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best thing ever (niall horan love story

chapter two

Niall's POV
i saw Amy take her phone out and she suddenley froze
"whats wrong" i said "ive got to go she stuttered
Amy's pov
i ran out of the store i heard niall yelling my name but i kept running i saw the
park and saw brendan waiting agngry
"soorry im late' i said he punch me then kickedme in the stomach i callapsed
then he got my brand new guitar and smashed it "nnnnnnnnooooooo' i yelled
suddenley i saw niall punch him then they started fighting i got up and tryed to stop
them but brendan puched me and i blacked out.
Nialls POV
i couldint believe i saw this boy punching Amy
i ran over and punched him we started fighting i saw in the corner of my eye a
officer come over "stop stop" Amy yeeled thn the boy punched her the officer grabed
the boy I saw Amy callapse so i ran over and picked her up then i heard an ambulance
they took her and tolled me to come but in my car
i never had feelings for anyone as much as her
i got my phone and ringed liam
"where the hell are you niall" he said
"um im going to th hospital" i said
"niall james horan start explaning'" he said
"well i met this girl then she ran of then i saw a boy punch her so i ran over and punched
hm then she tried to stop us then he hit her then she collapsed so yeah"
"i will bring everyone to the hospital then bye" liam said


please tell me if i should continue


@Niall's Bitch
supergirl66 supergirl66
i will try im a bit busywith school but will try
supergirl66 supergirl66
Omg pleas3deeeeee make another
Kittzycatk Kittzycatk
Awwwww such a sweet ending I loved this story and when I can't find another good story to read this is where I will come I loved it xxxx
sorry ive been busy i will update soon
supergirl66 supergirl66