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Listening to Niall

Chapter 26- It never ends

"Mum? Mum! What is it?? Is it the boys?? Are they alright? Is it dad?" I got to my feet and paced back and forth awaiting to hear the terrible news my mum called to deliver.
"Oh dear no no it's not dad or the boys" She said. But I can hear the despair in her voice.
"Mum you're scaring me" I'm struggling to keep my voice calm. Niall shot up to his feet and stood in front of me with his hands on my shoulders catching my eyes with his.
"Lollipop, remember I told you granddad wasn't feeling all that well? So it got worse, he had to go to the hospital and-""What happen?" I cut in "Is he ok?"
"Not really, I didn't want to involve you since you're so busy with school but now we need your help" She was going on and on
"Mum you're not making any sense"
"Granddad has cancer sweetie, bone cancer" She finally let it out
"And you didn't think to tell me??" I shouted down the phone "Which hospital? the one here?"
"Yes, Dad is there, but between him and auntie Lisa there aren’t enough people to go round.
One takes the night shift while the other is with Grandma and in the morning they switch, but they aren't sleeping and aren't working.. And I'm at home with the boys" She started crying again "Auntie Lucie is landing in an hour and she's going straight to meet dad at the hospital"
"When is she landing I'll meet her and accompany her there"
"I'll send you everything you need to know via Email" she said "He asked for you"
"Tell Granddad I'm on my way" I hang up and I'm frozen. I can't move. He can't be in a bad condition I have just seen him two weeks ago and he was fine.
I'm my granddads favorite. We do so many things together. He worked as an architect and industrial designer so we shared the same interests. He taught me to play poker when I was only 5, and he was supposed to dance at my wedding and teach my kids to beat me at poker.
"Jamie?" Niall whispers to me. I snap out of my momentarily daze and actually see him for the first time since my mum called.
"I need to get to the airport, I.. I need to go" I pick up my bag and start walking, just to realize I'm walking the wrong way. I turn to find myself face to face with Niall and Eleanor
"Jay what is it?" She asked me gently.
"My grandpa.. he's.. he's.. I think he's dying" I start crying. Eleanor wraps me in her arms, and lets me sob on her shoulder. All of my friends are standing around us awkwardly not knowing what to do or say. I'm thankful El is here to comfort me with her soothing hug, however I know I need to head out to meet my auntie on time. I let go of her and take a step back "I need to go" I whisper.
"Come' I'll drive you" Niall took my bag from me, and touched my lower back.
"You have school" I look up at him
"Sod school, I'm coming with you".
I didn't go back to get changed or get thing to take with me. All my mind was able to do is think about one thing- getting to auntie Lucie and getting to my grandpa.

Niall was driving fast. He didn't talk to me. He let me be, caught up in thoughts, it didn't even register that we got to the airport. Niall got out of the car, opened my door and lay out his hand for me to take "Come Jay" He said. I look at him not understanding what he wants. My gaze landing on his out stretched hand I finally take it in mine and get out.
We were waiting for auntie Lucie to show. Sitting there with fingers entwined, and neck tensed. Niall wiped my cheeks. I didn't even notice I was crying. I feel like it's the only thing I do lately. Cry. I'm desperate to stop my tears before Lucie shows. I don't know how much she knows and I don't want to fright her.
"Is that Lucie?" Niall points to a slim Lady with long chestnut coloured hair and a bright red trolley.
"It is" I get up and make way to her, Niall following me.
"Auntie Lucie" I call out. She finds me and runs over. She gives me a long motherly hug. I can see she's been crying, her eyes a bright sparkly red "Look at you! Gorgeous" She says "And this dashing young man must be Niall!" She gives Niall a hug as well "How is he?" She looks at me. "I don't know" I say my voice cracking "They kept this all from me up to an hour ago"
"Oh darling come here" She pulls me into another hug. "We better be off" Niall says after a moment. He takes the trolley from Lucie and leads the way back to the car. I got into the back giving the front seat to Lucie.
"So Niall… How is school?" Lucie tried to get our minds off the nearing future.
"School is alright" He smiled "How was your flight?"
