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Directioner Club

Elounor or Larry?

Okay so their has been alot of controversy over the Larry vs. Elounor ships.

So for those who don't know the Larry and Elounor shippers have been butting heads since the beginning of time…okay technically when the public found out that Louis was dating Eleanor. Same difference.

What I want to know is why is this such an issue? Why can't two fans simply agree to disagree? Because whether or not Louis is gay or hetero we the fans will stand by him. That's what we do best.

Being a fan was supposed to be fun. But all these twitter wars don't really make it fun. I completely understand if we're fighting another fandom because we have to protect our territory. Meaning the boys.

But fighting each other is useless and pointless. I'm an Elounor shipper. That doesn't mean that Im not going to be friends with a Larry shipper because of that.

Comment who you ship and why.

Please don't send hate to someone becaus they disagree with your views. Cause I'll report you. I wanna see if we can still be civilized fangirls.




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this is me asking to be a member

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I love harryyy and Louis it's like a tie