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Listening to Niall

Chapter 15: Between day

When my alarm goes off it takes me a moment to realize its Monday. I get up from bed and drag myself to the bathroom. I'm exhausted. Yesterday Niall and I spent hours working on my project making sure I finish it in time for today. Then we stayed to help Mia with hers.
When we were finally done at the work shop, Louis got us to play some American football. He got a ball sent from one of his sisters and felt he had to try it out at 9 pm. It was fun I won't lie but I'm in so much pain today.
As I make my way down to meet Harry I look at the marks left on my arm. Today I have some new ones to go with the one put there by Mr. Stalker. My knees and shins are bruised as well.
"Your full of sunshine today" Harry picked himself of the railings he was leaning on, smiling a wide smile making those dimples of his pop.
"As opposed to my shining self every morning?" I ask him stretching my arms and legs, getting ready for our run.
"It's amazing what a little coffee does to you aint it?" He smiles
"Come on blubber mouth, let me wake up before you talk my ear off" I say starting to jog.
We don't go far before I stop and bend over holding myself up by putting hands on knees.
"You ok?" Harry runs back to me, bending so he can see my face.
"Yeah I'm just a little sore" I reach to the water bottle that he keeps in the pocket of his trainers.
"Sore from what?" He straightens up following me as I walk over to the bench on the side of the trail.
"From that stupid game yesterday" I say between sips
"We did try our best not to hurt you girls" He frowned.
"Yeah well, I'll get over it" I say. I start to get up but I'm in a lot of pain, so I sit back down.
"Ok what hurts?" Harry knelt down
"Everything" I sigh
"Everything?" He chuckled
"My neck my shoulders my arms, my legs, my knees everything, I feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping" I pout
Harry gets up and moves behind me. Suddenly I feel his strong hands on my neck and shoulders. He was working on releasing the pressure.
"You know you can go back to sleep" He says moving his hands back and forth on my neck
"I can't I need to give in a project today and we have workshop today" I squeeze my eyes shut. As good as Harry's hands felt on my shoulders it was painful.
"It always hurts before it gets better" Harry says leaving my shoulders and coming round to face me. He kneels back down and slides up the fabric of my trousers up past my knees.
"Since when are these?" Harry moved a finger over my purple and blue knees
"This morning" I say
"This is all because of the game?"
"Those and these" I pick up my sleeves to reveal the new and old bruises on my arms.
"Wow, do you always bruise so easily?"
"Umm no" I say "Is this bad?" I ask
"I don't know.. it might be nothing" He says getting up to his feet.
"Come let's start walking back" He reaches a hand for me to take.
"But we barely ran" I take his hand and he pulls me to my feet. I wince.
"Jamie you need a break from running today, give your body time to heal"
"How do you know so much about this?" I look up at him
"I'm a trainer for one, and second some of the other trainers are studying physical therapy so they teach me some things" He took a hold of my elbow lightly to help me steady myself as we walked.
"Harry I feel really bad I ruined your run, you should continue running I'll make my way back myself. It's fine really" I say
"Not happening Jamie so let it go" Harry said looking at me for a moment and then back at the path.
"Besides, I don't always run in the mornings, so I'll just run tonight. It's fine" He said