"Hard, I'm glad I came though"
"I'm glad you're here" I say from the back.
"I can't think of a better place to be right now" She smiled at me
"So how long have you been together then?" She went back to grilling us
"Um.. Officially?" I ask
"We've been together a long time before we knew we were together" Niall answered
"Smart answer, I like him" She looks at me with a wink.
"So do I" I sigh
"So what is this I hear about you and a competition?"
"You heard?"
"Of course I did! I voted too! Right before getting on the plan"
"Dad doesn't want you to win hey?" She laughed
"As if he will notice I'm gone, I'm not home as it is"
"If you win we'll work on him"
"You mean when she wins" Niall corrected her
"I said I like him didn't I?" She laughed again.
I'm so Happy Luice's here. She makes it seem like everything will be just fine. I feel calmer already. As if we'll walk into the room to find grandpa sitting up and talking, telling the nurses in his grumpy manner how to do their jobs and how disgusting the food is, and how come he's not allowed to smoke his cigar in the room, just to see how fast he can get them narked.
As we near the Hospital we grow quiet not really knowing what awaits us.
Niall parks the car and we get out. We leave Lucie's trolley in the boot and walk into the big cooled building.
"Dad! We're here! Where should we go to? Where is grandpa?" I ask when my dad answers his phone.
"Internal Medicine Department floor 3 room 23A" My dad sounds tired.
We rush up by stairs not wanting to wait the long line for the lifts.
As we enter the room my granddad is in, I full back letting auntie Lucie enter first to see her father.
"They just asked me how many children I have, I told them three even though I just saw two of them here" My granddad said as he saw Lucie enter.
"Oh Daddy!" Lucie gave him a kiss on the cheek. I see him wince in pain.
"You sound so American" He told her.
I hold down the tears. How could he have lost so much weight in such a short period of time?
"Hi munchkin" My dad came over to give me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head.
"You should have called me sooner" I look up at him.
"Thank you for helping us Niall" My dad shook Niall's hand.
"Glad to be able to. Sorry it's not for better circumstances" Niall said
"Is that my pumpkin?" I hear my grandpa call out? I walk over to his bed
"Hi grandpa" I smile at him
"Wandered when you'll show up" He grumped at me
"Well you should blame dad for that.. they only told me about it today- I came as soon as I heard"
"Well come here- give me a kiss- I'm in pain not broken" he raised his hands for me to hug him. I do just that. A tear escapes my eye and I wipe it away, but I wasn't fast enough and he noticed.
"Dry your tears love, don't waste them on me I'm 93 it's my time" He smiled up at me
"Dad don't talk like that" Lucie tells him
"Who is this?" He ignores Lucie's comment and looks at Niall
"This is Niall.. My boyfriend" I say. Niall came forward to shake my granddads hand.
"So how much is my son paying you to keep my granddaughter company?" He asked
"Not enough I'm afraid" Niall laughs
"You have a sense of humor.. I like it, can you play poker?" he asked Niall
"Not as good as Jamie" Niall winked at me
"Well that's because you didn't have me to teach you".
I took a seat by his bed. We went into one of our long conversations about art and design.
I told him all about my design for Alessi.
"It’s a cute idea but what’s this “Death do us part” business? That’s part of a catholic wedding ritual. Why would a nice Jewish girl like you promote a catholic concept?"
"I'm half Jewish and it's a strong concept" I roll my eyes at him. My grandpa has to always remind me that we have Jewish roots.
"Well I hope you win"
"Ok, I think we should let grandpa rest for a little" My dad said.
We got up and said goodbye.
"Where are you going?" He looked at me
"Don't worry I'm staying, just going down to the cafeteria" I kiss his cheek.
"Get some cards see what Niall is made of"
"Sure will" I smile and we leave the room.
"So Lisa is on her way to pick you up to mum's" My dad tells Lucie
"No I just got here" She turns to look at him.
"Well you need to go see mum, and get some rest" He tells her
"Who is going to stay for the night shift then?"
"Me" I say
"Don't you need to go back to school?" They asked me
"I'll take her back in the morning" Niall says
"You're going to stay here with Jamie?" Lucie asked
"Yeah, how else will she get back to school?" he answered
"Ok then, so Luce you can take the morning shift" My dad tells her.
