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Little Black Dress

♡ Chapter 3 ♡

Diana’s POV
I must have fallen asleep because I felt someone shaking me.

“Wake up, wake up” I heard a boy call.

I opened my eyes and my eyes met two green orbs. Harry.UGH!

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” I yelled getting up

“I’m just trying to help!” he exclaimed

“Well if I’m going to get help I would rather get it from anyone else but you” I said angrily.

“Yeah whatever” he said walking away.

How much of my meltdown did he see? Why did he try to help me? He hated me…or at least I think he does?

I quickly drove home and changed into a different dress. It wasn’t as nice as my other one but whatever. I then quickly redid my make-up. I then jumped back in my car and headed for the “After Gathering”. That’s just a nice way of saying party for the dead. I didn’t want to go but Aunt
Claire is making me.

I got there and everyone gave me sympathetic looks. Person after person came up to me and said they were “sorry” for my loss or ask if I’m “okay”. No I’m not fucking okay?!? Ugh, fuck them. None of them understand what I’m going through, and are they really sorry? Does it even have a big effect on them? Most of them I have only met once or not even. This is so fucking fake. Why did Aunt Claire invite everyone? Is she really that needy for attention or to throw a party? You see, Aunt Claire is a party planner, so she’s barley home. Ever. I like that though, I don’t have to spend so much time with the bitch.

I was looking around the room when I finally saw someone who I wanted to talk to. Anne. I walked over and she immediately pulled me into a hug.

“I’m not going to ask you if you’re okay because I know you’re not.” She said kissing my head.

“Thanks Anne” I said smiling

“I’m so sorry Diana, you don’t deserve to lose both parents, you actually love and respected your parents.” She said smiling and holding my hand.

I like the way she said love and not loved. I still love my parents, they may not be here with me in person but they are in spirit and I will always love them.

“You’re the only person I want to talk to Anne, everyone else here is acting so fake.” I said making a blah face.

“Well that’s how Holmes Chapel works. It’s a small town, people will do anything to comfort one another.” She said smiling

“Yeah but some will do anything to get attention. People are acting like they knew my dad so well and this is a devastating thing for them when really after 1 week they will go back to normal but I won’t.” I said getting a little teary

“That’s life Diana dear.” She said holding me close

“If you ever need anything, my house doors are open” Anne said in a comforting tone.

“Thank You Anne, really thank you.” I said smiling

“No problem dear, there having a slide show for your father, do you want to see it or?” she asked

“I think I’m going to go home actually.” I replied

“Okay, see you later Diana” she said giving me one final kiss on the head.
When my mom had cancer Anne was like a second mother to me and I still feel like she is. I looked around the room and found Aunt Claire leading some people into another room. Probably where the slide show was going to take place.

“Aunt Claire I’m going home.” I said coldly.

“No you can’t, theres the slideshow!” she exclaimed

“Aunt Claire, I’m 18 and I have no parents. I feel like crap. I’m going home” I said sternly

“Okay fair enough, by the way, I won’t be in town for the next two weeks, but Anne said she would check up on you and you are to call her if you need anything.” She said smiling.

“Okay, bye Aunt Claire” I said before heading towards the door.

I got to the door and then before I could walk out, someone behind bumped into me.

“WATCH IT!” I snapped

“Sor- whatever” Harry said rolling his eyes

“You’re a monster!” I yell at him

“Sure” he says walking away. DICK!

Harry’s POV
“Harry, there starting a slide show” My mom said

“Mom, this is really uncomfortable for me” I said looking around. She sighed.

“Fine go home.” She said dryly

“Actually, can I go to Louis house?” I asked

“Really? Its school tomorrow.” she sighed

“Yeah…” I trailed off

“Fine but you’re pushing it Harold. This better not be a party.” she said sternly

“Mom.” I said looking at her.

“Fine go go go. Love you Harry” she said kissing my cheek

“Love you too mom” I replied and walked away.

I pulled out my phone and texted Louis

To Louis
Yo, you at Lexi’s party?

No reply

To Louis

What the fuck?

To Louis
I`m going to assume your fucking Eleanor and tell Lexi I`m going to the party after all

With that I sent the text and ran towards the door. I didn’t realize it but I bumped into a girl.

"WATCH IT!" She yelled

"I'm so- whatever" I started but realized it was Diana and just rolled my eyes.

"YOU'RE A MONSTER!" She yelled.

"Whatever" I replied

I walked to the bust stop since my mom needed the car and hoped in. Diana was right. I was a monster. I used to be nice, kind, caring and understanding. Now I'm just a selfish jerk. I just lied to my mom. What am I? My mom doesn't even notice me anymore. I don't even notice me anymore! Whatever, it's too late now.

I finally got to my place and it was 10:30. I changed into some cooler clothes and headed to Lexi's.

When I walked in, it smelled like sex, alcohol and drugs. My kinda scene. I looked around and saw Lou making out with El. Of course. I saw Niall and he was talking to some hot brunette.

"Hey" I said calmly

"HEYY!" He replied clearly drunk

"Where's Lexi?" I asked

"Dunno mate, saw her go upstairs like 10 minutes ago." he replied

"Thanks mate" I said patting his back.

I ran upstairs and heard noises coming from her room.

"Hell yeah!" I heard someone moan, it was a guy.

"HARRRDERR!" I hear a girl scream. It sounded so familiar...Lexi?

I opened the door and I had never been so angry. It was Lexi fucking some guy.

"HARRY!" her eyes went wide. I slammed the door and ran downstairs.

"You okay mate?" asked Niall

"Yup" i said popping the P.

I got in my car and drove home. Worst night ever. No one knows what I'm going through, no one understands.


Did you guys like this chapter? Lemme know in the comments below :) I don't really have much else to say other than OFF TO THE QUESTIONS!

Will Harry Notice Diana Now At School?

Will Harry's Popularity Be At Stake?

Love You Guise xoxo

ღ Alice Rose ღ


@Nialler's Baby
I'm pretty sure that quote is from tfios

somethingsimple somethingsimple
I know i'm late reading this but yea. I just finished chapter 21 and you used the quote 'and in this moment we are infinite' from Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love that movie so much. And i'm about to cry because the movie was so sad..... But i Love this story!!!
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby


SmellyCat SmellyCat

Okay so I read this like 2 years ago or sumat and I lost it coz I didn't have an account and I forgot the name but oh. My. God. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUIS AND I STILL FANGIRL ABOUT IT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND UGH. Just saying ur an amazing writter and don't ever forget that xxxxxx

SmellyCat SmellyCat

Harry just jinxed their prom night.

ReignOn ReignOn