Harry walked me up to the door.
"Take a hot shower, soak those knees, I'll call you later today, I'll have one of my friends check you out make sure your ok" Harry said before turning to walk away
"Thanks" I call out after him.
I took a long hot shower. As I came out and walked into the room I find Eleanor sitting up in bed frowning
"What is it love?" I ask
"Look" She shows me her arms
"We match" I say showing her my arms
"Wow Jamie yours are much worse" She looks at me
"Not that much" I say, knowing she is right. They are. "Harry is going to get one of his friends to give me a check over, you should come too" I go to pick out some clothes.
"Yeah I might" She said limping out of bed. She twisted her foot last night at that stupid game.
There was a knock on the door and Louis walked in.
"Hey love" He says to me "Where is my baby?"
"She is getting her shoes on" I say and point to our room.
Louis follows my finger. A moment later he walks out helping a limping Eleanor.
"So Harry's friend's going to check you two?" He looked at me
"Yeah" I said and held the door open for them. I took El's bag with me and followed them out.
Louis helps Eleanor into the car and I get into my seat beside Niall.
"El, maybe you should go to a proper doctor and not A student" I tell her.
"A student?" Niall looks at me.
"Yeah, Harry-" But I stop in the middle. My phone started ringing. Liam is singing along to the tune.
"Hi Harry" I say
"So I spoke to my friend he has time to see you around 14:00"
"Ok thanks. Remember El twisted her ankle last night? So she can barely walk. You reckon your friend can check her out as well? Or should she go see a proper doctor?"
"How much pain is she in?"
"Well other then not being able to walk on her foot she's fine really" I say
"Then she should come with you and see what Mike says"
"Ok thanks Harry" I say and hang up.
"And why is Harry's friend checking you?" Niall said with eyes on the road
"Well, umm I wasn't able to run today I was in a lot of pain so he said I should get checked"
"Ok, what time are we going?" He asked
"We?" I look at him surprised
"Yes we, I'm not letting a random guy check you, besides you'll need help helping El there" He says parking the car
"Well Louie's coming with" Eleanor said from the back
"Yeah but Niall is the one with the car" Louis tapped Niall on the shoulder.
"Fine then we are all going, Liam feel like joining?" I ask him
"No I'm good" He said smiling.
"El where is your class? I'll come round with the car to meet you" Niall looks back at her
"Same building the whole day" She winced as she got out of the car.
"Fine so we'll meet here." Niall said getting out himself.
"Fine" I say turning to leave.
"Where do you think you're going?" Niall got a hold of my arm. Now was my turn to wince.
"What the hell?" He pulled up my sleeve and looked at my arm
"Shit Jamie, this from the game?" Liam asked coming to get a closer look.
"Eleanor has some too" I say rating her out.
"Jeas" Niall said looking back at El
"Well give a kiss, how am I suppose to have a good day without one?" Niall decided to change the subject. I reach up on my tip toes to kiss his lips.
"Bye pumpkin" I walk away to where our workshop is.
As I walk in through the door I freeze. Mr. Stalker is sitting at a table with Lea and Rachel. Lea looks up at me. I can tell she is uncomfortable. I'm thinking fast what to do. Should I just turn around and leave? But then I leave my friends with this creep. But there are other people here, so no harm should come to them. Then again there were a bunch of people at the party and he still tried to drag me out. As I'm thinking what to do Rachel notices me as well, this makes Mr. Stalker turn and look to see who the girls are staring at. A big smile appears on his face. I swallow the lump in my throat and walk over. At the same time I take out my phone and dial Niall's number. I sit down next to Rachel opposite him, putting my phone on my lap out of his range of sight.
"Jamie this is umm David" Lea says in a shaky voice.
"So that’s your name?" I ask looking at him.
"If you would have come out with me when I asked you to at the party you would have known my name by now" He said
"What if I don't care for your name?" I kept my face as stone, trying to hide how scared I was. I hope Niall answered the phone and is listening in.
"You're rude" He tilted his head to the side smiling his creepy smile again "I like that"
"What are you doing here? I think you should leave" I say.
"But I want to stay. I like it here" He says touching my bag that was seated on the table as a barrier between us.
"Leave my bag alone" I say
"Why?" He asked challenging me. Rachel and Lia were watching us with wide eyes scared to move.
"Umm I think the girl asked you nice enough, so I think you should do as she says" Niall walked in with Liam and Zayn on either side.
"And who may you be?" He didn't even turn to look at Niall. He kept his eyes on me.
"For one, I'm the boyfriend of the girl your harassing" Niall said. That made Mr. Stalker turn and look at them. "This blondie's your boyfriend? I thought it was the curly guy from the party" He smirked
"Well I guess that’s your problem mate. You think too much" Liam said
"And god knows that's not your strong side" Zayn added.
"So you came to what? Beat me up?" He smiled at them.
I got up and walked over to Niall.
"Ha so that’s how the prince knew to come, you called him.. You're a smart cookie aint you?" Stupid stalker said nodding to the phone in my hand.
"You owe this smart cookie an apology" Niall said taking my hand in his.
"What for?" He tilted his head again
"For this" Niall pulled up my sleeve to show Stalker guy the marks he left on my skin
"Pretty aint they?" He smiled
"You sun of a bitch" Niall takes a step towards him, but he is stopped by Zayn.
"Not going to hit me then?" He asked
"No. Come Jamie we're going to the Dean" Niall said pulling me. Liam got hold off my bag and we started walking out.
"Wait!" He called out
"No man, you had your chance" Zayn said.
Rachel and Lia came running to us.
"We know some information about him so you can tell the dean who this arse is" Lea said.
"Ok yeah good idea, ready Jamie?" Niall asked
I nodded.
"What a day ha?" Liam said out loud
"I feel I'm in need of a between day you know?" I tell them
"What do you mean?" Niall looked at me
"Like a day in between Sunday and Monday?" Rachel smiled
"Yeah. It would make my week so much better" I sigh
"Well that’s what you have Sunday for. It's a in between Saturday and Monday day" Niall stops in front of the dean's secretary.
"Can I help you?" She asks us.
"Yes" Niall gives her his serious sparkling blue eye look "I want to report a harassment"

