it didn’t happen.

I made the bug chase her around the living room; she kept picking up small objects and throwing them over her shoulder hoping she hit the bug, but she kept missing…by a lot. She even ran into the wall again.

“Someone kill that damn thing already!” she screamed. I thought I heard her about to cry, so I decided it was time to call the prank off…

“It’s over love! Calm down ok!” Liam soothed trying to calm her erratic breathing; she did get quite the work-out.

Liam may be comforting her, but I knew we were still at war. I walked over to her with my smug grin very much evident on my face and demonstrated how I controlled the bug.

It amazed me how fast she went from scared, dazed, and confused to complete and utter anger.

“YOU…YOU UGH!” she couldn’t even form her words she was so mad.

“What was that love? I can’t quite hear you over our victory music…you know considering that we just won this war!” and with that we all simultaneously began to sing “We are the Champions”. I absolutely loved how in-sync we were with each other.

“HAHAHAHA! You think you’ve won?! Oh that’s so cute!” she said condescendingly, “Please you ain’t seen nothing yet! BELIEVE ME!”

“I’m sorry but there is no way you’re going to be able to top that!”

“Watch me...”she strolled away with a determined look on her face.



Hope you all enjoyed the boys’ prank the next two chapters might be a little confusing all the POV switch ups I have (there is a reason for that I promise!) but I have faith in you all to keep up. Why? Because you all are DIRECTIONERS (Well the majority of you are anyway) you guys are the smartest people on this planet!!! Anyway I’ll update later!


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