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best thing ever (niall horan love story

chapter sixteen

we all went to bed that night

Niall's POV
i woke up and my was still asleep i kissed her lips she kissed back "morning" she said as she stretched "morning love" i said kinda sad

Amy's POV
" what's wrong" i said to niall " we are going on tour in 2 days soz i didn't tell you" he said i hugged him "its OK"i said letting a tear fall down he wiped the tear away "im gonna get changed" i said
i went and got changed and came out to the loundgeroom "hi guys" i said to everyone i hugged the girls they knew why "well cause its our second last day lets go out somewhere fancy tonight we all can have dates" liam said "who will be my date" harry said louis shrugged "i know Lilly you guys are perfect together" i said they blushed "all sorted" liam said "lets have a movie day then we will go out" i said

Niall's POV
we all watched titanic everyone was sniffling i had Amy in my arms we watched a few more
than it was time to get ready the girls went shopping early and got things "well girls lets go upstairs and get ready" Perrie said so Perrie, Amy, Eleanor, Danielle and lily went upstairs
us boys went ustairs and got changed we went downstairs

Amy's POv
i was wearing a nice dress and Eleanor was wearing a similar dress to me and perrie was wearing a nice dress and danielle's dress we all went down
stairs and the boys looked hot there mouths drooped to the ground we all left with the boys and had an awsome night


ppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me what yu think


@Niall's Bitch
supergirl66 supergirl66
i will try im a bit busywith school but will try
supergirl66 supergirl66
Omg pleas3deeeeee make another
Kittzycatk Kittzycatk
Awwwww such a sweet ending I loved this story and when I can't find another good story to read this is where I will come I loved it xxxx
sorry ive been busy i will update soon
supergirl66 supergirl66