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Just Friends

Coming Home

Rachel's P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open and I looked to my alarm clock. 7am? I was so excited about the boys coming back today.

I dragged myself out of the bed and walked downstairs. Analise was already in the kitchen, making herself toast.

"Morning Rach, want some?" She asked as I walked in. I nodded, yawning.

We ate breakfast in silence, both of us too excited to chat. After breakfast we decided to watch television while we were waiting.

I couldn't wait to see Louis again. And the others of course but Louis in particular. He was my best friend and had been for years.

We watched friends for a while, a show that I always loved.

About halfway through our second episode of friends I heard a knock on the door. Me and Lee jumped up at the same time, making our way to the door as quickly as possible. She got there before me and opened the door to reveal One Direction.

Before even giving him a chance to step inside, I leaped into Louis arms. Thankfully, he managed to catch me. "Nice to see you again too love" He whispered. My legs were wrapped around his waist and I felt him spin me around. I hopped down out his arms and met his eye, grinning like an idiot.

"I've missed you Lou!" I told him, my arms still wrapped around his neck. "Yep, just ignore the rest of us....Whatever" I heard Zayn mutter, teasingly. I pulled away from Louis, rolling my eyes. "Zaaaayyyynnnn!" I yelled pulling him into a tight hug. He rolled his eyes but hugged me back anyways.

Lee was in Nialls arms but I hugged Harry and Liam too. "So, are you planning on letting us in?" Louis asked. I rolled my eyes. "Its your house.." I muttered back as I made my way inside, with them following.

I was very glad to have them back.


Hey guys! I know its pretty bad but Im in an awful rush...
Hope you liked it :p
Please comment, rate and/or subscribe :)
Thanks loves ♥ ~ Rachel xx


Please update, this is awesome!
update soon! :)
irishdimples irishdimples
Update please?!
love it!
tomlinsonlove tomlinsonlove
This is awesome cant wait till you update again
Josiegirl001978 Josiegirl001978