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Listening to Niall

Chapter 1: Back on campus

I can't believe I'm starting my Final year of college. It's been a long and crazy time. And I'm going to miss it.
I was getting all my things ready before my roommate and best friend Eleanor will get here. Ready to drive us up to our final year on campus.
"Hi sweetie! Ready?" Eleanor walked in to my house.
"Sure am, I need help" I told her and handed over a bag for her to carry out to the car.
After saying goodbye to my parents we got in and drove off to start our last year of college.
"Is Niall their yet?" I asked her, putting my Ray-bans on
"I don't know haven’t you spoken to him?" El asked me putting some music on low.
"Not since yesterday, He said he and Liam are coming back today too but he didn't give me a time" I said fishing my phone out of my bag to call him.
"Well Louis is already up there, He said we should call him when we get to the dorms he'll help us carry things up".
"He is such a darling" I smiled
"Well that’s one of the reasons I keep him" El laughed.
Eleanor and Louis have been together for over a year and they probably will get engaged by the end of this year. Zayn and Perrie are married already living on campus together.
They all have been to India together this past summer but me which a lot of people found to be weird since we are this kind of clique.
It all started our first year here.
Eleanor and I know each other since ever. El majoring in communications and journalism, while I'm majoring in Industrial design. We met Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn at the computer room on campus our first year here. It was kind of a weird story the way we all became friends. The four guys study together Computer Science and became really good friends extremely fast. I use the computer room since their are fast computers and they have the 'Solidworks' program we use to build 3D objects. Eleanor came up to meet me there and write a paper. So we were both working on homework when these four guys walk in.
They where bloody loud and when Eleanor turned to ask them to be quiet Louis came up and introduced them. Then he said they are installing 'Call of duty' on the computers and we should play with them which we did. That’s how we all started hanging out. Zayn was only dating Perrie then, but last year they got married. Louis and Eleanor started dating shortly after. Liam is dating this girl Danielle on and off, which leaves Niall and me. They all really wanted us to date each other but we just became best friends.
So anyway, this summer they all flew to India but me. India is not for me, and I had Family from the US come visit us in London.

"Lou we are here- come help" El called Louis' phone
A moment later Lou, Niall and Liam who all room together came running down the street to help.
"Why haven't you called to tell me you're here?" Niall asked giving me a hug
"Didn't think you where here yet"
"Doesn't matter, Zayn said that when we're done we should go over to them" Liam said taking my bag from me.
"Jamie, wait a moment" Niall took my hand as I was going to climb the staircase after Liam.
I looked at him with a question face waiting for him to continue what he wanted to ask me.
"So did you think about what I said yesterday?" He asked.
I sat down on the staircase and he sat by my side "Tell me again" I said looking at my hands
"He is a really nice guy. I think he's perfect for you" Niall took my hand in his to make me look up at him. "Why do you think that?"
"Because I know you, I know the type of guys you like"
"Tell me again about him" I said
"He's really tall. About 5'10 which is perfect since you are what? 5'5? 5'6?"
Niall got up and started pacing clearly happy that I'm willing to listen to him.
"He has dark curly hair and big green eyes almost like yours, He majoring in Law" He was looking for a reaction from me. "Listen Jamie, Everyone in India loved him the girls were following him everywhere, everyone wanted to travel with him-"
"If that’s the case, and he is such a hot shot why would he want to go out with a girl like me?" I cut him off asking.
"Are you kidding me? He would be crazy not to! You are smart funny and gorgeous! Show me one guy who will say otherwise"
I have long chestnut hair, and big green eyes but I don't think I am pretty. I have a rather big nose, and I might be tall and skinny but I forget to stand up straight which looks bad.
"Listen, we all think it’s a good idea- a good fit, even Eleanor said so to you when we got back" that was true, that was the first thing she said getting off the plan at Heathrow, that she has the perfect guy for me.
"Please give it a shot! Please trust me on this"
"Fine." I said standing up
"Fine? You'll give it a go?" He asked
"Yes I will" I said turning to climb the stairs once again. As I started up two stairs I stopped and turned to look at Niall that was still amazed that he got me to give his new friend a chance. "Hey Niall?" I asked. He looked at me. "What's your friends' name?"
"Harry. Harry Styles"


Ok guys, New story. College kids so obviously the characters are older.
get ready to have some college fun


I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

ClaireBearrr ClaireBearrr

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop