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Listening to Niall

Chapter 24: You and me

As I get my keys to unlock the door my phone rings.
“Hi gorgeous how are you feeling?” I asked Niall
“Much better. Are you back?”
“Yes I’m just walking in” I open the door and take a step inside “oh gosh Niall what did you do to my Eleanor?” I find El collapsed on the sofa looking half dead.
“Don’t listen to a word she says! She had fun” He yells down the phone and I can hear the rest of the lads laughing in the background like hyenas.
“You just can’t be trusted to behave can you” I move El’s feet and sit down beside her. “Come on Jamie we just had a little fun after feeling sick most of the day”
“What did you do?” I ask while handing over to El the doughnut I was planning to give Niall but it seems to me she deserves it more.
“Umm nothing much really.. I don’t know why she is so out of it.. We were up to our usual things”
“Well she just got your doughnut”. Eleanor sat up and took a bite out of the sweet dough getting buttermilk over her fingers.
“What?? But I’m the one who was sick today” his attempting to sound hurt wasn’t really working for him.
“That’s the thing, I’m not sure you having one is a good idea in the first place with you being sick and all.. Better not take any chances” I wink at Eleanor.
“What a loving girlfriend”
“Yes I am, aren’t I?”
“Well just wanted to let you know there is a open mike night tonight. would you be a dear and come cheer us on?” He finally got the point.
“Us?” I ask him looking at El in confusion.
“Yes. Harry called me before and Challenged me to play as he sings” he explained
“Niall it’s not a challenge to get you to play”
“Yeah well come anyway” he begged.
“When is it?”
“In an hour. You have time to get all dolled up” he chuckles.
“I’ll see.. if I can get El to come then I might show up” I teased him
“Don’t be a teas you’ll show” he saw right through me.
“Goodbye Ni” I hang up.
“Hard day ha?” I give Eleanor a sympathetic look.
“You look like you had a harder day. How was it?” El pointed out to my colour stricken face.
“It was soooo much fun. There was this little beautiful girl called Eleanor as well but they call her Eli” I went in to a long story of what we did and the paint fight and Justin. I left out the whole girlfriend part not knowing if it is a smart move reading into it yet.
“Fun. Maybe next time I’ll join as well” she smiled “god knows you had more fun than me”
“Were they that bad?” I asked
“At the beginning they were so cute” she huffed blowing a long strand of hair out of her face.
“Yeah I know what you mean, Niall resembled a puppy to me this morning, he was so hopeless” I sighed remembering that cute face of his.
“Yeah. I’m used to Louie’s face but you should have seen Liam. Boy he has a real puppy face. Whatever he asked he got. I just couldn’t say no to him”
“They used that against you ha?” I smiled imagining what things they pulled over her to get some spoiling.
“And then that boyfriend of yours showed up” she frowned.
“He can be a handful when he feels like it”
“Just a handful? Him and Louis in crazy mode? I can’t deal” she sounded mad but had a smile on her face.
“Does that mean you’re too tired to come to open mike night?” I asked
“Are you joking? I wouldn’t miss Harry sing for the world” she got up to wash her sticky hands.
“Is he that bad?” I followed her
“No. He’s extremely good. Haven’t you ever heard him sing?” She raised a brow at me.
“No.. not really” I thought about that time I challenged him to serenade the girls at the coffee shop but I couldn’t really hear him. Maybe that’s why they were so smitten.
“All the time you spent with him you didn’t know he sings?” Eleanor was surprised.
“I’ll find that out today I suppose” I went to shower and change so I don’t scare people with my clown face.
I brush my hair before finding something to wear. I don’t feel like getting dressed. It is cold and drizzling out. After applying a little mascara to my lashes and some blusher so I won’t look like a walking zombie I open my closet to find something to cover myself with
“What are you wearing?” Eleanor walked in and turned to her closet.
“Donno.. I don’t feel like getting dressed up. Can I just go in leggings and Niall’s jumper?” I ask her.
“Well you do have a boyfriend so there is no one to empress but still… put something nice on so we can make a night out of it”
As El changed I picked out black skinny jeans that are cut at the knees and an over sized jumper. I put a long pendent round my neck so no one can say I didn’t put much effort in. I pull socks on and push my feet into my ugges. My cousins got me the boots when they came to visit in August. I never liked these tip of shoe but they are so comfortable that I made an exception.
