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best thing ever (niall horan love story

chapter thirty one

Niall's POV
we walked downstairs where everyone one was waiting to play truth or dare i sat next to Amy
"ok i will start" louis said
"mmm harry truth or dare" "ummm dare" he said "ok run around the house only in boxers saying whoever you love"
harry got up
and ran around the house and said
"I LOVE LILY OH I LOVE HER" we all laughed next harry said to daniel truth or dare
he said truth "do you love anyone and if you do who" "umm" he scratched his neck

Daniel's POV
harry asked me who i liked i like Amy if i tell them i know it will piss niall of so i will do it and try to break them up
"i love a girl she lives here" everyone was curioous "her name is Amy Wells" i said and smiled at amy niall loked a bit angry "oohhhh" louis said we laughed besides Niall "ok Liam truth or dare" "umm truth"
"do you still love Danielle" he nodded
Amy's POV
i squesed nialls hand and smiled i knew he would get mad at daniel "ok now Amy truth or dare" "umm dare"
"ok you have to go in the closet for 5 minutes with mmmm daniel" "what why not niall" i said
"well it is'n fun if you go in the closet with ur oyfriend" liam said "come on Amy lets go in the closet" daniel said i kissed nialls cheek before going in we entered the closet and i just stood right next to the wall


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@Niall's Bitch
supergirl66 supergirl66
i will try im a bit busywith school but will try
supergirl66 supergirl66
Omg pleas3deeeeee make another
Kittzycatk Kittzycatk
Awwwww such a sweet ending I loved this story and when I can't find another good story to read this is where I will come I loved it xxxx
sorry ive been busy i will update soon
supergirl66 supergirl66