We were waiting in the car for Eleanor and Louis. We gave statements of what happened.
Harry, Louis and Eleanor were called in to give in some statements of their own. Pictures were taken of my bruised arm, and then we were sent away to wait for farther notice.
"Good thing you didn't hit him" I tell Niall
"I was about to, if it wasn't for Zayn" He pulled me in for a hug.
My arms were resting on his chest "Thanks Ni" I kiss his lips
"I love you Jam" He touched my nose with his.
"Get a room you two" Louis said. He was giving Eleanor a piggyback.
"Took you long enough, we are supposed to be there at 14:00" I say hugging Niall's neck and resting my cheek to his chest.
"Well what can we do the girl can't walk" Louis shrugged
"Ok, get in" Niall moves with his hands on my hips pushing me slightly back.

We drive to the gym. As we park I notice Harry standing by the door with another guy.
"That's Mike?" Louis asked looking out the window.
"I guess" I say taking off my seatbelt.
We walk across to Harry.
"Good for you Jamie for reporting that douchebag" Harry said touching my shoulder lightly.
"So these are the banged up girls?" The guy asked
"Yes they are. This is Niall Jamie's boyfriend, and Louis Eleanor's boyfriend, and this is Mike" Harry introduced us.
"Ok come in" Mike signs for us to enter the gym. He walks us to the room Harry took me last week to get weighed.
"Come Eleanor sit up here" Mike patted the doctors bed. Eleanor sat down on the bed and Mike knelt down to look at her foot.
"Sprain" He said "Look how swollen it is" He pointed showing Louis.
"You should have put ice on this when it happen" He looked up at Eleanor.
"So what do we do about this?" Louis asked
"Well I would take her to a doctor to get it x- rayed make sure it's only a sprain and not broken" Mike got up.
"Come Jamie" He turned to me and I sat down next to El.
He looks at my knees and all of the bruising. He looks at my arms as well. He made me lay down and checked my neck and shoulders. He pressed on a few spots same ones Harry pressed this morning.
"You have a lot of bruising" He tells me as I sit up
"Trust me. I know. I feel them" I say.
"I'll be back in a minute. Wait here" He said and got up. Harry followed him out.
After about ten minutes Harry came back in and called Niall out.
"What is going on?" I ask El and Louie.
"Donno" Louie said. Eleanor put an arm round my shoulders.
"Jamie" Niall said walking back in with Harry "Listen we think its best we go with El to the doctor too" He says eyes moving fast from face to face and to Harry.
"What for?" I ask looking at them confused
"Listen Jamie, it's probably nothing but just go make sure" Harry said
"Why? I don't understand" I look at Niall
"Just to see why you're so sensitive lately" Niall reaches out and takes my hands in his
"It's from the game. I told you" I can feel a panic attack coming on. He is not telling me what I think he is.
"Jamie, look at me for a second. Calm down and look at my face" Niall was leaning towards me his body in between my legs. He was still holding my hands.
"Look, it's probably nothing. We are just being carful" He said.
"I don't go to doctors" I say finding it hard to breathe.
"Niall she's getting an attack" Eleanor puts a hand on my shoulder. "Jamie breathe" She says.
"It's just a check up, they'll probably just send you for a blood test that’s all" Harry added coming closer. I started heaving not able to catch my breath.
"Great Harry she doesn't do blood test she faints" Louis said putting a hand on my thigh.
"Jamie, use your nose" Niall squeezed my fingers.
"Put a hand over her mouth" Harry said. Niall looked at him for a minute and then did what he said. They all watched me calm down.
"Better?" Eleanor asked me quietly. I nodded with tears running down my cheeks.
"It's probably nothing" Niall hugged me "Don't worry about it" He said kissing my forehead.
"You'll come with me?" I looked up at Niall
"Of course" He said wiping away my tears "I'll be with you the whole time" He said
"Don't call my parents" I say. My friends node. They all know how neurotic my mum can be.
"You better head out to the clinic" Harry said.
"Yeah" Niall said helping me of the bed. Louis turned around so Eleanor can get back on to his back.
"Don't worry Jam, you'll be fine" Eleanor told me.


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