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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 10: Disneyland's California Adventure

The group decided to go to California Adventure and go on Toy Story Arcade first. Everyone knew how obsessed Liam was with Toy Story, and it was a competitive game. It was a ride where you play multiple 3D arcade games. The ride was set up so there was two cars attached to each other with each holding four people. They sat so that the pairs were Kaylani and Harry, Liam and Alanis, Niall and Zayn, and Jake and Louis. Harry and Kaylani sat back to back with Jake and Louis while Liam and Alanis sat back to back with Niall and Zayn. The group had three different competitions going on: one winner per pair, one winner per car, and one winner out of the whole group. It was one of Kaylani's favorite rides at California Adventure.

The group had just finished their game and they each quickly took a picture of their score using their phone. When they stepped back outside everyone stood in a group huddle to compare scores. Out of the pairs the winners were Kaylani, Alanis, Niall and Louis. Out of the two separate cars, Kaylani and Louis won. The overall winner out of the group was Kaylani. This caused Kaylani and Alanis to snicker because they had been on the ride so many times, they knew exactly how to play so they could rack up points.

"This is rigged!" Louis had begun to pout because he lost.

"It's okay Lou. I still love you!" Harry threw himself onto his best mates back and ruffled his hair. Kaylani and the rest of the group simply laughed.

"Sorry boys. I'm just that good." Kaylani winked at the boys before dramatically throwing her hair over her shoulder.

"I'm afraid she's right boys." Jake walked over to his best friend and threw an arm around her shoulder. "Now, let's go ride some more rides."

The group continuously walked around the park and went on ride after ride. Somehow Kaylani, Alanis, and Jake managed to convince all of the boys to ride Tower of Terror even though some of them didn't like roller coasters. They wanted everyone to go on it because they would be able to get a group picture. When the ride ended and they looked at the picture, everyone decided they wanted a copy. Usually the girls didn't buy pictures after rides, they would just take a picture using their phone but they decided this one was too cute to not keep a good quality picture.

In the picture the group was split among two rows. In the first row was Louis on the far left, Harry next to him, Kaylani on Harry's right, and Niall in the last seat on Kaylani's right. In the row behind them was Zayn on the far left, Liam on the right of Zayn, Alanis next to Liam, and Jake in the last seat directly behind Niall. For the picture Louis had one hand on Harry's chest while making a funny face; Harry was smiling extra widely showing off his dimples and causing his eyes to shut; Kaylani had her tongue sticking out while one hand makes a peace sign and the other one makes a hang loose sign; Niall had his hands over his eyes while he stuck his tongue out to the side; Zayn was laughing with a peace sign up; Liam was kissing Alanis's cheek; Alanis was smiling and looked slightly surprised; and Jake was holding a piece of paper that read "Hi mom!" while he laughed so hard his eyes were shut and his cheeks were red. After choosing the perfect size picture, the boys bought a copy and said they would photo copy it at Kaylani's house and print out a copy for everyone to keep.

The group had been having a great time at the park and just enjoying their time with each other. Nearly all of the time, Kaylani managed to get her mind off of Ryan and all the memories she had with him at the parks. They had left California Adventure and went to Disneyland for the next few hours. They spent most of the time riding rides, looking through shops or eating because Niall was always hungry. Louis decided he wanted to go into a huge store next to them so he quickly walked in leaving the group to follow behind.

"Hey! It's One Direction!" The boys eyes got wide as they heard someone call out to them. They had managed to stay away from too many fans for the day and were afraid that their cover had just been blown. They loved their fans, but they didn't want another incident to happen like the last time they went to the park. "Just kidding boys. I don't need a mob of screaming teenage girls making my job harder."

"Bloody hell. Thank goodness it's only you mate. I didn't want to have to flee the park like last time." Louis let out a laugh as he realized it was just Kaylani's cousin, Wade.

"Hey baby cousin!" Wade ignored the rest of the group and walked over to his cousin giving her an obnoxious hug. He was over-protective of her. "Buying anything this time around?" He knew how much she loved Disney and always wanted to buy something from the park, but never did. Lucky for her, he could get 80% off anything for this week only.

"Hey big cousin!" Kaylani poked him in the sides so he would release her. He let go of her quickly because he hated being tickled. This caused Kay to roll her eyes knowing she knew his weakness. "You know me. Always looking, never really buying. But I might just buy a sweatshirt this time because it's getting cold and I didn't bring one." The group had already been at the park for about 8 hours. It was already getting dark out and would be getting cold soon.

"Here, I'll buy it. I get 80% everything this week. Go pick one out and bring it up to Ashley at the counter." Wade still had a hand around her shoulders as he gave her a kiss on the forehead before she walked away to find a sweatshirt. By this point the rest of the group had all gone their separate ways, so it was Wade, Harry, and Jake left alone.

"Hey Jakers. Find any man candy lately?" Wade knew about Jake and loved him to death still. He found his sassy, gay side to be quite hilarious.

"Oh please. Wade, honey, we both know no man meets my standards." Jake was putting on a show because he knew Wade was poking fun.

"Of course not." Wade laughed in response before turning to look at Harry. "So, Harry are you having fun with my baby cousin?" Harry nodded in response. He was still a little intimidated by Wade. Wade smirked as he spoke. "Good. She likes to do as much as possible in the parks so you'll probably be exhausted by the end of the day."

"I'm already exhausted." Jake stated laughing. "She's doing better Wade. Harry is really helping make her happy."

"Just keeping an eye out for her. She's like my little sister. But Harry, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better on Saturday. I think we'll get along really well as long as you don't break her heart." Wade went from smiling to serious in a split second.

"Not my intentions, mate." Harry gave a weak smile. He saw Kaylani reapproaching with a couple jumpers in her hands. One had a silouhette of Minnie Mouse's head while the other had Disneyland 2012 written on the front.

"I need your honest opinion. Which one?" Kaylani was looking at all the guys. Harry had seen a jumper similar to the Minnie Mouse one earlier except it was Mickey Mouse on it.

"The Minnie Mouse one." Jake and Wade nodded in agreement. She brought the jumper up to the counter which Wade happily payed for. While she was paying for hers, Harry found the one he saw that was similar to it and went to the other end of the store to pay for his.

"That's a really cute idea, bro." Jake had tagged along with Harry in time to see him buy the similar jumper.

"Thanks mate. I'm not gonna show her it until later though. I have an idea to take her on a proper date sometime soon. Since you're one of her best friends, do you think you could help?" Harry had been thinking about this all day. He wanted to take Kaylani on a date to get to know her better and to simply spend time with her alone.

"Of course. I'd do anything to see her completely happy again and I can tell you just might be the one to do it. Do you have any ideas?" Jake would always wish his brother was still around and he would always wish Kaylani wasn't so broken after Ryan died, but he couldn't help but admit that he wanted to see her happy with a guy again. She was never completely the same until Harry came into the picture. He could tell he was helping her slowly get back to her old self.



Sorry for the late update, I've been busy with family for the holidays. :) Happy Holidays!


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