“Ready?” I ask El. She was wearing a white sparkling top with blue skinny jeans, her hair up in a messy bun.
“You’ll get sick going out with wet hair Jay.. Put my beanie on” she handed over her white beanie.
We made our way to the campus club.
“Here” Eleanor opened an umbrella over our heads. The umbrella was big and clear with little blue clouds. Only El is able to make such a thing look so fashionable. We made our way through the slippery street with the lights above reflecting on the wet pavement.
“El! Jay! Wait up!” We stopped and turned to see who the shouting voice belongs to.
“Liam aren’t you supposed to be there already?”
“Eljay… that is a good name for me to call you both. I think I’ll use that more often” he smiled proudly. “Make some room” he pushed himself in under the umbrella leaving us half out in the rain.
“Hey!!! Move your fat bum out of here you’ve taking over all the space” Eleanor pushed him out from under.
Liam shifted away from Eleanor and closer to me.
“Liam you need to be nicer to El after all the attention you received today” I say standing close to him so I can receive some of his body warmth. Liam who noticed my teeth clacking tucked me under his arm.
“You should have seen her today she was absolutely amazing! She should be a nurse” he glanced at Eleanor with admiration. I chuckled.
We got to the club, Liam held the door open for us as we entered.
The place was full of students. We had to work hard to get to where Louis, zayn and Perrie are seated.
“Was Styles on yet?” I hear a girl ask her friends. I guess Harry’s the reason it is so crowded in here. As Liam made path for us I was watching the faces of all the different people. I heard Harry’s name come up many times as we made way to our table. What an affect Harry has.. You can see girls standing on tip toes to try and catch a glimpse of the stage.
We finally made it to the gang sitting in the front.
“Its unbelievable here” I say my astonishment showing.
“Crazy ha?” Louis made room for us shifting to the next chair so I could sit next to Eleanor.
“Did you upload your project??” Perrie got hold of my hands in excitement
“Yeah I did” I smiled shyly. They’re so many entries that it made my self esteem crash and burn.
“Oh gosh I completely forgot about it!! How wonderful!! When can we vote?” Eleanor shouted over the noisy crowd.
“Tomorrow night at midnight” I say
“you don’t seem to excited.. Why is that?” Eleanor looked at me with concern.
“It took an extremely long amount of time to upload, the site kept crashing and I almost gave up. And once I succeeded I saw all the entries and what’s the use? I won’t win” frustration took over me.
“No way Jamie you c-” El started lecturing me but got cut by Louis “they’re up continue this later”
With that we turned to face Harry and Niall that occupied the stage. Niall started playing and I recognized the song immediately. He were playing ‘you and me’ by Lifehouse. When I just met Niall I was obsessed with that song and made him play it for me over and over again. I wander if he picked that song out. I smiled at him and held up my hands. He gave me his big shining smile as Harry started singing.
My eyes flew to Harry’s face. He was electrifying. I didn’t think anyone could have such an affect over so many people. But everyone in the room was watching him. I would have liked to say they were watching Niall and Harry, but that would have been a lie. As Harry got to the first chorus his eyes found mine. We locked stars for a moment, until I broke the stare and looked back at Niall who was looking at me too. I forced myself to keep my eyes on Niall, but it was so hard, I had to have a few peeks at Harry who was still looking at me. The worst part was that people started to notice. I guess it is kind of hard not to when the two people everyone is watching on stage are looking at the same girl in the crowd. Anxiety washed over me, making me feel like a gold fish watched by a cat. Even Eleanor was watching me.
"What is going on?" She said into my ear. I gave her a shrug attempting to make myself seem casual with this situation and failing. I know that Niall noticed what is going on and he’ll have questions for me later. When we finished cheering and clapping for them, Eleanor who noticed my despair started back on my Alessi project as Harry and Niall made way to our table.
"So back to your project" She said, as I got up to give Niall a kiss and hug. He took my seat and pulled me down to sit on his lap wrapping his arms around me. I risked a quick glance towards Harry who was being greeted by the rest of our table and watching me at the same time. I looked fast back at Eleanor.
"What about it?" I ask
"It will be amazing! You can win" Eleanor encouraged me.
"You uploaded it?" Niall asked "Why didn’t you say anything?"
"Because I wasn’t thinking of it, I was thinking of you" I remind him
"So when do we vote? We’ll get everyone in on it- get as many votes as we can" He said kissing my cheek
"I don’t know enough people to get a lot of votes" I sighed
"But I do" Harry joined our conversation.
