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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 34: Fun, Games, & Reunions?

It was hours before the boys' next show so they decided to just hang out with Kaylani and try to keep her mind off of everything.

Over the last few days she had been a lot better now that the truth was out in the open, but the boys could tell she was still hurting. As much as it killed them to know she was hurt, they were just happy to see a genuine smile on her face one more.

Each one of the boys had spent time with Kay individually so that they could bond with her as well as make sure she was happy. Harry didn't mind because he knew Zayn had Perrie, Liam had Alanis, Louis had Eleanor, and Niall wasn't the type to go after someone else's girlfriend - speaking of which they would need to find him one soon because he was the only lad without one.

Kaylani was sprawled across the couch in one of the dressing rooms of the venue when suddenly the five faces she's come to know and love popped up before running in and tackling her all at once. Only the upper half of each boy was resting on her body, causing the six of them to roll off of the couch and land on the floor with a thud. Kaylani ended up on top of the five boys so her body was comfortable resting on each of them evenly, causing them to groan in protest.

"I love you babe, but I can't breathe." Harry's groans of discomfort earned him a few murmurs of agreement from the other lads before Kaylani shifted her body so she was straddling only him

"Is that so?" With one eyebrow raised she smirked in satisfaction when she saw Harry's adams apple bob up and down in his throat as he gulped. She knew how to tease him and that was exactly what she planned on doing. His eyes were locked on her lips as she slowly rolled her tongue across her bottom lip before biting the corner and letting the corners of her mouth creep up. As she brought her face closer to his she could feel eight pairs of eyes on her so the minute Harry closed his eyes in anticipation of her lips locking with his, she winked in their direction before allowing her lips to lightly brush against his as they made their way to his ear.

"I was gonna suggest we ditch the guys and have some fun with just you and I," with every word Kaylani spoke she walked her index and middle finger further up Harry's body having started at his abs, "and a bed." As Kaylani trailed off she could hear Harry's breathing falter slightly so to keep herself from bursting into laughter she continued with her teasing, "but I guess now I'll just cuddle with Nialler cause he's like my human teddy bear." With the last word out of her mouth Kaylani stood up and extended her hands to two of the four boys who were staring curiously at a pained looking Harry.

"What did you do to him?" Once Liam was standing he got a better look at Harry who looked like he had just been kicked in the nuts.

"Oh he'll be fine. Come one boys; I'm in need of some of Niall's cuddling, some of Lou's craziness, some of Liam's brotherliness, and some of Zayn's mysteriousness." Chuckling to themselves the boys all nodded in agreement before looking back down at a flustered Harrry.

"You coming H?" Louis was the first to ask the question but quickly received his answer.

"Looks like he has a problem to take of first." Kaylani couldn't help the obvious giggles that escaped with every word she spoke. Harry had a rather obvious bulge in his jeans - probably from her teasing him merely minutes ago.

"I am so getting you back for this." Harry growled at Kaylani as she continued to laugh about what she had done to him. All he could think was damn her for being so incredibly sexy and damn him for believing her when she said she planned something more "fun" for the two of them.

"Oh, I'm counting on it." Kay winked in his direction before turning around and walking to a game room that was set up in one of the other rooms of the venue.

"That's not fair!" Harry was growling once more as Kaylani left. She was absolutely torturing him and she knew it. She walked to the room with an extra sway in her hips that only he would notice and it was driving him mad.

Pulling himself off of the floor Harry made his way to the bathroom to take care of the problem he was sure Kaylani purposefully caused before joining them in the game room.


"Hey Lou?" Kaylani looked up from the laptop placed in front of her to ask her friend a question. Of all the boys on tour Louis was like her best friend. Zayn was her go-to-guy for advice, Niall was her eating and cuddle buddy, and Liam was her brotherly figure.

"Yes my darling?" Louis was in the middle of doing who knows what but paused when he heard Kaylani call him.

"What's your favorite inanimate object?" By this point all of the boys stopped what they were doing to look at her.

The boys only had half an hour before they were headed to their soundcheck party so they were in the game room just messing around and enjoying their down time.

"I don't know. What kind of question is that?" All of the boys looked at Kay in confusion before exchanging a glance.

"What made you ask that?" Zayn's face was one of curiosity and amusement as he awaited her answer.

"I was looking at my Tumblr archive when I saw TumblrBot asked me that and the 14-year-old version of myself said pillows because they're soft and squishy." Kaylani kept a straight face and an even tone throughout her entire reply before finally breaking into a fit of laughter the minute she made eye contact with each of the five boys.

"Where have you been all of my life?!" Louis exclaimed suddenly before jumping on top of Kaylani who was resting in between Harry's legs with her back pressed against his chest.

