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Little Black Dress

♡ Chapter 16 ♡

Diana's POV

It was finally Monday again. I had spent the weekend reconstructing myself. I went shopping, I got my nails done, my hair cut (just to get rid of split ends, I LOVE MY LONG HAIR!) and I had bought some movies and food to devour. It was a great weekend. I hadn't cut once...or even cried. I felt so... at peace, I was so over everything. Over Lexi being a bitch to me, over teachers favoring the popular kids, over being unoticed. Then only thing I was actually all over was Harry. I don't know how, but i've fallen for him. Hard.

I woke up to my alarm clock playing "Teenage Dirtbag" one of my favorite songs by Wheatus. I got up dancing around my room to it and getting ready. I don't know why I was so happy. I just was. I ran to the washroom and started brushing my teeth along to the song. It wasn't the best of my lip syncing but I still rocked it.

I then ran into my room and put on the outfit I picked the night before. It was something I was definitely looking forward to wearing. It wasn't something I usually wouldn't wear but I loved it!It was more chill, yet still me. I did my make-up as quickly as I could and threw my hair in a beanie before heading downstairs. Good, it's only 7:55 so I can still drive to Starbucks and make it to school on time.

I drove to Starbucks and got a Caramel Brule Latte. My favorite, I also got a muffin and a cookie. I felt like being a fat ass today. I pulled up to school in my aunts fancy car instead of my shitty one and parked in one of the best spots. I got out of the car and everyone was staring at me. I know it makes me sound self coincided. But I mean it. Everyone was...

I locked the car then made my way to class. I don't know why but I decided to one stap my backpack. And for once in my life, I walked into school with confidence.

"Who is she?"

"Wait, is that nerdy girl from elementary?"

"That's the girl Harry hates...or does he anymore?"

"Didn't her and Harry fuck at a party?"

All these people were talking about me. I'm not going to lie. I kind of liked it. I've been in the dark for years and finally, people are noticing me. I walked to my locker and grabbed my stuff, then instead of running to class I walked. I made it right when the bell rang.

"Am I late?" I asked cheekily to Mr.Barnes

"I'm sorry who are you?" he asked. Dick.

"Diana Rose." I replied, looking at Harry. He looked up and his eyes went wide.

"Oh D-Diana, I-I didn't notice you." he stuttered.

"Yup" I said sitting down.

Lexi walked in and took her usual seat next to Harry. Ugh. Before she sat down she looked at me and her face went blank. She turned to Allison and whispered something. Allison just shrugged and they both took their seats.

"Alright class, today is your last day for the plays. So finish up." Mr.Barnes said before sitting down. I got up and walked over to Harry and Lexi.

"Sorry why are you here?" she asked in her usual bitch voice.

"Diana's in our group why wouldn't she be here?" Harry replied before I could. I smiled and did a little wave at Lexi. Her eyes went wide and her face went pale.

"What the-" she was about to say something but I found this inner confidence and spoke before she could finish.

"We should really get to work. Mr.Barnes, can we use the drama room again?" I asked smiling.

"Um. Sure Ms.Rose." he replied

Without even saying another word I just started walking out the door. I quickly heard Lexi and Harry scrambling to catch up. Then before I knew it Lexi was walking beside me.

"So for the play-" I cut her off. I've been doing that a lot today.

"We'll be fine as long as everyone practices and does their fair share." I said calmly.

"I know but-"

"Look, we're only up there for 2 minutes so if you have stage fright then get over it." I said sternly. I could hear Harry laughing a little.

"Listen bitch. I don't know who you think you are but-"

"I think I'm Diana Rose." I replied walking into the drama room after Harry. Lexi stopped and grabbed my arm.

"No, shut-"

"Shut what the door?" I said as I slammed the drama room door in her face and locked it.

"LET ME IN! HARRYYY!" she said pounding on the door.

"I can't hear you sorry!" I said walking to the stage with Harry.

"Where's the Diana I know?" asked Harry.

"She's still here. She's just not putting up with the bullshit anymore." I replied

"Good. Now should we let Lexi in?" he asked

"You two are still together right?" I asked

"Yeah." he replied "I don't know how to get rid of her." he admitted.

"Well that's too bad for you Styles." I said poking his nose.

"Open the door and lets rehearse." I said smiling.

"Even bitchy Diana's nice?" he challenged

"I'm only bitchy Diana to Lexi" I stated

"Of course. How silly of me" he said opening the door.

Finally, I found my confidence.

Lexi's POV

After English I left school. I was so fucking pissed off! How dare Harry not open the door immediately and how dare he laugh! Ugh. I'm his fucking girlfriend. I feel like I'm loosing him and there's nothing I can do! I got home to my mansion and ran upstairs to my room. I went on facebook and twitter and the whole school was talking about Diana.

All the guys were calling her hot and the girls were complementing her outfit. What's happening to my kingdom?!? I rule this school and there is no way some pencil neck virgin who just found her confidence is going to steal my school and definitely not MY Harry.

I then got a text from Allison.

From Allison
Babe, don't get worried but Harry wants to break up...



Harry's POV

"YOYOYOYO!" Niall said sitting down at the lunch table.

"Hey" we all replied

"I got her number!" he exclaimed

"Congratz mate!" Liam said giving him a pat on the back. Good for Niall. He deserved to find love just as much as the next person.

"What about you Harry?" asked Louis

"What do you mean?" I replied

"You...Lexi...Fini?" he asked smirking.

"Not yet. I don't know how to end it." I replied

"So you definitely want to break up?" asked Zayn

"For sure." I replied.

I turned around and I saw Allison with her mouth wide open. Shit.



Like da chapter? Hmm? Lemme know! I've seen some comments about the video I posted last time and I'm really glad that you guys are such nice and understanding people. It's nice to know that not everyone is ignorant and racist! So thank you <3

Now I just want you guys to know that as my readers...I love you! If you need help with anything don't be afraid to ask! I always try to reply ASAP and if I don't its because I'm busy! :( But yeah, you guys are awesome and if you need advice or anything don't be afraid to help! I've had several people message me and I'm totally okay with it!

Now off to les questions!

What's Up With Diana? Where Did She Find This Confidence? Do You Like It?

What's Lexi Going To Do To Get Back In "Power"?

Did You Like Diana Being Bitchy To Lexi?

Love You Guise xoxo

ღ Alice Rose ღ


@Nialler's Baby
I'm pretty sure that quote is from tfios

somethingsimple somethingsimple
I know i'm late reading this but yea. I just finished chapter 21 and you used the quote 'and in this moment we are infinite' from Perks of Being a Wallflower and I love that movie so much. And i'm about to cry because the movie was so sad..... But i Love this story!!!
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby


SmellyCat SmellyCat

Okay so I read this like 2 years ago or sumat and I lost it coz I didn't have an account and I forgot the name but oh. My. God. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUIS AND I STILL FANGIRL ABOUT IT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND UGH. Just saying ur an amazing writter and don't ever forget that xxxxxx

SmellyCat SmellyCat

Harry just jinxed their prom night.

ReignOn ReignOn