"You see Harry will help as well" Niall smiled.
"Jamie!!!" someone was leaning over Niall to grab my shoulders.
"Hi Sam! Didn’t see you were here" I smiled at my classmate
"I just got in as these two started to play- great job" He tapped Niall’s shoulder
"Jamie did you upload your project? I thought I saw it" He said tilting his head at me
"Yes I did!" I beamed up at him "It took forever but it finally worked"
"It’s amazing! It turned out really good but I wasn’t sure it was yours since you didn’t use your name"
"Yeah I didn’t want it to show my information to the whole world."
"That is so you" He laughed "Well see you"
As he walked off my friends went into planning mode for how to get as many votes as they can.
I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I needed a break. I needed to get all my thought straightened out. I locked the door to one of the cells, sat down and raised my legs to my chest holding them with my arms.
What is going on with me? Why can’t I take part at my friends planning? Why can’t I get Harry’s stare out of my mind? I love Niall! I really do. I know it might sound like I’m convincing myself of that, but I’m not. Just thinking about him is overwhelming. So why?
I hear the door open and a bunch of girls talking as they walked in.
"No he’s dating that girl"
"No he’s not, he did once but not anymore". I get up to walk out and find me a quieter place, but as I reach to open the door I was hiding behind, my name comes up in their conversation.
"Wait- who are we talking about? The Jamie girl? Or the other one?"
"The other one is dating that guy she was sitting next to. Jamie dated Harry, and now I heard she’s dating the blond guy with the guitar" She heard? Who is this girl and why is she hearing things about me?
"No, the blondie is her cousin or something isn’t he?"
"No they’re like best friends or something, I don’t think they’re dating"
"You’re all wrong. Didn’t you see those two boys? Their eyes? They both fancy her. Even if she is only dating one of them the other one wants her too."
"Bet you she’s dating both of them"
I’m struggling to stay put and not go out and slap that girls face. What do they think I am?
"I don’t understand how that girl got two of the hottest guys wrapped around her finger"
"Isn’t it obvious? She puts out"
"You think they-" The main door opens and they go silent
"It’s the lady’s room" One of the girls said in a flirty voice
"Yeah well.." I hear Harry’s voice
"You were fantastic today love" Another told him. I heard giggling.
"Well umm.." Harry lost his words
"Come love let’s talk outside its not pleasant here" I hear them all leave, once again I’m left alone.
Why did Harry come in here?
I get up and leave.
"Thought you might be hiding in here"
I turn to see Harry leaning against the wall, his curls falling over his eyes.
"No I wasn’t" I hurry to answer
"So, fancy sharing why?" hearing him say ‘fancy’ brings back what the girl said just before ‘both of them fancy her’ I shake my head as if to get the thought out, and walk off
"Jamie, wait" Harry grabs my arm. I give him a sharp look and he lets go immediately
”Tell me what’s wrong” He says his eyes turning a shade darker
"No" I can be just as stubborn
"Jamie" Harry took a step closer
"Harry I don’t need you coming to rescue me every time you think something is wrong! I have Niall for that!" I say a little brusquely.
"I didn’t mean it to look like that" He shifted his weight to his left foot, and brushed his hair back.
"What do you want?" I ask, not being able to just walk away from him.
"To see how you are"
"Why?" I am cautious of Harry never knowing what he might throw my way.
"You know why" could it be his eyes got even darker?
"Harry, this needs to stop" I sigh letting my shoulders drop.
"Are we doing something wrong?" He asked in an innocent voice.
"Yes! Well no but-"
"Don’t you spend time with Louis or Liam or even Zayn by yourself?" he cut in
"Yes but-"
"So we are doing nothing wrong" HE took another step closer
"It feels that way to me though" I say, not able to tear away from those eyes of his.
"Well, tell me how you feel then" as he took another step closer I was backing away until I felt the wall in back of me.
"Harry, this isn’t you" I say to him. Something is off. He leans in and rests his hands on the wall a little above my head, and then I smell it. Alcohol.
"Harry please" I shut my eyes.
"What is going on here?!"
I open my shut eyes to see Harry moving back and Niall standing there looking at us.
"Ni!" I run and stand behind him grabbing his arm. As I touch his skin I feel him tense.
"Liam, come help me get Harry back to his flat" Niall said. That’s when I noticed the crowd watching.


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