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Love at first sight

Chapter 1

One day Harry was sitting in his favourite chair eating a soft taco while watching his favourite show icarly, and Niall decided he wanted a taco aswell so he walked to the kitchen to make one he got out all the ingredents for the taco , all he needed was the shell, he searched all the cupboards and the fridge, there were no more taco shells. Niall had been looking foward to that taco. niall became inraged with anger, so he slammed the kitchen door and ran out to the living room and stole harrrys taco. harry was very upset and went and told on Niall to Liam.
Liam listened to what harry was telling him, harry was so fusterated, he couldn't get is words straight. liam was very disapointed in niall, so Liam to niall to explain how stealing is wrong, liam said "Niall I know you have a big appetite but you need to learn to share and stealing from people isnt nice." so Niall gave the taco back, Harry stuck his tongue as niall left the room, harry continued to eat his taco.
Later that night Niall wanted to get revenge on Harry for telling on him, so he took Harry's favorite stuffed cat and hid it on him. when harry realized his stuffed cat was gone, he started to cry and asked the other boys where it was, but none of them knew where it was, it pissed of Harry, so he decided to hide every inch of food in the house, he cleared the fridge and freezer, even the cupboards.
the next morning, when niall got liam to make him his breakfast, he noticed there was no food, he thought niall had eaten it all, so he began to yell at niall, but niall hadn't eaten all the food, so he became very sad, and instead of trying to clear his name he went to his room and cried. zayn went to comfort niall, and to see why he was crying.
Louis and Zayn were getting sick of Niall and Harry pissing each other off so they desided to sit down with both of them and demand an explination to why they are acting like they are. but even getting them in the same room would be a challenge, so zayn came up with the idea of tricking them into the room, then locking the door, zayn went and got niall, and louis went and got harry, harry and louis came in first, niall and zayn came in shortly after, when niall realized harry was there, he headed to the door, but zayn had already locked it from the outside, so there was no way to get out without the key. after a long fight, they got the boys to sit and talk.


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