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Listening to Niall

Chapter 37: To the past and back again

"Jamie! Wake up you have a friend here" Daniel walked into my room
"W-what?" I asked sleepily
"Friend- down stairs- now" he said and walked out.
I stretch my hands and pull myself out of bed. Eleanor and I didn't go in the end to see Kelly yesterday so I was planning to go today instead.
I go wash my face and all before heading down to see which friend decided to visit so early on a Sunday.
"I go into the kitchen to find Oliver talking to Harry.
"Good morning sunshine" He smiles at me
"What are you doing here?" I give him a hug
"You invited me remember? You said if I want to know I should come see you"
"Right, I thought you'll come next week with the lot" I tell him "Well good to see you, I should call El, we could all hang out together"
"Sounds good to me" Then Harry went back to the conversation he had with Oliver.
I go back up to take a shower and change into clothes.
I text Niall letting him know that Harry stopped by, so there will be no surprises later.
"So, what shell we be doing today then?" Harry asked as I rejoined him and Oliver at the kitchen.
"Coffee first" I say. Oliver got a cup out for me and handed it over.
I make me a cup, and joined the boys at the kitchen table.
"So how is it being back home?" Harry turned to me
"It's nice. I missed my house, but its weird being away from you lot" I sigh
"Tell me about it" Harry chuckled "We spend so much time together it's as if you are my second family"
"Oh Jamie, you won't believe who I saw last night" Oliver remembers
"I think I can guess" I say by the dark look on his face
"So you've seen him too?"
"Yep, little stalker, got my number from somewhere too" I made a face.
"Who's this?" Harry asked
"Some loser Jamie used to date" Oliver filled him in.
"Oh, how long ago?"
"Two years ago" I tell him, getting up to put my cup in the sink "Harry are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?"
"No I'm good"
"Ok so what do you say about heading over to Eleanor, giving her a wake up kiss?" I raise an eye brow challenging him.
"Come on then" He gets up.
"You want me to drive?" Harry asked as I closed the front door.
"No she lives in walking distance. Right at the next street" I point out.
We make are way down the street towards Eleanor's home.
"We were planning on visiting Max's mum today" I tell Harry
"That's nice, do you do that often?" He looked down at me "Go visit your friend's families?"
"No.. This is the first time since they died that I'm going to their homes" I am not looking at him feeling shameful for putting it off as long as I did.
"Well whenever you're ready" He shrugs
We get to Eleanor's house and I walk in without knocking.
"You didn't even knock" Harry looks at me amazed
"I don't need to" I tell him and head to the stairs, Harry close to my heel.
"Hi, Mrs. Calder" He says as we pass El's mum. I smile and wave at her. She is used to me walking in and going straight up to Eleanor's room like this.
"You are strange" Harry tells me
"Why's that?" I ask
"You just walk past her mum and up the stairs" He raises his brows.
"When you walk into your home do you knock? Do you stop talking to people as you pass them?" I ask
"No, but that's my home" He says
"Well this is just like my home" I smile and open Eleanor's door. We walk in quietly. I push Harry to her and he is kneeling over her body.
"Eleanor" He whispers "We are here"
"mmm" She makes a noise
"Come on bird, time to wake up" He says. Eleanor opens her eyes and looks at him for a moment squinting.
"Harry?" She asks "What are you doing here?" She sits up slowly.
"Jamie thought it will be nice if I woke you up" He smiled at her
"Jamie?" She is confused "Wait, what? What is going on?"
I open the blinds to her window letting some light come into the room.
"Hi there, rise and shine" I beam at her
"It's early on a Sunday" She rubs her face
"And there is lots to do" I tell her.
Harry and I join Eleanor's mum down at the lounge as El gets ready.
"So El said you won't be here for Christmas" Her mum said
"Well I'm going tomorrow to Niall's to spend Christmas Eve at his parents' home, but we are coming back the next day"
"That's nice, I remember her saying your friends coming up for the weekend"
"Yes, when is Louie coming?"
"Tomorrow you both are just missing each other"
"Yeah well.. We'll see him the following day"
El joins us at that moment "Mum I see you met Harry" She smiles
"I have, so what are your plans for today love?"
"I don't know yet, we wanted to go visit Kelly" Eleanor looks at Harry and me and then back at her mum
"What a lovely Idea, I'm sure she'll be delighted"

