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Cover Your Eyes

The First And Hopefully The Last

A loud, obnoxious beeping invades Harry’s eardrums, causing him to wake up. He pulls the covers over his head and tries block out the sound. He wants to sleep again and when he wakes up he’ll realize this is all just a bad dream. However, the sound stops and Harry turns around, content with the silence.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I thought it was on radio. I hate that beeping sound.” Harry opens his eyes again, groaning at the voice. It’s not a dream. He really is sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, sharing a room with a guy he doesn’t know that has the most annoying alarm clock ever. He really has to attend a boarding school and wears those stupid uniforms.

He groans again, throwing the covers off of his naked body and gets up. Liam quickly looks away when Harry walks towards his suitcase to look for some clothes. Get used to it boy, I’ll always sleep naked, he thinks. He throws his uniform on and descends the two floors together with Liam, walking towards the canteen for breakfast.

“Where are your friends?” Harry asks Liam. He hopes that he actually has some friends and isn’t some loner that only makes his homework and doesn’t have a life for the rest of the time. He doesn’t want to be his only friend and he doesn’t want to be his friend just because they are roommates.

Liam laughs a little. “Don’t worry, I really do have friends. But they start a period later on Thursdays. They’re probably still sleeping now.” Lucky bastards, Harry thinks. But he only nods his head at Liam.

They eat breakfast in almost complete silence. Harry doesn’t really want to talk and Liam still seems kind of nervous. Liam asks some questions from time to time, but Harry only gives short answer, not really giving anything away. The frown on Liam’s forehead grows with time. He’s afraid Harry might not like him and that causes him to be so distant. But in fact, it really doesn’t have to do anything with Liam, Harry really just wants get out of here.

They also don’t say a word as they walk toward their first class, which is math. That ruins Harry’s day even more, because really who likes math? He’s got six periods of math a week. He’s got that back in Holmes Chapel as well, but they had such a nice and good teacher that he didn’t mind math at all. He bets that this teacher will be totally different.

Mr Carter, the math teacher is late. The sixth graders in the classroom next to theirs already went inside. Harry had recognized some of the guys who laughed at him the day before. They saw him, too and made stupid faces at him.

There is one sixth grader who is at least five minutes late, but he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. He walks slowly towards his class. When he looks up his eyes meet Harry’s. Harry is met with some of the most amazing greenish blue eyes he has ever seen. He tries to smile apologetically, but the guy only looks him straight in the eye, without a twitch upwards of the corners of his mouth.

“I’m sorry I’m late. Go quickly inside.” Harry tears his gaze away from the guy and follows his classmates the room in. When he heads for the back of the class he is stopped by Mr Carter. Harry sighs. He hopes he doesn’t have to introduce himself for the class. But his fears are confirmed when Mr Carter says that he has to introduce himself.

Harry sighs again and says: “I’m Harry Styles.”

Carter raises his eyebrows. “That’s all? Tell something more. Where are you from?”

“Holmes Chapel.”

“What are your hobbies? Do you have any siblings?” Will you please shut up? Harry thinks.

“Soccer. And I have an older sister, Gemma.” He really isn’t that big of a soccer fan. He actually really likes baking and singing, but that sounds so gay and he is positive that people will laugh at him when he says that.

Carter obviously gets tired of his short answers and lets him take a seat next to a girl with empty grey eyes and dirty blond hair. Her hair almost reaches her butt and is tangled and knotted, obviously not combed or washed in the past few days. Though, she could be beautiful if she took a bit better care of herself and if she wasn’t so lifeless.

She doesn’t say a word to Harry the entire period, but he really doesn’t mind. He doesn’t want to talk himself. He barely pays attention, even though he knows he should. His mind wanders off to Holmes Chapel: his old school and all the friends he had to leave behind. It sucks being without them, because these people really don’t seem so cool. They all seem pretty snobbish.

“Where the hell is classroom c07?” he asks Liam when the math course is over. This was just his first period and they already got a test due Monday. Obviously, that sucks really hard.

“Just this corridor through, then you go left twice. It’s the seventh classroom on the left,” Liam explains. “It’s actually really simple. These classrooms are A’s, on the opposite side are the B’s and in the other corridor it’s just the same, but with C and D.”

Harry isn’t really listening. Him and Liam are walking behind the guy from earlier. He now completely ignores Harry, since his walking in front of them and his back is turned to them. He is talking to one of the guys who laughed at Harry the other day.

“Who are they?” Harry asks Liam, nodding his head in the direction of the sixth graders. Liam looks up from Harry’s timetable. It takes a while for Liam to answer, because Harry had cut him off midsentence, while he was saying something about Harry’s next course, French.

“Some last year’s bullies. Don’t pay too much attention to them, they’re assholes,” Liam says, obviously not caring about who they really are. But Harry sees the eyes of the mysterious boy again, like they’re burned on the inside of his eyelids. He shakes his head to get the image out of his mind.

“I got Latin here, so I’ll see you during the break,” Liam says. Harry simply nods his head and keeps walking until he reaches classroom c07. He leans against the cold wall and closes his eyes, trying to block out all sound. But he is interrupted by some hyper kid.

“Are you Harry Styles, Liam’s new roommate?” he asks with an Irish accent, a big smile placed on his face. Harry raises his eyebrows at the kid. He has white blondish hair that is a bit messy. He’s got some piercing blue eyes and is not very tall, being the same age as Harry.

“Yup,” Harry says, popping the ‘p’, “that’s me.”

The smile on the kid’s face grows bigger, if that’s even possible. “My name’s Niall Horan. I’m Liam’s friend.” Obviously.


