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Dont Let It Break

Chapter 1: Never Again

Chapter 1: Never Again

Its early Sunday morning when i feel someone roughly shake my arm in an attempt to wake me up. “MOOOOOOOM STOP” i shout. “nice to know you think im mom bro” i hear greg says. My eyes shoot open whats greg doing in here.
“what are you in here for greg” i ask. “Dad wanted me to wake you up for church” he says.”but i don’t want to go to church it stands for all the wrong things” i say.
“ TAKE THAT BACK BRO AND YOUR LUCKY YOU SAID THAT TO ME AND NOT MOM OR DAD” he shouts. “now get ready and get down stairs” he sighs out as he walks out of the room.
I reluctantly role out of bed and sigh i really hate chrch. I slip on my church cloths and my shoes and i walk down the stairs and into the small kitchen and sit and the island. “no time for food hunny were late” my moms says as she walks into hall. “But MOMMMMM i need my Fo-“ she stop me with a glare before she forces me out the front door and to the car.
I jump into the backseat beside greg and my mom slides in the passenger seat. As soon as were all in the car my dad reves the car to life and srats to quickly drive down the street surely breaking the speed limit. When we finally pull into the overly populated parking lot of our church dad drives around searching for a parking spot.
When he finally spots one he pulls in and parks quickly and literally pulls us out of the car and drags us to the open doors of our church. Once were in the church my dad pulls us into the first available pew. We sit in the pew for a few minutes before we finally see the minister rise from his seat and start to walk up to the podium.
“Hello welcome everybody to todays church service” he says happily. “as of the peoples popular request we will be doing todays service on chapter 26 of the bible so please turn to that page now” he says as he himself turns to the page. As i turn the pages of the old tattered book to chapter 26 i instantly wished i hadn’t.
This chapter is about gay people. Im gay myself i realized it this year actually when i eventually stopped looking at any girls in class but actually started to look at the nearly unclothed bodies of the other guys in the locker rooms at schools.
i just accepted it but that does not mean im coming out zany time soon oh hell to the no. so when the minister started his rant about gays all i did was tune out and mutter “bullshit”.
Which i didn’t notice i actually said it as loud as i did but i did because not only did my family turn to look at me but everyone around me they all wore the same terror ridden faces.
Until a couple seconds after my parents looked furious then my mom leaned in and whispered “we are so talking about this later” then she looks away and back to the minister i just slump as far back into my seat as i possibly can to hide from all the judgmental views of the people around me.
When the service was over my mom harshly grabbed my arm and literally dragged me to the car and shoved me in and then slamming the door. Then everyone else got in and we drove home in complete and awkward silence.
When we arrived at home my parents got out without a word but before my brother got out he mouthed
‘Bro your in deep shit’


A/N just to say im not really religious i mean im Christian but not overly so i know that there is no such section in the bible but i needed to use it so i did no hate please :D also i hope you enjoyed it im completely in my writing zone this week wrote like five updates now all i need to do is type :D


:)!!! More, more, more! :D
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Update soon pleeease! :)
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