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The Happiest Place On Earth

Chapter 13: Club 33

Only a few minutes had actually passed by the time Harry pulled the car into a parking spot and walked over to the passanger side to let Kaylani out. Harry had called Wade ahead of time to let him know that he would be taking Kaylani to the park again today and just wanted to warn security in case of any crazy fans. He also called because he wanted to make today as special as possible for Kaylani and he had gotten Wade to help him with his plan. Wade met the pair and escorted them through the back entrance so they could enter the park unnoticed. He said his goodbyes then went back to his job, leaving Harry to sweep Kaylani off of her feet.

"So what shall we do first?" Harry could see a gleem in Kaylani's eyes. The first ride was always her favorite ride of the day because it was the start to an adventurous new day and she could ride the same rides 5,000,000 times, but it would still be amazing each time.

"Indiana Jones!" Kaylani was not holding back today. Yesterday when they were at the park with the entire group she toned down her excitement slightly so the group could keep up with her.

Kaylani led the way through Main Street to Adventureland where they found themselves waiting in line for their first ride of the day. Kay had the Disney Wait Time app on her phone so she and Harry both knew that the lines were pretty long today. Almost every good ride had an average wait time of an hour, but neither of the teens minded because the lines would give them a chance to get to talk more. Harry was wearing a grey beanie and put on Ray Bans in an attempt to disguise himself a little bit more than if he walked around without either. Luckily for him the way the line for Indiana Jones was set up made it so that the only people that could reach Harry to ask for a picture or autograph were the ones standing directly next to him. For the first couple of minutes all Harry could do was stare at Kaylani and smile. The way she admired the trees that covered them from the sun as they waited; the way her hair fell perfectly down her shoulders and torso... Everything about her was perfect.

"You know it's rude to stare." Kaylani had a hint of amusement in her voice. Even though she was looking around at all the people, she could clearly see out of the corner of her eye that Harry had been staring at her and smiling.

"I'm not staring. I'm admiring." Harry flashed her a cheeky smile before wrapping his arm around her waist and chuckling into her neck. Kaylani could feel Harry's breath on her neck causing goosebumps to arrise. He let one of his hands drop to intertwine his fingers with hers then leaned back up so he could look at her face. Just as he was about to lean in and kiss her someone tapped his shoulder.

"Excuse me, but can I get a picture with you Harry?" There was a teenage girl around the age of 14 standing behind Harry. He smiled at her before agreeing.

"I'll take it for you." Kaylani had always offered to take pictures for people. Especially when she was at Disneyland and saw a family of tourists struggling to get a group picture. She knew that with her simply offering her help, she could help capture a moment that would forever be in the hearts of the family. That was satisfaction in itself.

The girl handed Kaylani her phone before smiling the biggest smile she could muster. Just as Kay took the picture the line started to move again which would cause them to be separated from the girl. She handed her back her phone and received a squeel in approval of the picture. "Thank you so much!"

Harry and Kaylani had moved forward so they were now standing on a bridge-like area just outside the building that led to the ride. It made it a lot easier to spot them because they were on higher ground than the rest of the line that followed behind them so Harry was spotted rather quickly.

"Oh my gosh! That's Harry Styles from One Direction!" Harry and Kaylani heard teenage girls squeeling in excitement as they noticed the boy band member. Harry decided to turn and face the line so he could wave at the crowd. He knew they were taking pictures and that people would quickly found out that he was at Disneyland. He also knew that Kaylani's name would get dragged into the picture again. He had been standing there smiling at the fans below him and Kaylani when the line started to move again, allowing them inside the building. They would still have a long line, but at least now it was harder for people to see him.

"Sorry about that." Harry was apologizing because today was supposed to be their date and he knew that fans would quickly barge into it now that they were aware he was at the parks. Kaylani simply waved her hand dismissively. She knew that he would be recognized and she promised herself that it wouldn't bother her.

"Don't worry about it. How about we take some pictures?" Kaylani loved photography. She wasn't the type of person that took pictures that would end up in magazines, but she loved to just freeze time with the click of a button forever capturing that sacred moment. She pulled her Canon EOS out of her bag and flipped it around so she could take a picture with Harry.

The first picture they took was simply of them both smiling, but Harry's head was resting on Kaylani's shoulder and his arms were wrapped around her torso. The second was of them making a funny face. The third was Harry kissing Kay's cheek as she blushed, and the fourth was of Kaylani kissing Harry's cheek as he smiled, showing off his dimples. As they walked through the line Harry left his arms wrapped around Kaylani and his head on her shoulder while she placed her hands over his and rested her head against his. To anyone walking by they would look like the perfect couple. Kaylani chuckled when she thought about what they looked like walking through the line at that moment.

"What's so funny?" Harry had noticed Kaylani chuckle but they hadn't even said anything so he was curious as to what was roaming through her head.

"One time Alanis and I saw a couple walking exactly like we are and all I could think was 'that's never going to happen to me' and yet here we are." Harry let himself chuckle at her thoughts. Just from that small detail he could already tell she loved romantic gestures. He knew the fans would be snooping around the park today but he honestly didn't care if anything came out about him possibly having a girlfriend. Although they still weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend he was hoping that his surprise would change that.


Harry and Kaylani had been going on rides for the last hour and a half so it was already lunch time. They both decided they were hungry so they would find some place to eat. Kaylani had to use the bathroom first so she excused herself while Harry waited outside for her. He took the opportunity to call Wade and make sure everything was set up for his lunch time surprise.

"Hey Wade it's Harry. Is everything set up? We're headed over in a little." Harry was glancing around him to make sure no one was approaching him and that Kaylani was still in the restroom.

"You're good to go. Just meet me where we planned and then I'll lead you to where it's all set up. She's going to love it Harry, honestly." Harry could almost hear the smile in Wade's voice as he spoke of his cousin. Wade knew that she loved really romantic things and he thought it was really sweet the way Harry had planned everything.

"Perfect. Thanks again mate. I owe you one." Harry was getting more and more excited as the seconds ticked by.

"Don't sweat it man. Just seeing Kaylani happy is reward enough." Wade had truly meant every word he said. Kay was like his little sister and seeing her hurt was torture.

"Thanks man. She's coming back, I gotta go. We'll be there in 5." Harry heard Wade say goodbye before hanging up his phone just as Kaylani walked up to him.

"Who was that?" She noticed Harry had a huge grin plastered on his face like he had just made the best discovery in the world.

"It was Wade calling to make sure we're okay. Let's go eat, I'm starving." Harry was still smiling as he intertwined his fingers with Kaylani's. He had gotten slightly more familiar with the layout of Disneyland by this point so he knew where he was going to meet Wade. He led them out to Main Street before crossing into Frontierland and heading towards the stores next to Pirates of the Caribbean. He knew that there was a staircase on the side of one of the buildings and that was where Wade was waiting. When they reached their destination Kaylani had a look of confusion on her face as she walked up to Wade.

"Harry, Kaylani. Follow me." Wade had a grin plastered on his face as he turned around and walked up the staircase. He was really hoping Harry's plan would work.

"Where are we going?" Kaylani was trying to figure out where the stairs led but she was stumped. She had never known what was up here because it was restricted to the public. Wade continued walking before stopping in front of a set of double doors.

"Harry has a nice little surprise planned for you today Kaylani. And thanks to him being a member of One Direction you get to experience the most exclusive restaurant in all of Disneyland and it will just be the two of you." Wade paused before turning the doorknob and opening one of the double doors. "Welcome to Club 33."


Club 33 is a very exclusive restaurant/membership-club that's located inside Disneyland.

Thanks for reading! :) <3


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