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Minnesota Games

Chapter 4

I woke up and showered and got dressed in my training outfit. Today we start our training.
As we walked into the training center I seen the boys. We were the first ones in here so we made small conversation with them. Well by small talk I mean right when it saw Niall I ran over to him and hugged him tightly. It was like we hadn't seen each other in years.. But it was only yesterday.
After that people started to come into the training center so I made my way over to the track. I seen Liam there so we decided to run with each other.. We ran a fricken mile... In like 6 minutes.. After running I went to the knives station to see Niall was there.. After a few minutes if was my turn so I grabbed two knives and started to throw them. But they asked my if I wanted to fight a trainer. I told them yes.. So they decided to replace the real knives with fake ones.... Darn.... But guess what??
Niall watched me beat the trainer and after I was done with the knives I walked over to him and he high fives me. I didn't stay there long enough to talk to him but I need my training.. I went to the archery station where Harry and Louis stood there watching other people. The other four girls were also here. I picked up the bow and an arrow and shot it. It went straight to target on the head. Harry and Louis looked at me as if I was crazy. I looked at them and told them that we train at home. They just replied with an oh. The lunch bell rang and us five girls ran to the lunch area to eat.
~after lunch~
I know it makes no sense but after eating lunch I went to the edible and none edible station just incase we were put in a forest or something. After that I went to the sword station. I picked up the sword and slice the dummy in half in one quick movement. I also got to fight the trainer.. But with another fake sword...
But i beat the trainer again.. I ended up pinning the trainer to the floor with the fake sword pressed against his neck when he tapped on the mat. Niall had seen this and told me good job I thanked him. I then went to the spear station where Zayn was. I picked up the spear and threw it hit the heart target. Zayn wanted to try so he picked up the spear and threw it.. He was a few centimeters away from the heart target.
Training was over and I was on the roof with Niall he kept on telling me to not get hurt. He said that about twenty times before I told him "I will not get hurt" but heck if you were In his position would you want to see somebody you like get hurt.. No don't think so.. I had to go listen to the rules be explain so I hugged him and told him goodnight.. The rules were simple things. The rules were no night kills. No use of guns. And the last one was do not go out of the boundaries... All I could think of was tomorrow we go into the arena..
I should have the next chapter up before 2:30 my time.. Minnesota time.. 2-3 is my study hall time so be expecting a chapter by then. :)
One Direction is on X factor USA Thursday who's watching??



oh my god lol
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch
Like, I confused you for the author, and I didn't notice the name of the fanfic, so I clicked on your fanfic (the one like this one) and I got SO confused. I had no idea what happened, so I thought that the author of this fanfic just edited hers! It took me hours before I realized they were two different fanfics!
lol what do you mean?
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch
Yeah, I read yours! I got so confused! I thought the actual author just edited her's!

yah.... sorry not to be rude but... its kind of the same in a lot of ways.
IluvNiallSOMuch IluvNiallSOMuch