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Best Friends Forever? (Unedited)

Chapter 7

**Zya’s POV**
Once upstairs, the boys blew up the air mattress and then spent the rest of the night trying to console me. But truth be told, I was over it. We began laughing and talking eventually all fell asleep together on the mattress.
I woke up first the next morning; I was unable to move because of the mass of limbs suffocating me. Louis’ head was on my stomach. Harry’s legs were tangled with mine. Zayn was squished in the crook of my neck and Liam’s body was lying on my right arm.
I just let out a chuckle and decided to fall back asleep, upon waking up, I realized I was the last one awake. I slowly made my way down the stairs only to see Niall and the boys in a group as ell as hearing a fit of “I’m sorry”s. well they made up… now out turn… I think, approaching the kitchen.
I walk into the kitchen ignoring everyone and heading straight for the fridge. I pour a glass of juice and turn to see them all staring at me.
“What?” I say defensively, taking a sip of my drink and walking past them again.
“Aren’t you going to eat some breakfast?” Zayn asked.
“I’m not hungry.” I reply coldly taking another step before being interrupted again.
“But you’re always hungry like me… why aren’t you hungry?” Niall asks like nothing’s wrong.
“I don’t know Niall.” I say sarcastically. “Why wouldn’t I be hungry?” I shoot again before storming out. I heard some feet follow and turn to see Liam and Harry.
“What’s up?” Liam asks.
“What the hell do you think? Just cos Missy left, doesn’t mean everything’s okay. He’s still an arse.” I say coldly.
“But he apologized.” Harry started.
“YEA TO YOU!” I finished, storming off to my room again. Luckily no feet followed, thank god.
I just lay on my bed thinking before slowly drifting to sleep. I wasn’t out long before I was awoken up by the sound of yelling. I immediately jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs hiding behind a wall, trying to hear the conversation.
“Are you that much of an idiot?” Harry yelled back.
“Seriously, how can you be so clueless?” Louis added.
“What the hell are you guys talking about? She’s the one who invited Missy over!” he replied.
“Yea, so you all could catch up. Not so she can catch you too snogging.” Zayn countered.
“Why would she care about my love life?” he asked again.
“Oh my god.” Louis said, placing his hands on his head and stepping away.
I peered around to catch his eyes widen, scared lifeless waiting to see what he will say next.
“Wait what?” Niall said in shock.
“She’s in love with you, idiot.” Harry said.
“Can’t you see it?” Lou agreed.
“Cause everyone else can.” Liam added.
“No… I had no idea…” he said.
And with that I ran to my room. I didn’t want to hear the rest. That alone was enough to prove to me that he didn’t feel the same. Now my life was going to be even more awkward.
Not only will he hate me, but also now he’ll feel awkward around me because he’ll now I'm in love with him. Awesome.
I flopped back onto my bed and began to cry a bit, not much, it was more like silent crying I couldn’t control. But I didn’t care. Suddenly I heard the door creek open, I assumed it was Harry, so I didn’t bother looking up.
I felt a hand rub my back as the person spoke. “I’m so sorry Zy…”
I slowly turned my head, “…Niall?”
“I’m really am sorry Zy. I was such a jerk, I should never have snogged Missy… I didn’t even like her anyway…” he began.
“Then why did you do it?” I asked, sitting up next to him.
“I guess I did it because…because…” he stuttered.
“Because why Niall!” I scream.
“Wait what?” I ask, shocked.
“I love you Zy and more than a best friend. I have for a while and when I came back and it didn’t seem like you felt the same so I wanted to make you jealous. It backfired and I became a douche and I just wish I could take it all back beca-” I cut him off by crashing my lips to his.
He was shocked at first, but slowly he relaxed as his hands moved to my waist while mine tangled in his hair. After a few moments, I pulled away and rested my forehead against his, shutting my eyes.
He entertained our fingers before speaking, "Finally."


The end :)

There is another story, it is called Not Love at First Sight and it is a Harry Styles fan fic. Should I put it on here? Maybe I will put the first chapter up and tell me if I should put the rest up.

How did you like this one? I know it was short, but it was supposed to be.


Your welcome Lovely!

Sincerely Meg Leigh
Meg Leigh Meg Leigh
@Meg Leigh

It's totally fine. I didn't check for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I didn't write it, but when I have some time, I will go back and edit it. But thanks for telling me
candycrusher candycrusher
soooo gooooood
My opinion.
Meg Leigh Meg Leigh
I thought it was okay, maybe a little bit of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, but otherwise good. I'm trying not to be rude, I'm just stating

Meg Leigh Meg Leigh