We take our seats at a table not ordering a thing. No one is feeling up to eating.
"Lucie" My auntie Lisa walked in and gave her a big hug.
"Hi" She hugs her.
She sat down and they chatted while Niall and I just sat there listening.
"Well let's get going then" Lisa said.
"My trolleys in Niall's car" Lucie got up. That's when Lisa noticed there is another someone sitting with us.
"Oh hi.. I don't believe we've been introduced. I'm Lisa" she stretched out her hand to him.
"Nice to meet you" he shook it. Lisa winked at me to show her approval of Niall. They got up to leave, Niall leaving with them to get Lucie's trolley. My dad and I stay seated.
"He seems like a genuine guy" my dad said of Niall
"That's the best you can come up with dad?" I ask
"Well.. I've only just met him.. nice of him to offer to help like this"
"He's the best dad. Truly"
"As long as you're happy with him and he keeps you safe and makes you feel loved I will like him" my dad promised
"Well thanks dad" I say sarcastically. My dad was never good with words to show his feelings, only with actions. He doesn't say much. But the way he takes care of us we know the quantity of his cherished love.
"So dad what are you going to do?"
"I'm going to stay here a little longer and then go back to grandma. My laptop is there so I'll get some work done"
Niall rejoined us just then.
"So Niall do you play sports?" My dad asked him
"Football occasionally.."
"You're any good?" My dad smiled
"He's brilliant dad, and you play all the time not occasionally" I say putting my hand on Niall's shoulder.
"No I'm not that good" Niall was being modest.
"Well as long as you love the game… you should come and play with my boys" my dad got up "do you want anything to drink? I'm getting a fizz"
"No thanks" we said.
"Your brothers any good?" Niall asked watching my dad's back.
"I don't know. . I thought you're good but I guess I was wrong"
"I am good but don't brag" he kissed my cheek.
"He's still asleep?" I ask the nurse when we get to the front desk on my granddads floor.
"Yeah.. we sedated him so he'll be out for a while" she said
" What do you mean sedated him?"
"He's in a lot of pain love.. Without it he will suffer terribly."
We sit by his bed. Niall covered the hand with the infusion so I won't see the tubes wedged into his flesh.
It's getting darker outside and with the darkness came my despair. Niall rubbed my neck with his fingers trying to sooth the tension. I lean to his side watching my sleeping granddad.
"It's not fair" I finally say "why can't we just get a break? Why is it one thing after fucking other?" Niall petted my hair. He knew I was in a bad place right now.. Especially if I swear. So he just sat quietly next to me.
"Niall.. happy date night" I say remembering his promise to take me out tonight.
"I know babe.. but don't forget.. it always gets darker before the sun comes up".
My phone is vibrating and I go outside to answer it.
"Hiya sweetie. How is he?" Eleanor asked
"He's sleeping right know but not great."
"So what are they saying?"
"Not much.. I'm in the dark and it's a terrible feeling"
"When are you coming back?"
"Tomorrow.. I've got to come to class.. I can't miss anymore"
"I'll be waiting. Is there anything I can do for you love? How can I help?"
"There's nothing really. . But thank you"
"If you need anything call me"
"I will"
The night passed by with nothing special. The other bed in the room wasn't occupied so we lay down on it to catch as much sleep as we could. My grandpa slept soundly through the night.
Dad woke us up at six. My granddad was still asleep.
"Come Jay.. we need to get going if we want to get to school on time" Niall said
"I won't say goodbye?"
"I'll bring you back later ok?" Niall promised
"That's too much to ask for" I say feeling bad.
"Don’t be duft" he waved me off.
"Let me pay for the petrol then"
"Come on" Niall pulled me ignoring my offer.
"Dad I'll see you later" I kiss his cheek "And tell grandpa I'll be back"

Niall let me off outside the dorms so I can change my clothes and get my things, after making plans to meet back down here in a half an hour so he can drive us all to class like always.
"Oh you're home" Eleanor came to greet me as I walked in.
"I am.. How was it here?"
