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Minnesota Games

Chapter 8

When we got on the helicopter they immediately checked on Anne's shoulder. They had to take out the stitches that I put in and put in actual stitches and make sure it was not infected.
We finally reached the place where we were going to be crowned victors. I looked out on stage and Niall was looking kind of nervous. Soon we were pushed on stage.
"This years winners are Anne Fay.... Shaye Kartsenn.. Caitlyn McLeod.. Meaghan O'Brien.. And Hayley Mae!" Niall looked over at me and did a little jump. I looked over and smirked. "Told you we would win" I said as I walked past him.
He just laughed. "Congratz Girls" the Gamemaker "thanks" we said in unison." Ok so the each of the guys picked one of you if you won... So Louis who did you pick?" "He looked straight at Meaghan and smile and then said "Meaghan" "Zayn?" "Shaye" Zayn said. "Harry who do you pick?" "Caitlyn" he said well smiling. "Liam?" He looked at Anne then said her name. "So Hayley that means that Niall picked you"
I then ran over to Niall and hugged him with tears in my eyes. "I knew you could do it." He whispered "I make a promise I keep it.. I won for you... The guys.. The girls... And my family." I said with a smile. It was time to go to the hotel. We were walking to the hotel I stopped and looked at Niall "when do I get to see my parents and little brother?" I asked "tonight" "so do I get to meet your parents to?" "Yep"
~Later that night~
I came out wearing a light pink dress with pink heels. "Well you sure look cute" Niall said. I looked down blushing. He lifted my chin and pushed a piece of hair out of my face. We then started leaning in and shared our first kiss. "Keep it PG children" Louis called out from behind us making us both jump. Louis started laughing. "You realize I could kill you in so many ways" I said Meaghan heard that and started chuckling. "We should get going love" Niall said "ok see ya later Meaghan.. Louis" luckily when we walked outside there were no paps. So we got to the limo no problem.
So sorry for not updating for like a week. I've been busy and I was trying to figure how to write this chapter. The way I wrote It in my journal was terrible I hope this is better than what it was it made like no sense in my journal. Keep in kind I wrote this like a year ago.. Sorry for a late update.



oh my god lol
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch
Like, I confused you for the author, and I didn't notice the name of the fanfic, so I clicked on your fanfic (the one like this one) and I got SO confused. I had no idea what happened, so I thought that the author of this fanfic just edited hers! It took me hours before I realized they were two different fanfics!
lol what do you mean?
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch
Yeah, I read yours! I got so confused! I thought the actual author just edited her's!

yah.... sorry not to be rude but... its kind of the same in a lot of ways.
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch