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Could This Be Love?

Chapter Nine

We left and found a McDonald's. It was really crowded, but we got our food and grabbed a table. Niall had so much food! I could hardly believe a person could eat that much. We decided to go to the Toys-R-Us in Times Square and we had a blast! After that, we went to Central Park. We walked and talked until the sun set. Audrey said,"Why don't we go to the carnival?" We all agreed and Niall said,"They have the best food besides Nando's!" When we got out of the limo, Niall grabbed Audrey and darted to the nearest snack stand. Harry suggested that we ride the ferris wheel. We bought tickets and got on. He put his arm around me and said,"I know we only met yesterday, but I feel like I've known you forever." "I know exactly what you mean... I feel the same way." I couldn't stop smiling. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He set it in my hand and said,"Wherever you go, however far apart we may be. I want you to always have a part of me." Tearing up, I opened the small box. Inside was his paper airplane necklace. He took it out of the box and put it around my neck. He grabbed me in a hug and said,"I love you so much." I couldn't say anything but,"I love you too!"


Sorry I haven't updated lately.. I had surgery last week, but I promise I'll write more now that I'm back on. Thanks everybody :)
Laura Laura
update soon!!!!!!!
@N.J.H.1292 Thanks so much! I'll update really soon. That's really cool! What city?
Laura Laura
This is very good plz update and in from alabama too
N.J.H.1292 N.J.H.1292
Thanks and ur welcome