"Boys, it's time for the soundcheck party." Paul's head peeked around the corner before disappearing once more before the boys could protest about wanting more down time. It's not that they didn't want to go, they just loving having time to themselves.

"Get up lazy asses. You have a soundcheck party which means I have work to do." After carefully placing her laptop on the table in the side of the room Kaylani stood up and pulled each of the boys up with her; one by one.

When they were all standing they made a beeline for the stage while acting like ninjas. Once standing backstage, Kaylani handed each of the boys a microphone as she listened to the excited chatter of the fans waiting for the boys to come out on stage. The real soundcheck and lighting was taken care of earlier so now was just the soundcheck party, then the meet and greet, then the actual concert.


It was about halfway through the boys' soundcheck party when Kaylani heard something that could either end in disaster or triumph depending on how this all played out. She instantly felt her body freeze and she looked to someone for help but they all merely gave her a sympathetic smile that told her she was on her own, It was in the boys' hands right now.

The boys had sung a few songs and were now answering questions and just talking to their beloved Directioners when one of them asked a question all of them were hoping they wouldn't hear. "Is Kaylani backstage?"

"She is." Harry replied hesitantly. The girl was in the back so he couldn't see her clearly enough to see the look on her face.

For the most part Kaylani was accepted by their fans but she still got her fair share of hate on Twitter and Tumblr and after their confession on stage a few nights ago, which management was less than pleased with, they had told Harry and the boys to keep Kay "busy helping backstage to avoid any more public incidents" as they put it.

"Can she come out here? I have a question for her." The girl in the audience, who had yet to give her name, gave a smile and spoke in a friendly tone which caused the boys to exchange a glance before shrugging their shoulders and deciding to go for it.

"Sure thing. I'll go grab her!" Niall jumped off the stool he was sitting on and ran to the side of the stage where sure enough Kay was staring at him wide-eyed. "Let's go cupcake!" Without allowing her to protest he threw her over his shoulder and carried her on stage before setting her on the stool he previously occupied laughing as she blew the hair that fell in front of her face with a huff and murmured about always being brought on stage against her will.

"Someone actually had a question for you Kay." Zayn let his mouth hang open in mock surprise as Kaylani smacked his arm before looking out into the crowd and nodding her head, signalling for the girl to go ahead and ask.

"I have two questions actually." Nodding her head again as Niall handed her a microphone from backstage, she listened to the girl speak. "First, how did you like London? I heard you always wanted to go there."

As Kaylani prepared her answer she breathed out a sigh of relief along with the other lads. The girl was genuinely nice - but she also sounded familiar. "I loved it. Everything about it. The boys actually had to pick me up and carry me so we could leave. Even my parents are convinced I'm going to move there." Her answer earned a round of laughter from the audience and nods of agreement from the five boys on stage.

"Okay, my second question is," she paused to take a breath before continuing her question, "How could you be in the UK and not tell me?!"

Taken back by the change in tone as well as the question, Kaylani squinted slightly to get a better look at the girl before she finally saw exactly who it was. "Sammy!"

Everyone looked at the two in confusion before it clicked in the boys' minds who it could possibly be. "Ello Samantha!" The security guards helped her on stage so she could give each of them a proper hug before she was tackled into a hug by Kaylani.

"Sorry for the confusion everyone. This is our mate Samantha. Her and Kaylani knew each other way before we ever met Samantha and way before we ever met Kaylani. It's complicated." Liam chuckled as he finished trying to explain it. "Anyway, while they have their reunion backstage how about we sing you a few more songs?"

Taking that as their cue, Samantha and Kaylani walked backstage so they could talk and left the boys to do their thing on stage. They definitely had a lot to catch up.


I'M SEEING THE BOYS IN 10 DAYS. ASDFGHJKL; Anyone else going to see them on August 7th? :D

If you are confused on who Samantha is reread Chapter 11: Old Friends. ;)

This chapter took longer because I've had a lot going on at home as well as the fact that I've had writers block for like the last five days. It was extremely frustrating. But luckily last night I sat down and I hand wrote this entire chapter in my writing notebook from 10pm to 3am so I was able to post it for you lovely readers today. :)


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You are not the worst auther ever. You are one of the best I have found on here. I was reading one story on here almost a year ago and they haven't updated in a year. I think they are still really good even if they haven't update because I know people have lives other then writing a fan fiction. Take your time on writing because normally when it's longer to write a song they are one of the best chapters ever even if they are short. The size of the chapter doesn't matter it's the contexts that's in the story that will get to people. That stands out and make people want to read and makes them love the story that talited authers like you have and can make. Never stop believe in yourself you are doing great. Update when you can. I love the story just the way you have it. Hope to see a update soon. :-)

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