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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 8: IDGAF - I Don't Give Away Food

Someone was knocking on Kaylani's door when Alanis grumbled. The two girls had fallen asleep in her room last night after leaving the boys and watching a movie. Jake had walked into the room and stayed with them as well after he finished talking to the boys. He really hoped Harry would be a great help for Kaylani. He couldn't watch her go through the pain again.

"I'm coming!" Alanis knew that Kaylani and Jake wouldn't answer the door because they were still asleep. They're both heavy sleepers and when they were tired, they wouldn't wake up for anything. She rolled out of the bed and looked at Kaylani's sleeping body. She looked so peaceful for once. Ever since Ryan died, she hadn't seen her look that peaceful. I guess telling the boys really lifted a weight off of her shoulders.

When Alanis opened the door she was expecting it to be one of the boys begging for food, but instead she saw that it was her mom. "Oh, hey mom. What's up?" Alanis knew her mom knew where the spare key was since she was always spending the night. Plus Kaylani's mom had told them that she would be checking in on them.

"Just checking in on you girls. Is that Jake?" Chris was peering into the room when she noticed the boy's body holding Kaylani's in a comforting way. "Is everything okay?" Chris had a way of knowing when something was up with Kaylani. She was like a second daughter to her and she knew everything that happened with Ryan.

"Yeah. Kay just had a bit of a meltdown last night, but everything's okay now. I think we finally got through to her." Alanis looked over her shoulder at the pair again. She felt a smile take over her face as she watched them lay there. They were her best friends and she would do anything for them.

"Good. Oh the boys are awake by the way. It was interesting to see what they were up to." Chris smiled at her daughter before kissing her forehead and turning to walk away. "I'm leaving for work so just call me if you need anything!"

Alanis decided it would be best to let Kaylani and Jake continue sleeping. Jake was super cranky in the morning and Kaylani needed the sleep. She couldn't remember the last time she had gotten a decent nights sleep. Al decided to go downstairs when she was hit by the smell of bacon and pancakes.

"So she awakens! Good morning, love. Sleep well?" Liam was the first to greet the girl. He walked over and pulled her into a hug.

"Besides Jake kicking me, and Kaylani moving every minute, yes I slept well." Alanis smiled at him before turning to greet the other boys. "Morning boys. I heard you all had an interesting encounter with my mom this morning?"

"Oh yeah..." Louis looked at the boys and started laughing hysterically. "She walked in on Harry and I cuddling on the couch while Niall was making out with his food, Zayn was staring at himself in the mirror and Liam was arguing with himself on if he should see if you were awake or not." The rest of the boys started to chuckle while Liam blushed.

"Aw, that's cute." Alanis was poking fun at the boy. She knew they had a mutual attraction towards one another. She was just hoping they would be able to do something about it in the future. She didn't want to take anything too fast.

"Where's Kaylani?" Harry decided to speak up when he noticed that Alanis was the only one who walked down. Neither Jake nor Kaylani followed her.

"Her and Jake are sound asleep upstairs. I decided against waking them up because I haven't seen Kaylani sleep that peacefully since Ryan and Jake is a cranky pain in the ass diva when he wakes up. You may not have noticed he was gay but when he's woken up it's very noticable. You don't want to find out what that's like, trust me." Just as Alanis finished her sentence she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"I'm a cranky pain in the ass diva when I wake up? Really Al? Even I could've thought of something better than that." Jake winked at his best friend as he let out a yawn and walked towards the group.

"Sorry babe, but it's the truth." Alanis had been there many times when she had to wake up Jake and it was not a very pretty site.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Who's making breakfast?" Alanis had totally forgotten about someone making breakfast when Jake reminded her and she was suddenly overtaken by the smell of food again.

"Harry! He's the only one that can cook really..." Niall sounded like a kid in a candy store.

"Speaking of Harry, where did he run off to?" Zayn was looking around the room when he noticed his friend had suddenly gone missing.

"Waking up Kaylani! She's been asleep for 12 hours and breakfast is ready!" The group could hear Harry's voice booming from upstairs. He had decided he wanted to wake her up because he wanted to spend the day with her and try and cheer her up after last nights events.

When Harry reached her room he turned the door knob and lightly opened the door, making sure to not make too much noise. He walked over to see the girl sleeping peacefully on her bed. He sat down on the edge just next to her stomach and brushed a hand across her face. She was so beautiful. She didn't deserve to go through the pain and suffering she had. Kaylani stirred under his touch before her eyelids fluttered open.

