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Best Friends Forever? (Unedited)

Chapter 2

**Zya’s POV**
“I’m gonna find you,” I heard Niall yell from upstairs.
We had finished out tickle fight and resumed talking by the ledge. He told me everything I missed while he was away, so did I. I didn’t know much about his band, only what Niall tome me, but they all seemed like great lads.
Suddenly I heard footsteps close to the closet I was hiding in. I shifted my body slightly, trying to hide behind the coats, as the door flew open.
“You really need better hiding sots Zy.” He laughed, grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulder and frantically running around the house.
“Niall Horan, I swear to god, if you fart, I will kill you,” I say, realizing how close my head is to his arse.
“Is that a promise?” he teases.
I just laugh as he continues running around like a mad man. “What are you doing anyways?” I got out in between laughing fits.
“I don’t know. I’m so full of energy.” He laughs.
“Well, put me down, this is really uncomfortable.” I chuckle as he plops down on the couch, leaving me on top of his lap.
We always sat like this. It may seem strange, but it’s just how close we’ve always been.
“Well, hello then.” A voice says from behind. I turned to see a dapper curly fellow standing behind as two more lads trail behind.
“Zya, meet the band.”
“Uhh, hi guys.” I smile casually sitting up, off of Niall’s lap to turn to see everyone.
“Well, is this the infamous Zya, Niall wouldn’t shut up about the ENTIRE 18 months…?” A dark haired boy asked, stepping in front of the curly haired one.
“Well, she looks just like the girl in the photo frame.” Chirps the lad in braces (a/n suspenders) as he stepped forward.
“Uhh… Yeah. I guess… I’m Zya. It’s lovely to meet you guys. Um, I’ve heard your names, but I'm not quite sure who’s who… care to enlighten me?” I asked a bit embarrassed.
“I’m, Zayn,” the dark haired boy spoke.
“I’m Harry,” the curly haired one winked.
“And I’M THE SWAG MASTA FROM DONCASTA,” the third boy cheered, strutting forward. “But you can call me Louis.” He finished.
“Well, it’s lovely to meet you all,” I smile, “but I thought there was five of you?” I ask raising an eyebrow.
“Oh yea…” Harry starts.
“Where’s Liam?” Niall asks.
“Niall James, will you explain to me why your room is blue? We’ve discussed this many times and I was sure you told me it was red,” the final boy called Liam stated, walking down the stairs.
“That would be because it’s my room,” I chuckle.
“Oh, so this isn’t Niall’s house? Zayn asked,
“Oh it is…kind of… it’s a duplex…Niall’s room is on the other side. Through the hall there.” I said pointing behind them.
“Yeah, it was a door, but he all got on so well, we just made it into a corridor (a/n hallway).” Niall smiled.
“Wait. So you guys live in the same house?” Louis asked.
“In a way,” I laugh.
“So Niall, if your family lives here, have you said ‘hi’ to them yet?” Liam asked.
“Nah, they’re out of town. I don’t think they’ll be back all summer. With dad’s new job, but I see them all the time. So it’s alright.” The Irish boy smiled.
“Wait, you told us all we would be staying at your house…” Zayn began.
My eyes grew wide, “Say what now…?” I question, glancing at Niall.
He moved a hand to the back of his neck nervously, “Yeah, must have slipped my mind…” he chuckled nervously.
“Yeah, that’s it,” I toll my eyes.
“Well, I checked with your mum and she aid that it was cool.” He finished.
“Okay and we have one guest room. You don’t have any because your mum turned it into a studio. So that leaves us with your room, my room, and out guest room.” I explained.
“Well… Lou and Harry can stay in your guest room and Zayn and Liam can stay in my room…” He trails off.
“Yeah that would work… you guys okay with that?” I smile at the four boys behind the couch.
“Wait, so where would Niall sleep?” Harry asks.
“In my room, of course.” I laugh.
“Wait, so you two are going to sleep in the same bed?” Zayn asks.
“Yeah, why?” I ask.
“Well, I didn’t think you two were together…” He continues.
Niall and I just look at each other, and then laugh. “We’re not.” Niall says.
“We used to have sleepovers all the time. We’re totally fine.” I smile.
“Well, alright.” Louis shrugs. “So what are we going to go today?” he continues, eyes lighting up like a child.
“Well… I was thinking we could go get ice cream. There’s this ice cream shop walking distance and it’s amazing…” Niall cheers.
“I knew that’s the first place you would want to go.” I laugh. “We practically live there. Everyone knew us. Plus the shop owner’s daughter had quite the crush on little Nialler there.” I wink.
“Yeah, but she was strange… and she had one eyebrow.” He shuddered at the memory.
“Well, maybe she shaved the middle.” I smile.
“You haven’t been there?” Niall asks shocked.
“I did at first… but I stopped after the first week… because it was kind of depressing without you…” I trail.
“Zy, you didn’t have to do that.” He smiled pulling me into a hug.
“Oh I know, it just wasn’t the same without you,” I shrugged. It really wasn’t. I couldn’t stand the place without Niall. Wait… did I just think that…no… Niall was my best friend. Ewww…
“Aww aren’t you two adorable. But I want ice cream. Let’s go.” Louis said, grabbing us by the arms and ripping us out of the house.


Your welcome Lovely!

Sincerely Meg Leigh
Meg Leigh Meg Leigh
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It's totally fine. I didn't check for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I didn't write it, but when I have some time, I will go back and edit it. But thanks for telling me
candycrusher candycrusher
soooo gooooood
My opinion.
Meg Leigh Meg Leigh
I thought it was okay, maybe a little bit of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, but otherwise good. I'm trying not to be rude, I'm just stating

Meg Leigh Meg Leigh