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Little Black Dress

♡ Chapter 32 ♡

Diana's POV

(A/N: Remember Chapter 25 when she was playing the piano and had the vision/dream also, It's recommended you listen to this while reading, it's what I was listing to when I typed it <3)

I'm here again. I'm in the hallway at the hospital. This time there is no blood on the walls, there's no nurses or shadows. It's just me. I can see darkness ahead of me and only one light. I want to turn back but I'm not sure. I look far ahead and I can see two familiar faces that are the only thing glowing in the darkness. My parents. I can see my dad with his tall figure and welcoming arms, I can also see my mom with her long brown curly hair, exactly like mine, I can also see her blue eyes that i've missed saying goodnight to. I start to run towards them but I hit some sort of shield. It's invisible and I can't get through it.

"MOM!" I yell waving at her.

My parents walk towards me and put their hand on the invisible wall blocking us. I look up at their faces. Their beautiful faces that I haven't seen in months and years. My heart felt like it was breaking.


I see my parents nod and take a step forward breaking whatever barrier was holding me back.

"Diana?" my mother asks. I instantly start crying. I try to hug her but she's just air.

"Sorry honey you can't hold us." my dad says smiling at me.

"Why, I miss having you hold me, I miss you guys so much." I cry to them.

"I know, we miss you too darling, but know that we're watching over you." my mother replied.

"Darling don't cry." my dad said trying to comfort me.

"Daddy, Mommy, why aren't I dead?" I asked

"Because, you still belong on earth and someone needs you." my mother replied


"Darling, you don't need us, but you want us." my father said smiling.

"But I do, I need you!" I replied

"Oh sweetie, my lovely rose, you don't need us, you're good on your own." my mother said in her calm angelic voice.

"Then again, you're also good with a certain someone." my dad said winking.

"Dad, I'm almost in heaven and we're talking about my boyfriend?" I ask smiling a little.

"He's a keeper darling." my mom replies.

We all hear a bell and my parents exchange a look.

"We have to go now honey." my dad said to me.

"I want to stay with you guys." I say looking at my parents faces for some sort of reaction.

"It's not that simple. We will see you again when you're ready dear, but as of now... you need to go back." my mother replied.

"Please don't let me go back!" I plead crying hard again.

"I think when you turn around all your questions will be answered." my dad said smiling that award wining smile.

"Be careful and on guard, not everyone is what they seem to be, but some people are, and the people you know who are real, you need to keep them with you." my mom said in a serious tone.

"I love you." I cry as I watch them.

"Diana, we love you." My parents both say before they fade and just like that...they're gone.

I'm still crying and more confused than ever, what on earth did my mom mean? I turn around and I can see that man. The one from my dreams is this what my mother meant? I start to run towards the man. I start to pass by nurses and slowly they fade.This hallway doesn't have any blood or shadows, it's pure white.

For once I'm not running on the spot, I'm running towards the figure, I'm almost there and finally I'm face to face with the boy in my dreams. Harry.
Harry's POV
I was shaking like a mad man. I hadn't slept in 3 days. Diana was out cold and in a coma. I haven't left her bedside once. Her aunt has been in here day after day trying to get me out of the room, but I kindly refuse.

Everyday Louis brings me food and a new change of clothes. They're being as supportive as possible. Her aunt has only come in once...what a great family member! I'm the only one who loves her and I never want her to be alone. Never.

I'm interrupted by the number of Diana's heart beat dropping.

"No, DIANA!" I yell. I can see the number getting smaller and smaller and I start to panic.

"Don't leave me! Please!" I yell. I start to cry just like I have been for the past three days and then the thought of loosing her enters my mind.

"DON'T GO! I LOVE YOU!" I yell. I look up and I see her heart beat rising again.

I sit back down, held Diana's hand and started to sing.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make my happy, when skies are grey, you'll never know dear how much I love you." I paused for a moment to catch my breath.

Tears were streaming down my face. I held Diana's tighter and slowly took another breath.

"Please don't take my sunshine away." I finished singing and just let the tears stream down my face.
Diana's POV
"Please don't take my sunshine away." Harry sang crying.

I quickly opened my eyes and sat up. I felt something holding my hand and it was Harry. He was a mess. His hair was messier than usual and his eyes were puffy and full of tears.

"Diana!" he cried embracing me in a big hug.

"Harry." I replied crying with him. Seeing him like this broke my heart.

"I love you. Don't ever leave me like that again. Please, never leave me again." he cried.

"I won't I'm so sorry, I won't. I love you." I replied.

Harry quickly crashed his lips into mine and we shared a passionate kiss.

"I'll go get the nurses." he said wiping away his tears and a few of mine.

"Sounds good." I replied.

Harry's the boy. He's the one in my dreams. He needs me...and I need him.


Okay, so If you didn't get it, then this is what happened.

She had a dream in Chapter 25, she was playing piano at the recital and there was a hallway at the hospital and she saw a guy at the end, but she can't reach him. This dream is one Diana has had ever since she's been little.

In this chapter she starts off in the same hospital hallway, but it's empty and VERY dark, unlike before. It's like she's in a dark tunnel, and the only light is her parents faces.

She tries to get close to them but she can't because some invisible wall is in the way. Her parents step through the wall so they can talk to her. They talk to her but have to leave.

When she turns around it's just like her dream again, but this time nothing's holding her back from seeing the guy, and the guy that's been in her dreams was always Harry.

Pretty much her dream was apart of the future and her meeting Harry was fate.

Sorry If You're Still Confused ... <3


Did You Think It Was Sweet That Harry Was By Her Side Night After Night?

Are You Happy That Diana's Back?

Did You Cry When She Got To Talk To Her Parents?

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ღ Alice Rose ღ


@Nialler's Baby
I'm pretty sure that quote is from tfios

somethingsimple somethingsimple
I know i'm late reading this but yea. I just finished chapter 21 and you used the quote 'and in this moment we are infinite' from Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love that movie so much. And i'm about to cry because the movie was so sad..... But i Love this story!!!
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby


SmellyCat SmellyCat

Okay so I read this like 2 years ago or sumat and I lost it coz I didn't have an account and I forgot the name but oh. My. God. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUIS AND I STILL FANGIRL ABOUT IT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND UGH. Just saying ur an amazing writter and don't ever forget that xxxxxx

SmellyCat SmellyCat

Harry just jinxed their prom night.

ReignOn ReignOn