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Could This Be Love?

Chapter One

It was the surprise of my life! Last Saturday I entered to win a contest to go to New York for two days and have a photoshoot with Seventeen magazine. Today I got a phone call telling me that I had actually won! They told me that I could bring a friend, and I told them that my sister would come with me. They gave me all the details and I told my parents. Thankfully, they said we could go. I said thank you about a billion times and then I hung up. I said to Audrey, "I am so excited!" She answered, "Me too! I can't wait!" We packed, and the next morning our brother drove us to the airport at 6 a.m. Being in Alabama, the flight wasn't very long. When we got off the plane, we spotted a woman holding a sign with our names on it.


Sorry I haven't updated lately.. I had surgery last week, but I promise I'll write more now that I'm back on. Thanks everybody :)
Laura Laura
update soon!!!!!!!
@N.J.H.1292 Thanks so much! I'll update really soon. That's really cool! What city?
Laura Laura
This is very good plz update and in from alabama too
N.J.H.1292 N.J.H.1292
Thanks and ur welcome