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Little Black Dress

♡ Chapter 27 ♡

Diana's POV
I walked towards the door and opened it slowly.

"Hi aunt Claire." I said dryly.

"Well hello to you too Diana. Sorry love I'll only be here for an hour. before I'm off again." she said walking past me.

"Cool." I replied rolling my eyes.

"So as usual-"

"No parties, no drinking, no sex, no drugs?" she looked at me stunned and disappointed.

"Sorry did I finish your sentence?" I asked in a bitchy tone.

"Watch it young lady, I'm the only family you have left. Don't be so rude to me." she said shaking her finger. Ugh, one of my pet peeves.

"Well don't let the door hit ya on the way out." I said walking into the kitchen.
"I'M LEAVING!" I heard aunt Claire yell.

"GOOD!" I yelled back.

I heard her slam the front door and I was relieved. I heard knocking at the door and at first ignored it. Then it kept going so I eventually gave in.

"WHERE ARE YOUR KEY-oh hey." I stopped my yelling when I realized it wasn't my aunt but Harry.

"Hey, can I come in?" he asked.

"Yeah, okay." I replied, letting him in. What did he want?

"Look I have something to show you." he said holding out a tape.

"Harry, I'm not going to watch a movie with you." I said in an upset tone.

"It's not a movie, please this will explain everything. I also have some pictures to show you." he said holding up photo's.

"You have 5 minutes." I replied. What could he show me that would change my mind?
Harry had just finished showing me the video from the liquor store. He was drugged by Lexi. OF COURSE IT WAS HER!

"Diana, please say something." Harry said holding my hand.

"I should have believed that you wouldn't cheat." I said looking down.

"Hey, I don't blame you. There were pictures and I did end up getting a kiss." he replied shaking his head.

"You were on ecstasy and drunk. It's not your fault."

"I feel like it is though. I'm always the one fucking up." he said starting to get watery eyes.

"Everyone fucks up." I replied smiling.

"Yeah, but here look at these." he said handing me the photo's.

"See this girl?" he asked. I nodded as a response.

"This is Lexi's cousin. I noticed her because at one of Lexi's family reunions I talked to her." he said rolling his eyes.

"I can't believe I got mad at you over this." I said angrily.

"It's not like you knew. So now that i've shown you all this...are we... you know." he said looking away.

I quickly grabbed his head and crashed my lips into his. We shared a passionate kiss before pulling away.

"I'll take that as a yes." he said smiling.

"So, pretty much i've agreed to help Eleanor with some cupcakes for her little cousins party. Wanna help?" I asked smirking.

"You know it." he said getting up.
We stood in the kitchen and all the ingredients were out. I've made cupcakes a few times with my mother but once she passed I stopped.

"What do we do first?" I asked confused.

"You're the one who promised Eleanor, shouldn't you know how to make them?" he asked laughing.

"I-I haven't made them in a while." I admitted

"Here, take the dry ingredients and mix them. I'll do the wet ingredients." he said handing me a bowl.

I poured the dry ingredients into the mixer and turned it on. Flour flew everywhere and I quickly turned the mixer off. When the flour settled Harry was laughing his ass off looking at me now covered in flour.

"Or you know maybe you should take a shower then come down and help me decorate." he said laughing uncontrollably.

"Ha.Ha.Ha. Be right back." I said laughing and walking upstairs.
After my shower I came downstairs and everything was cleaned up. Harry didn't notice me so I watched him. He slowly took out a cupcake and iced it. He was really good at it. Then again, he works at a bakery so he should be.

"Nice." I said making him jump.

"Baby, you can't just scare me like that. Especially when I'm in the zone." he said lifting up a cupcake. He picked up another one to pipe and I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"You're actually really cute when you do that." I mumbled into him.

"Really? Maybe I should do this more often then." he joked.

"You should. I would have all the cupcakes I could ask for." I replied laughing.

"Now, you take the vanilla cupcakes, I'll finish off the chocolate." he said putting down the cupcake.

I moaned and picked up a piping bag. Here goes nothing.
"You're a pro!" Harry said smiling and admiring our work.

"Thanks, yours aren't that bad either" I joked. I had taken the white cupcakes and gave them a cute flower design, Harry took the chocolate ones and of course his were better.

I was about to start dissembling the icing bag when Harry took it and poured some Icing in my face.

"You dick!" I yelled. I immediately grabbed my icing bag and chased him until I got him back.

"Even?" he asked taking some icing off my face and eating it.

"No, I already took a shower, now I need to take another one." I said angrily.

"I'll come with you." he smirked.


Sorry I took forever to update :( I have a history test and I don't know shit so...that's happening.

I will try to update everything when I can! Sorry babes :(

Why Is Her Aunt Only Back For A Minute Then Gone?

How Cute Were They Making Cupcakes?

Bye Lexi, Suck A Dick! That's not really a question but oh well.

ღ Alice Rose ღ


@Nialler's Baby
I'm pretty sure that quote is from tfios

somethingsimple somethingsimple
I know i'm late reading this but yea. I just finished chapter 21 and you used the quote 'and in this moment we are infinite' from Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love that movie so much. And i'm about to cry because the movie was so sad..... But i Love this story!!!
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby


SmellyCat SmellyCat

Okay so I read this like 2 years ago or sumat and I lost it coz I didn't have an account and I forgot the name but oh. My. God. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUIS AND I STILL FANGIRL ABOUT IT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND UGH. Just saying ur an amazing writter and don't ever forget that xxxxxx

SmellyCat SmellyCat

Harry just jinxed their prom night.

ReignOn ReignOn