"Quiet without you and Ni.. Louis was trying to make enough noise to make it up for your absence but Harry put a stop to it really fast"
"I'll probably hear all about it in the car hey?"
"You probably will, go get ready I'll make us coffee"
"Would you make one for Ni too? God knows he needs it after all that driving"
I got changed. I put on some jeans and a long comfy jumper. I put my hair up in a bun since it hasn’t been washed and wrapped a scarf round my neck so the chilly weather outside won't bother me as much. I get an empty bag and put a change of clothes in it. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I'm done I put the toothbrush in the bag with the change of clothes.
"You're planning on going back tonight?" El noticed my second bag.
"Yes, it doesn't feel right for me to be here when they need me there"
"Makes sense" EL said. She handed me my coffee, and held hers and Niall's cups herself since I was juggling two bags and my own cup.
Niall was already down stairs waiting with the other boys. But this time I didn't get any comments about being late.
"Here you go love, I heard you need a caffeine boost" El handed over the cup to him.
"You're the best! Thanks" He said
"Don't thank me.. Jay asked me to make you some"
"I love you" He leaned over to kiss me "So you guys are walking back today since I'm taking Jamie back to her Family after school"
"How is your granddad Jamie?" Liam asked
"Not well I'm afraid"
"Sorry to hear that love"
"If you need anything let us know yeah?" Louis added
"I will. Thank you darlings it means lots"
"So it means we won't see you after school?" Eleanor asked
"No… but we'll make sure we'll meet in between" I reached out to touch her knee
"Pinky swear" I smiled
"Ok girls it's not as if you won't be seeing each other anymore" Louis pointed out
"Feeling left out love?" El asked him
"Well yeah.. a bit actually"
That comment made me giggle. Niall glanced at me smiling
"What?" I asked him when he kept pinching looks at me long after I stopped laughing
"Haven't seen you laugh or smile a real easy one that got to your eyes for a while"
"Didn't really have what to smile or laugh for" I said
"You know Jamie this is going to sound weird but what you just said? Would have sounded like a 'pity me please' out of someone else's mouth" Liam opened the door to get out of the car.
"Yeah I was just about to say just that" Louis leaned forward putting his head between me and Niall in the front seats "however Jamie you'll be back to yourself soon enough, and then I'll be back at playing jokes on you and hacking your twitter and facebook and-"
"K Louie, you made your point" Niall pushed Louie's face back.
We all got out of the car.
"Put that in the boot, you don't need to walk around with it all day" Niall pointed to my second bag. I did as I was told.
"Where will I meet you, and when?" I looked up at him as I closed the trunk.
"When is your last class?"
"And where is that?"
"I'll meet you there" He kissed my lips.
"But I'll see you before that" I take a breath leaning back
"Sure thing- cafeteria break"
"Cafeteria break" I smile and start walking away. Then I change my mind and turn back to him.
"Niall" I call since he turned the other way to catch up with the boys. He turned to look at me. I ran up to him throwing my arms round his neck to support myself while giving him one last kiss before I go to class. Niall held my waist in both hands kissing me back.
"I don't tell you this enough Ni, but I love you! Deeply!" I say
"I love you too babe!" With that I let go and walk happily back to class forgetting my problems for a little while.

Niall parked the car and we got out. I took his hand and we made our way into the building once again. I know Lucie is here with granddad now, so it should be a fun and relaxing visit. Get some spirits lifted.
"You never told me what you thought of my family" I squeezed his hand
"You never asked" Niall smiled down at me
"I'm asking now"
"You're granddad's cool, and Lucie is amazing"
"What about my dad and Lisa?"
"Well I haven't really gotten the chance to talk to them so I don't really have an opinion honestly" He shrugged
"First impression?"
"I get the story's you told me of Lisa now"
Lisa has a habit of picking on me sometimes, she's the oldest so it always has to be her way or no way, so we get into fights, which don't end nicely. But nonetheless I love her.
"I wander what Lucie is getting granddad all wind up over today" I laugh as we enter my granddad's room.
"Guess whose back" I say
But apparently I wasted my time with that comment since the room is empty. The bed is made, and Granddad's belongings are still there but he and Lucie are missing.


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