"G'morning." Kaylani's voice was raspy from her just waking up. Harry had to admit she looked adorable in the morning. Her hair was slightly ruffled and she had had a little makeup on her face from last night. Kaylani felt his fingers brushing away her excess makeup which caused her to smile lightly.

"Good morning beautiful. How'd you sleep?" Harry was gazing at the girl with his hand still cupping her cheek. He felt different around her. He had only known her for a day, but he felt the need to protect her. He wanted to do whatever it took to make sure she didn't get hurt.

"Good." Kaylani smiled before sitting up. For the first time, she had genuinelly meant it. Usually when she said it, it was because people were asking her how she was doing after Ryan's death and she would usually just lie to get them to leave her alone. She knew she would always hurt, but she also knew she needed to start trying to get on with her life. Everything Jake and Alanis said last night was true. She deserved to be happy, and she knew Ryan would want that for her.

"I made breakfast. Everyone is already downstairs so you might want to hurry before Niall finishes it all." Harry's remark caused Kaylani to laugh before getting out of bed. She was starving.

"That boy is not eating all of my food. My house, my food. No one messes with my food," she said while walking down the stairs. Kaylani wasn't the type to hide her hunger or eat "like a lady" in front of guys. If she was hungry, she was gonna eat. She didn't care what anyone thought of her.

"Oh gosh. No wonder you and Niall looked so cheeky after you walked out of the kitchen yesterday." Harry was laughing. When he woke up and decided to make breakfast he walked into Kaylani's kitchen and noticed it was massive. There was cupboards full of food, as well as a huge fridge you would expect to find in a resturaunt, not a house.

"Hey! Looks who's awake!" Louis went to give Kaylani a hug when she quickly dodged him and ran to the food.

"Sorry Lou. I love hugs, but I'm starving and Niall's gonna eat all my food if I don't grab a plate ASAP." Louis had a pout on his face but quickly let it fade when he saw Kaylani smile at him. He could instantly tell something was different about her. She seemed slightly happier.
"NIALL!" Kaylani slammed her hands down on the counter, causing the boy to drop his plate of food. This made Kaylani and the boys burst out into laughter because Niall had the biggest pout on his face.

"You made me drop my food!" Niall whined.

"I told you, you do not mess with my food and you're already on your second serving!" Niall smiled cheekily before sighing in defeat. He would let the girl eat before devouring any more food.

"Woah! I didn't know anyone could love food as much as Niall does!" Liam started to laugh as he ate his food next to Alanis.

"Oh please. This girl grew up with food. Trust me, no one messes with her food. Especially if it's her family's food." Alanis winked at her best friend. She knew that Kay had a family party coming up soon and she couldn't wait. She really did love their food.

"That's the perks of being in my family!" Kaylani started laughing as she shovelled food onto her plate.

"Speaking of your family, Kay don't you have a party coming up?" Jake knew exactly where he was going with this. He wanted to set up Harry and Kaylani and he was kind of hoping the boys would be around for the party.

"Yessir. Family party this Saturday. And you and Alanis are coming. No ifs, ands, or buts." Kaylani smirked at her friends. She knew they wouldn't say no.

"Of course we're going!" Alanis and Jake piped in at the same time. "Hey boys, are you still gonna be here Saturday?"

"Yeah, we're not leaving for a couple weeks." Liam checked the calendar on his phone just to make sure.

"You should come to the party!" Alanis had started practically yelling. She would love to have Liam go. "Are you guys in?"

Liam checked his calendar once more and shrugged at the guys when he confirmed they were free. The boys shrugged in response. "Yeah, we're in."

"Great! But let me warn you, my family can be kind of intimidating and some of my cousins are big fans of you guys, they just won't openly admit it. Oh, and some of my girl cousins are major flirts. Consider yourself warned." Kaylani was being dead serious when she warned the boys. Their eyes widened when she looked at them. She started to burst out laughing because of their reaction. "But on the bright side, the food is to die for. Once you taste my family's food you will never want to eat anything else."

"Harry, if it wasn't for the guy code I would totally marry her right now." Niall clapped Harry on the back. Harry started to blush because he knew that Kaylani knew the guy code meant no one else could go after her since he had already kissed her and admitted to the guys he liked her last night.

The group sat and ate their food as they chit-chat about little things. Harry felt himself glancing at Kaylani every once in a while and if they made eye contact they would smile at each other before returning to their conversations. Harry could already tell this was going to be a good day.



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