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Hand Grenades: A Larry Stylinson FanFiction

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Title: Hand Grenades

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Major Larry Stylinson, Niam Horayne, and Slight Zerrie

Warning(s): Romance, Some Crucial Violence, Extreme Fighting For Freedom, Darker Themes, and Ideological Maturity

Summary: Think of this. Think of what it would feel like if you had to fight for your love and friendship. Wait, you all ready do? Well, what about physically fighting like wars, through speech, and bloodshed. Very few of you already do. But what if you were a couple of young teenagers living in normal lives attending a normal school, but see some not-so-normal things every day of their lives. Different story now hum? That's what these boys had to do to just keep each other together. Think of what they would have to do if they wanted full freedom like we in the United States, England, and some other very limited amount of sovereign countries. Now, just because it was hard to attain each other, that never meant that they would stop protecting and saving the other people they loved.
But, what happens when all plans fail and they lose even more than they had before? What if they lost their families? Can they keep their mentality to help and protect each other and not panic through rough times? But what if they lose each other? They never believe that, that could happen so they never thought about it... until it actually happened.

"...we fight with hand grenades, because each of us have nothing left..."

• Some very minor mentions of case sensitive themes are mentioned. They are slight, but are there. I will give more specifics in the first Authors Notes when they do arise.
• Unlike any other of my stories, this particular fanfic might contain some slight Romance between boyxboy so if you do not prefer this particular subject, I will mention to skip the chapter in the first Author Notes as well.
So, hello! This is my first Larry Stylinson centric fanfic posted, but it will most definitely not be my last! I don't care if you comment any flames against Larry Stylinson or any other boyxboy pairings within the band One Direction, I actually do appreciate them and do care for your opinion on this subject matter. I will reply to ALL of your comments with grace and love and I will (hopefully) keep my patience with some of you lovely readers ;)
Please enjoy this story and I hope you will browse my profile and other stories, you know, whenever they are posted :)

~ Cosette Storms Your Heart


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