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Could This Be Love?

Chapter Seventeen

I woke up the next morning, and took a quick shower. I ordered breakfast from room service and sat back down on the couch. Audrey woke up and told me she was going to take a shower. I didn't mean to, but I woke Harry up. "Good morning, sleepyhead," I said with a cheerful grin. "Good morning, Love," he answered. I told him,"I ordered some breafast if you're hungry. It should be up in a few." "Thank you," he said with a smile. When Audrey came back, Harry went to take a shower. Niall finally woke up and pulled some food out of his bag. He ate like he hadn't eaten in days! Niall got a shower after Harry came back. We sat on the couch and I turned on the T.V. Oddly enough, room service came just as Niall walked in. Audrey said,"It must be a sign!" We ate and watched NCIS for a while. Audrey said,"Why don't we go to the beach?" We agreed and I put on my purple and white striped bikini. I pulled a light blue floral print sundress over it and grabbed my hot pink sandals and sunglasses. We headed down and walked to a gorgeous beach. The sand was whiter than snow, and the water was a clear blue. I laid out the towels on the sand and set down my bag. I walked to where the water covered my ankles. Harry came behind me and put his arms around my waist.


Sorry I haven't updated lately.. I had surgery last week, but I promise I'll write more now that I'm back on. Thanks everybody :)
Laura Laura
update soon!!!!!!!
@N.J.H.1292 Thanks so much! I'll update really soon. That's really cool! What city?
Laura Laura
This is very good plz update and in from alabama too
N.J.H.1292 N.J.H.1292
Thanks and ur welcome