"What are we doing for the party?" Eleanor asked me. The three of us were sitting at the coffee shop down the street for breakfast.
"Not sure, is Louie really going to make us play games?" I ask
"I think he is.. Knowing him" Eleanor laughs
"I think that is a great idea. It can be fun" Harry joins in
"You don't know the kind of games Louis comes up with then" I say
"Better then that game Niall made us play, standing on the chair introducing each other?" Harry remembers.
"He does have a point" El giggles.
"I still haven't done my shopping" I remember
"Neither have I we should do it after stopping at Kelly's" El decides "What about you Harry?"
"I did my shopping but I'm more than happy to help you girls out"
"So this must be the famous Niall", we all look up to find Peter and May standing at our table
"Hi girls" May smiles at us. It is a tense smile, her not being comfortable seeing both of us together.
"Hi May, good to see you" I smile at her.
"I'm Peter" He puts out his hand for Harry to shake.
"We were just leaving, so you can have our leftovers" Eleanor gets up. Harry and I follow leaving money on the table to pay for our food.
"Jamie, what about our hang out?" Peter gets hold of my arm. I stand there looking from his face to where we are touching clearly unhappy, but that doesn't make him let go.
"She doesn't seem too happy with you holding on to her" Harry points out to him.
Peter looks at him. Harry's eyes are dark, that makes Peter let me go straight away.
"I'll see you around then" Peter smiles at me.
We leave without saying another word to them
"That cheeky sod" Eleanor starts up "Why don't you just smack him one?"
"Who is that?" Harry wants to know
"That is the Idiot Oliver was telling you about just before" I say
"That is your ex?" Harry's eyes go wide "Never thought you'd date someone like that"
"Life is full of surprises" I tell him.
We walk to Max's home.
"So I haven't seen his mum since I left for college" I tell Harry "This might be a little emotional"
"I'll hold on to the Kleenex then" He smiles at me.
We reach Max's home and Eleanor knocks. A little while later the door opens.
"Oh my" Kelly looks from Eleanor to me and back again. She reaches out and pulls El into a big hug. I am hugged next.
"Come in" she moves aside to let us pass.
"Kelly, this is our friend Harry from school, he came to visit us" I say
"Lovely to meet you" She shakes his hand.
She walks us into the living room and offers us some beverages.
"How have you been?" I ask her
"You know, ups and downs.. it will be Max's birthday next week"
Eleanor and I exchange looks. "I know, we remember" Eleanor gives a weak sympathetic smile.
"I've seen your mum the other week, did she tell you?" Kelly asks me.
"Know she must have forgotten with everything that happen"
"Yes, I've heard about your granddad, what a tragedy" She tuts "She said you have a new boyfriend"
"Yes, he'll be visiting next week" I smile brightly
"Splendid! Maybe I'll get to meet him?" she asked
"And Eleanor Louis is coming when? Tomorrow?" She turns to her
"He is, I'm sure you'll hear him as he enters the street" Eleanor giggles
"Kelly..." I start "Is it possible for me to visit Max's room?"
We used to spend hours up there, hanging out laughing, I wanted to make sure it had stayed the same.
"Sure darling. You know, I haven't changed it at all. Left it just as it had been"
We all got up and climbed the stairs to Max's old room.
As we enter I'm overwhelmed by the familiarity of this place. It has been too long since I've been here.
"I'll leave you lot to have a look" Kelly says as she leaves us. I reckon it is too hard for her to stand in this room packed with memories.
Eleanor, Harry and I walk around looking. Harry picks up a framed photo of Max and Hilary "Beautiful couple" He says, showing us what he's holding
"Yes they were" Eleanor reaches out to take it from him and look at it herself.
I take out the year book from the shelf and open it going through what friends wrote.
"You lot were a close group ha?" Harry was holding another framed photo of us four in it.
I pace over to him to have a look "We were very close, just like the group at university" I say
"Remember those midnight walks we used to do?" El asked from her place next to the window.
"Yes! My mum used to have a fit every time I'd leave the house" I laughed
"Midnight walks?" Harry asked
"Yes we used to meet up around midnight and walk the trail on the outskirts of town"
"At midnight? Are you mad?" Harry gave us a half shocked smile
"It was really fun! When you lot come over next week we'll take you there to see for yourself" I tell him

Harry and I were sitting up in my room, after spending the afternoon shopping for Christmas presents. I hate shopping at stores especially when its holiday shopping and everyone is out roaming the shopping centers for things to buy.
"I can't believe we were out shopping for over 4 hours" I throw myself onto my bed.
"It was fun- I love shopping" Harry sits down beside me
"That sales lady" I roll my eyes, and make as if I'm choking myself
"I can't believe she thought you and Eleanor were a couple" Harry chuckled
"She didn't leave us alone"
"And what happened with the Nancy boy was mad as well" Harry nodded to me
"That was your fault though" I sit up
"How was it my fault?" Harry looked at me amazed
"You made him think you were into him.. Poor lad"
"I did not! He kept pinching my bum! That was uncomfortable"
"It was hilarious! I'm sooo happy El managed to get a film of that, Louis was ecstatic" I was giggling.
"Fine laugh! Make fun of me.. see if I care" He turns his head crossing his hands as if hurt.
"Come on Harry, you must admit it was funny"
My phone rings and I answer.
"Mia! How are you love?" I smile
"Did you see? They picked winners- the Alessi Company" She said without any introduction
"They did?" I get up listening to her.
As I hang up the call I turn to Harry.
"Alessi made their pick" I tell him, heart pounding
"What did they come to? Spill" Harry got up and stood in front of me
"I didn't get in"



I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

ClaireBearrr ClaireBearrr

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop