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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 37: Flaws

Harry sat with his back against the wall and his arms wrapped protectively around Kaylani's torso as they sat in a circle on the floor and chatted with their group of friends. As he inhaled a whiff of her natural vanilla scent his eyes flickered between the people who made him the happiest when he realized just how surreal his life seemed.

He was still amazed by the fact that he was living his dreams and now that he had the perfect girl in his arms and by his side every day, even if it was only temporary, it just made him question if he was dreaming or not. Everything just seemed too good to be true and at times he found himself questioning why Kaylani would even be with him in the first place - she deserved so much better than him and yet she was adamant on staying in his life.

Louis and Liam were in the middle of a friendly argument much to everyone else's amusement and simply seeing the light in Kaylani's eyes and the dimple in her cheek from laughing caused Harry's stomach to erupt in butterflies in a way only Kaylani was able to cause. Without even realizing it the grip on her waist tightened as he smiled at her reaction while he buried his head in the crook of her neck.

Feeling Harry's curls brush against the side of her neck Kaylani turned her head just enough to see a light in his eyes that seemed to be shining brighter than usual. He seemed to be elated at that very moment, more so than usual. It was like he was on top of the world and nothing could possibly bring him down. Seeing him that happy only made the butterflies in her stomach and the electricity shooting up her arm from his touch intensify. Her entire body reacted to his touch.

Both of their smiles widened when their gazes locked and it was as if time stood still in the room. The sound of their friends' laughter became nothing but a distant hum and the lights seemed to dim as if there was a spotlight on each of them. Nothing else mattered in that moment but each other as they had a silent conversation.

Neither could tell what was running through the other's mind, but they didn't need to speak to know what was being said. It was like all of their emotions were laid out on the table. The boys would often joke around about how every time they made eye contact they zoned out and went into la-la-land exactly like they were doing now, but it was just certain moments they were able to notice things about the other that weren't there before and it was astonishing to them both.

Squeezing her hips in his hands, Harry pushed Kaylani's body further into his body so that there was no space left between them. Her back was still pressed against his chest as he turned his face so that it was pressed completely into the crook of her neck while he breathed in her scent. He peppered feather-light kisses at the base of where her shoulder and neck meet before trailing them up her neck and to her jaw. With each kiss he could feel her grip on his hands tightening. He brought his lips to her cheek, kissing her there gently, before bringing his lips to her ear, "I don't deserve you."

Kaylani felt her body shudder at Harry's words. She had been thinking the same exact phrase since she had met him, but the fact that the same thought was passing through his mind was beyond her. If anything the roles were reversed. She didn't deserve him. It was the way he said it that made her shudder though.

Turning her body around she sat so that she was sitting on her knees as she grabbed Harry's face between her hands. She raised his head to make it level with hers but his eyes were closed. By the way his hands were gripping her hips she could tell he was serious and she was slightly taken back. One minute everything was perfect and the next the situation did a complete 180 and Harry was acting as if she was going to slip through his fingers. "Look at me." When Harry still refused to open his eyes Kaylani rested her forehead against his and she could feel her voice straining when she spoke, "look at me please, babe."

Harry finally opened his eyes and met Kay's gaze only to be met with a sight he never wanted to see. Kaylani looked like she was about to crumble. She had unshed tears in her eyes and he could easily see she was scared and confused.

Even though she could feel her resolve giving way, Kaylani looked Harry deep in the eyes before taking a deep breath and grabbing both of his hands in hers. "Let's go for a walk."

Pulling his body up with hers the couple stood up before meeting the confused gazes of their friends. They hadn't seen the little exchange between the two, but they did notice them stand up and once they did it wasn't hard to see something was going on. They wanted to know why they both looked like they were both miserable and about to break down but they all knew they should give them some time before they interrupted.

"We're gonna go for a walk. We'll be back later." Everyone in the group nodded and flashed Kaylani a sympathetic smile while Harry refused to look any of them in the eyes. He had a firm grip on Kaylani's hands, but he was staring out the door with a longing look on his face.

Once the couple was out of the room they walked down the corridors of the arena before finding another vacant room that was a little further from where anyone would wander. Kaylani wanted to make sure they were completely alone so they could talk. It was extremely unusual for Harry to act like this and if she was being completely honest it was scaring her.

Dragging their bodies into the room Kaylani made sure to close and lock the door behind them before bringing them to the couch in the middle of the room and pulling their bodies down onto it. Once they were seated she turned so she was fully facing a hunched over Harry who had his head in his hands.

"What's going on H?"

"I don't deserve you, Kaylani. You deserve someone who can make you happier than I can." He could feel her eyes boring into his back but he couldn't bring himself to meet her gaze.

All Harry's words did were anger her. "That's a lie and we both know it. I haven't been this genuinely happy in a long time and you know it. Now stop bullshitting me and tell me what's really going on." Kaylani could tell something else was bothering Harry and she didn't know what it was but she wanted to get to the bottom of it and she wouldn't leave until she did.

"It's nothing Kay, let's just forget it and go back to everyone. Forget I said anything." When Harry finally brought his head out of his hands he looked Kaylani dead in the eyes and the only emotion he had swirling within his emerald orbs was regret.

"What's going on Harry?" Kaylani moved her body so she was firmly pressed against Harry's side and one of her hands was resting against his shoulders.

"I was just thinking the other day and I realized how selfish I was being." Harry couldn't bring himself to finally admit what was going on within his head. All this time he had thought their relationship was perfect, but he never once thought about the consequences.

"What do you mean?"

"You never got a proper relationship with Ryan." Kaylani gave him a look mixed between disbelief and exhaustion. "Don't look at me like that; just let me finish." Kaylani went to interrupt but Harry needed to get this off his chest if Kaylani really wanted to stay with him and work this out. "You never officially broke up, you thought he died. Then we met and started dating. Now he's back and you're still with me. You had only known me for a short time when he came back yet you chose me over him. I never thought about what we were doing to him when I refused to let you go. It was selfish of me to assume you were mine."

Kaylani couldn't believe what she was hearing. Harry had kept all of this bottled up inside and she never once thought that this would have ever crossed his mind.

"I didn't choose Ryan because he hurt me too much for me to forgive him anytime soon. I chose you because you make me happy, Harry. I love you. I love you more than I think you even realize. You're not being selfish because if that's what you call being selfish than I'm selfish too. I'm not letting you go. Even if you want to let me go, I'm not letting YOU go. You're stuck with me." Harry could feel a smile starting to take over his features by the time Kaylani had finished talking. He knew in the back of his mind it was foolish of him to think this way, but there was still a part of him that couldn't help it.

"I love you so much." Harry stood up before pulling Kaylani's body into his, almost causing them to fall over. He wrapped his arms around her slim body as tightly as they could possibly go while burying his face into her hair. She did the same to him only she buried her face into the crook of his neck due to their height difference.

He couldn't believe he was lucky enough to have her as his girlfriend. She was literally perfect to him and there was not a thing he could think of that would make him want to leave her, other than his insecurities. Every obstacle that life threw at them they managed to overcome.

Standing on her tiptoes Kaylani pressed her lips to Harry in a passionate yet needy kiss as if to reassure them both that neither of them were going anywhere anytime soon. As their lips worked against each other's Kaylani allowed her hands to slide up Harry's back before tangling themselves into his curls while Harry's hands slid themselves up the back of her shirt and rubbed slow circles on her lower back. Their bodies were pressed together so tightly that Harry could feel Kay's heartbeat pick up as he traced his tongue along her lower lip, begging for entrance which she happily accepted. As their kiss became more heated Harry grabbed Kaylani's thighs before applying pressuring as a signal for her to jump. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, Harry slowly made his way to the couch in the middle of the room before placing one knee on the edge and slowly lowering their bodies down never once breaking their kiss. Once Kaylani was flush with the couch Harry moved his hands down to hold her hips in place before breaking their kiss and looking into her eyes.

"Are you sure?"


WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THAT ENDING?! Muahaha. A little cliffhanger. ;)

I love all of my 80 subscribers. You are literally the best. <3


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You are not the worst auther ever. You are one of the best I have found on here. I was reading one story on here almost a year ago and they haven't updated in a year. I think they are still really good even if they haven't update because I know people have lives other then writing a fan fiction. Take your time on writing because normally when it's longer to write a song they are one of the best chapters ever even if they are short. The size of the chapter doesn't matter it's the contexts that's in the story that will get to people. That stands out and make people want to read and makes them love the story that talited authers like you have and can make. Never stop believe in yourself you are doing great. Update when you can. I love the story just the way you have it. Hope to see a update soon. :-)

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