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Give Me Music

Give Me...Energy

Chapter 1


I laughed to Meena’s whining, “Well you shouldn’t have been singing One Direction. You know better than to do that.”

Meena grumbled while rubbing her arm, “Lise, you don’t need to be so cruel. Your bag really hurts what have you got in that thing?”

“Urm, how about all the school essentials which we need: including notebooks, textbooks, equipment which will help us through our A-levels?!’ I clutched my bag tighter, pushing my thick rimmed glasses up.


I rolled my eyes, “Sorry for being prepared.”

“Girl, we’re going into Woodfield sixth form, not into some fancy smancy school...Lise?”

I peered out in the distance, squinting my eyes to try and get a better view.


“Oh crap.”

Meena stood in front of me with a worried expression, “Oh my god, what’s wrong Lise?”

“Oh crappy crap, we need to run,” I grabbed her hand and pulled her along.

Meena shouted while running, “Why are we running?!”



I would have rolled my eyes but I was so out of breath. All my energy was focused on running. Oh god, why don’t I pay more attention in PE. It would be so helpful.

My feet pounded on the pavement, the bus was getting closer and closer. But I started slowing down yet Meena managed to speed up.

“Come on Lise, hurry up!” She pulled me along.

“I can’t do it! Go on without me.”


“Just go! I can’t make it,” I shouted, I could see the bus starting to drive off.

“WE CAN MAKE IT,” Meena chanted a tribal cry and pulled me.

My legs were draining out of energy. Hey, don’t think I’m being a diva! Don’t blame me, Meena does cross-country and it’s 7.50AM. I don’t do sports usually so running in the morning is something I definitely can’t do.

“NEARLY THERE!” I cried.

Damn this bus was quick.

My stripy scarf was flapping behind me and my beanie was slowly inching off my head. Oh fudgecakes, why couldn’t me or Meena learn to drive? Oh yeah, cause we’re too busy CHASING BUSES.

“HEY WAIT! WAIT FOR US!” Meena screamed her, I winced at the volume of her voice.

Wait. YES. The bus started to slow down and we were getting closer and closer. Thank god, we reached the red bus’ doors which hissed open.

“Hell to the yeah!” Me and Meena high fived and walked on the bus.

Jack the old bus driver gave us a toothy smile, “I was wondering where you girls were.”

He took our bus fare and we went to the top of the bus in the front seats – our usual seats.

“Thank godfather we made it on time,” I said to Meena, who was currently trying to fix her hair and makeup.

“Yeah, my mum would have killed me if I didn’t make it on time again. Sir, last year, was like ‘You better be here for your first day on time otherwise blah blah blaaah, like he would remember’.” She mimicked, rolling her eyes, “Oh frigging fudgecakes I’ve forgotten my notebook.”

I smirked, holding out a spare notebook, “You wanna say anything?”


Air. Lungs. Need oxygen.

I ripped her off me, “Okay! Just don’t squeeze me that tight ever again you silly girl. That hurts like a bum.”

Meena blushed and grinned sheepishly, “Sorry.”

“OH I JUST WANNA TAKE YOU ANYWHERE THAT YOU LIKE. WE CAN GO OUT ANY DAY ANY NIGHT.” Meena’s pink blackberry started bursting into life with her horrible ringtone.

She laughed at my disgusted face trying to pinch my cheeks, “You love ‘em really Liseykins.”

I pushed her hands away and grumbled, “Shut up...” I listen to the tinny sound, “Aren’t you going to get that?”

“Oh shite,” Meena stopped laughing and scrambled to grab her phone, “Hello?”

I turned away from her phone conversation and looked out the window. It was good, old, cold, English weather. I love England. I adore seeing different people and I always tried to see what their story is. It gave me inspiration for all types of songs. I can picture notes, words and chords seamlessly lining up to create a perfect melody.

I wiped away the condensation on the slightly dirty bus window with my gloved hand. The bus was stopping at a red light. I look at the scene before me. We were in the main high street. London’s so busy, it always is. But there were 5 boys who stood out to me; they were standing, waiting for something. One of them was wearing a green snapback with blonde hair peeking out and a grey sweatshirt, you could see the white polo collar sticking out neatly; he was eating this HUGE sandwich like seriously. The second one was wearing a grey ribbed beanie some dark brown hair could be seen and a black and white stripy top with some really nice red toms (Hey, I think I owned a pair like that). The TOMs guy was talking, really excitingly, to a guy with a burgundy hoodie which hardly covered her curly brown tangled hair (I’m not sure if it was curls or just a mess) who seemed to be laughing at the guy’s joke. The fourth one had shaven hair (it looked pretty good on him, not many can pull it off) and was wearing a blue chequered hoodie type shirt; he was on his phone seemingly fixated by it. He only glanced up a couple times and when he did he seemed to be scolding... scolding the TOMs and curly who just quietened down for a bit till they started laughing again. The final one was a darker skinned guy who was the only one not wearing sunglasses like the others instead he wore black thick rimmed glasses, his hair was kind of quiffy like. He wore a sweatshirt and wasn’t really doing much. He seemed as if he was listening in the conversation but he kept looking around... Oh crap. I found myself looking into some deep hazel eyes i-


I snapped my head to Meena who was trying to look out the window. I glanced back and a small van came along and, like that, the boys were gone.

I sighed, “What Meen?”

She started jumping up and down, “I don’t know what you were looking at but I’m pretty sure what I’m about to tell you is more exciting...”

“What?” I rolled my eyes. Meena gets excited about every single thing, like once her dog started moaning and she starting getting all hyper cause she thought he was saying ‘Meena’. Turns out he was dying... poor Snuffles.

She took a deep breath and started, “Well, I was on the phone talking to Jay and he was like omg guess what and I was like what and he was like what and I was like you asked me to guess what so what? A-”

I had to interrupt or we were going to get nowhere, “Meens, just spill?!”

She grinned sheepishly, “Soz. But guess what me, you and Jay are going in 5 days, on the Saturday?”

I sighed, “Where?”

She beamed...a bit evil like, “WE’RE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!”


I am literally dying because you will not continue with this story!!!!!!!!
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22
I'm dying here!!! Please update soon!!!!
haaha thanks:) Sorry about the lateness, it's just that my laptop broke so all of my stories had disappeared but I'm powering through it :)
Your story is great so far so update soon please:)
erincaldwell22 erincaldwell22