Harry is glad he doesn’t have to introduce himself this time. Mrs Pais, their French teacher, is sweet, but old fashioned. She’s one of the oldest teachers his has, being somewhere her mid-fifties. She puts him next to the hyper kid called Niall. It’s the only place left, in the middle of the front row. Niall is put there because he was eating in class.

French goes by a little faster than math did, but it still goes too slow for Harry’s liking. Niall talks a lot during class, making it harder for Harry to let his thoughts wander off, but also to pay attention, even though he is actually not listening to what Niall is saying.

“Monsieur Styles.” Harry jumps a little as his name is called. He didn’t hear the question. “Tu veux répondre, s’il te plaît?”

“Vous voulez répéter la question, s’il vous plaît?” he asks, hoping that she won’t get mad for not paying attention.

She shakes her head in disapproval and lets out a sigh. “Would you mind paying attention next time, Mr Styles?” Niall giggles next to him and Harry shoots him a glare that he doesn’t see.

“Yes, Madam.”

He looks at Niall as Mrs Pais continues her lesson. “You giggle like a girl,” he says. Niall’s smile immediately disappears from his face and Harry doesn’t even feel bad about it, because the smile returns a second later.

“You’re like a grumpy old man. What’s the matter?” Niall asks. Mrs Pais shoots them a warning glare and Harry doesn’t bother with answering. Niall doesn’t press it and he doesn’t ask again when they’re finally able to leave the classroom. But Harry is called back by Mrs Pais.

He stands in front of her desk with his hands in his pockets, looking down at his shoes. She looks at him with a concerned look in her eyes. “I know it’s hard being the new kid, Mr Styles, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention. Is there something wrong?”

Harry shakes his head. The only thing that matters is that he doesn’t want to be there, that he wants to be home again, in Holmes Chapel. But she doesn’t need to know that. She’ll think he’s homesick and that he wants to go back to his mommy. But he really doesn’t. The only advantage of being here is that he is away from his parents.

“You know if there is something wrong that you can contact one of the teachers, right?” He nods his head. “Will you pay attention next time?” Another nod. “You can go.” And he’s out of there as quickly as possible. Niall waits for him in the corridor and he wishes he didn’t. But he is not alone, he’s there with Liam and another guy Harry hasn’t seen before.

“Everything alright?” Liam asks. Harry only nods his head and starts walk toward the Great Hall. He doesn’t ask who the other boy is, probably just another one of Liam’s friends. Because he had to talk to Mrs Pais, he already missed have of the break and it pisses him of even more. This really is a bad day to him.

The rest of the morning goes by as slow as the first part. Harry learns that the other guy’s name is Zayn Malik. Harry’s got fourth period, which is chemistry, with him. He fell asleep and Harry had to laugh a bit with the face he pulled when the teacher, Mr Wilson, woke him and gave him detention, since it was not his first time.

Harry looks a bit happier when the lunch break rolls by. He is actually talking to Zayn as they walk together toward the canteen. Zayn complains about their chemistry teacher, that he really should retire now, since probably already sixty. Harry can’t help, but have a smile on his face as they finally meet up with Niall and Liam.

“He’s able to smile,” Niall says, also smiling, although his smile is much wider. “What did you do to him, Zayn?”

Zayn simply shrugs his shoulders. “Nothing. I just talked. I guess I’m not as boring as you are.” That earns punch in the shoulder from Niall. Soon they’re chasing after each other, Niall getting much more punches than Zayn, because Zayn is much faster.

“How old are they?” Harry asks as him and Liam take a seat at one of the lunch tables that isn’t full already.

“I guess four,” Liam replies, happy to finally see a smile on Harry’s face. Harry chuckles a bit, stuffing his mouth full with food.

“Liam! I haven’t seen you all day.” A girl with dark, perfectly shaped curls walks their way. She has a wide smile placed her face. Liam starts to smile as well as he sees her and Harry is already positive that they’re dating.

Harry turns his head toward his plate. He really doesn’t want to see all the cuteness, it gets him sick. After a while, Niall and Zayn take a seat at their table as well and greet the girl. Apparently they know her pretty well, which is kind of logic.

Suddenly, Harry’s eye catches a boy sitting alone at a table in the corner of the canteen. It’s of course the sixth grader. He is holding a book in his hand, but Harry can’t read the title, since he is sitting so far. A moment later, an amazingly gorgeous girl approaches him. He smiles at her as he puts his book away and she takes a seat in front of him. The girl has long, blond hair that is put in loose waves.

For a split second, the guy’s eyes look past the girl and are met with Harry’s. Harry’s heart skips a beat and looks away from the guy and tries to focus on the conversation that Liam is having with his girlfriend, while Niall is empting his overfull plate at a record breaking speed and Zayn just stares at his food, half asleep.

“You’re not going to eat that?” Niall asks Zayn. Zayn shakes his head and Niall changes his now empty plate with Zayn’s and starts to eat again. Harry wonders where puts all that food. He is so small that it surprises Harry that he hasn’t exploded yet.

Harry smiles. They are not as bad as he first thought.


It's been a while, but I kind of forgot that this excited. And I'll probably forget again, so maybe if you have a Mibba account, you should read it over there, bc I completed it on Mibba. Click here.

But still let me know what you think, please!



This looks interesting. Excited to read more. :)

Carrie Carrie
This is wonderful asdfghjkl
SheerioTommo SheerioTommo
update soon please
madalyn madalyn
Awesome start:D Couldn't tell that you aren't a native speaker, your english is really good! I voted&am now suscribed :)
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