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Could This Be Love?

Chapter Twelve

I got out of bed and noticed that my parents hadn't heard it. I went to Audrey's room and she was awake. We cautiously tiptoed into the living room and saw a flash of headlights through the broken window. Among the shards of glass on the floor, there was a rock with a note taped to it. It read,''Stay away from Harry and Niall. If you do not, I will take care of you, and your precious One Direction." I couldn't believe this! We woke up our parents and called the police. They came and asked us about a million questions. When they left, I called Harry, and Audrey called Niall. They were really worried about us. I got on Twitter and immediately noticed a tweet that tagged Audrey and I in it. It said,"Tomorrow night we're coming for you." There was a link. I looked in horror at a picture of my house and my address. We were scared to death! I told Harry about it, and he and Niall had already seen it. Harry told me that they were both coming down here to be with us. I was so relieved! I couldn't stand being away from him.


Sorry I haven't updated lately.. I had surgery last week, but I promise I'll write more now that I'm back on. Thanks everybody :)
Laura Laura
update soon!!!!!!!
@N.J.H.1292 Thanks so much! I'll update really soon. That's really cool! What city?
Laura Laura
This is very good plz update and in from alabama too
N.J.H.1292 N.J.H.1292
Thanks and ur welcome