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Player Love! (Niall Horan)

Chapter 3

A/N: Please read the last part of Chapter 2 again! I made a mistake on that one! So sorry!

Niall's eyes widened as I finished the sentence for him but he quickly covered it up.
"Oh, congratulations, darling!" My mum shouted, hugging us both. "Your dad and I were wondering when this would happen! You two make such a lovely couple!" They were wondering? What? Ugh. That's just... repulsive!
"Thanks, mum!" I smiled as widely as I could without looking disgusted.
"Thank you, Ms. Lo- Sarah!" Niall grinned.
"If you excuse us mum, I need to have a little word with Niall." I said, shooting them a weak smile whilst dragging Niall to the elevator.
"No funny business!" I heard my dad shout after me. I scoffed. As if.

As soon as we reached the elevator, I pressed the button going to my bedroom and slammed Niall into the side of the elevator. He hissed.
"Don't think I don't know about your little plan, Horan." I whispered. His eyes widened again but then he got out of my grip and slammed me on to the elevator instead.
"I will get what I want. You have no choice." His breath fanned over my neck as I squirmed. He was just about to kiss me when I did the only thing I could.


I smirked as he fell painfully to the ground. I love the things I could do with my knee. I pressed the button for the ground floor and exited the elevator. The maids will clean him up and he can go home. Oh well. I don't really care. I want to go to sleep. I kicked off my shoes and ran straight to my bed. I was met by silk and the smell of roses. I instantly fell asleep. It's been a looong day.

Niall's P.O.V

I was still groaning in pain when I reached the bottom floor. Stupid girls and their knees. Before the maids could see me, I rushed out of their mansion and sprinted to my mansion. God my jewels hurt.

Cassandra's P.O.V

I woke up at midnight after a dream- no, a nightmare- just came to me. It was so scary, strange and... just plain weird. I shivered as I remembered the dream.


I was getting ready for Niall and I's 3rd date tonight. Well... It was my birthday! I was so excited! I dressed up in formal clothes since he said we would be going somewhere fancy. I think this was perfect. I was wearing a long white dress with a gold belt and some gold hoops to go with it. Also, I wore my mum's special gold necklace along with the matching bracelet and white high heels with gold studs on it. I look amazing. I grabbed my sapphire blue clutch and grinned.

I walked outside as I heard the limo honk. Time to go! The ride was soooo long. Well... It was about 2 minutes but still. I was excited! Hehe. I stepped outside the limo when the driver opened the door. We were at a ball! I never knew they still existed! Haha. I strutted inside and saw all my classmates and friends there! Niall organized all this for me? Gosh. I love him so much!

Suddenly, an entrance music appeared out of nowhere and the crowd split in half to reveal a red carpet. I laughed as I saw a massive banner on the ceiling saying:

Happy 18th Birthday Cinderella!

I heard someone shout: "LET THE PARTY BEGIN!" And then, club music boomed out and everyone was dancing. That was quick. Where's Niall?
"Hey Crystal! Have you seen where Niall is?" I asked, frowning.
"Oh yeah! He went outside with this red haired girl! Kinda like my hair!" Crystal shouted over the music.
"Okay! Thanks!" I said. She gave me a thumbs up and snogged some drunk boy who gladly accepted. I strutted outside and looked for Niall. Then I saw some movement behind some bushed.

I gasped in shock as I saw Niall snogging another girl. I stood there for a minute to see if he would back away. When I knew he wouldn't, tears sprang to my eyes and I stepped backwards, accidentally hit a stone in the process. Niall suddenly stopped and turned towards the noise. Then his eyes landed on me.
"No! Cindy, I'm so sorry! It's not what it looks like!" He screamed, desperately trying to remove the girl who was clinging to his shirt, knocked out.
"I'm not like other girls, Niall. So, I'll let you explain." I choked, not able to stop the tears anymore.
"I was drunk! I'm so sorry! I love you, Cindy! I'd never hurt you!" Niall tried to convince me.
"Not good enough." I whispered, "Goodbye, Niall. It's over."
Then everything went black.

*End of dream*

Strange dream, huh? And Niall loves me? Ha! That's something you don't hear everyday. I better go back to sleep. I was going to a party tomorrow and as a 'Popular', I need to look hot.


Hi! Can you please read the end of Chapter 2 again? I made a mistake on that one! And I hoped you liked this chappie! It's not very good since I'm really tired. :P Bye!

-Pauline! xxx


Love it!!!!!! Lol... " what the blueberry?" I really love it!!!! Update!!!!!!

Love it! Lol, I kept laughing at when she said, " what the blueberry?" :)
wot..the...update!!! <3
irishdimples irishdimples
UPDATE!! :D :D :D OMG!! <3
irishdimples irishdimples
Perfect update!!!