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Revenge On Eleanor Calder (Coming back this Winter)

Chapter 77

Eleanor's P.O.V

My feet moves slowly as my eyes roam the large wall in the hallway full of colors on the wall. I study the artwork whilst walking with my feet moving sideways as my arms remain folded upon my chest allowing little room for me to inhale yet exhale the aroma of the holy church. I stop , my eyes setting on the work of art before me next to a colorful glass window.

" Wow." I say amazed.

This is good . . . extremely good in fact , and I thought I was good. I chuckle before biting down my bottom lip tilting my head. Warm colors such as pink , magenta , red , orange , yellow , and even a hint of green assemble a woman about my age being held in the arms of a man who is fashioned from cooler colors forming a bond not just between the two lovers , but between the colors. They're lips both smiling softly as they look lost in love into each others' eyes forgetting the world surrounding them.

I look down at the title which is carved in gold upon dark wood. "Love Forever" is reads.

I take a breath rubbing my arms with my warm hands looking to the side seeing some security guards bringing up boxes and walking to the other side of the hall.

My attention returns back to the as I brush my long brown , wavy hair from on top of my left eye.

"Love . . . I was in love once. I still am in fact , just the bitterness and pity of a selfish bastard took it upon to kill me. Kill me out of jealousy , greed and seeking nothing but vengeance. Leaving me dead with no heart yet only a soul. Leaving Louis with nothing , but grief. " I allow a tear to fall before continuing and taking another breath.

"You bastard. Y-you will pay." I say shakily with anger before marching off back down the dark hallway.

I slow down not knowing where the hell I am. All I need is to get away looking down the hall it looks endless. Never - ending just as the woods I had ran into hours before my death. Taking a step I put my hand on the knob of a black large door turning it slowly before stepping in.

The entire room is clean having a couches surround a glass coffee table , and lighted candles on one table. I sigh slowly as air wafts though my parted lips. It looks as if I have entered Queen Elizabeth's bedroom or so . . . looking grand , neat , maybe not even gullible to touch even with me being dead.

I take a few steps towards two large doors putting my hand on one handle feeling the expensive metal or such under my fingertips before bending it down and drawing the door back. It opens and looks to be another room. My eyebrows raise as I walk into the next large room. This one actually seems as a bedroom with a bed , dresser , and what looks like a closet.

"Damn. . ." I whisper to myself definitely taken back by such beauty.

These priests must be getting some holy treatment living in such a fine environment. The nicest I have ever stayed in must have been when Louis and I went to Paris two years ago. It seems so long ago . . . how Louis tried to speak French ,but failed , how we both took that Italian cooking class ,but ended up burning the pizza ,and how romantic Louis was each and every second we were there as always. I chuckle at the memories as I walk into the bathroom switching the lights on and looking in the mirror.

I study my dress and brush both sides of my hair back hoping to redeem the descant of my presence. Walking back out of the black and white bathroom I skip over to the closet past the bed. What if it is another room . . . oh God I swear I will burst in laughter.

Once I open the door it reveals not another luxurious bedroom ,but many pieces of clothing hung up in three short rows of dresses ,shirts , and skirts.

" Bloody hell. " I say to myself taking a hanger and looking at an vintage dress.

My face spreads with confusion as I look at the expensive clothing. Once tired I close the closet and stopping at the dresser. On the dresser is a picture . . . a picture of a young girl in black and white and another of a girl in the same color being black and white. I am guessing that they are the same girl since the similarities in the eyes are too alike. Under the older picture are small written words in gold.

Picking up the picture , I squint my eyes reading the cursive words.

"Ruth Jane McLean. Born December 24th 1970 and died December 23th 1984 ." I take a breath doing mental math . . . she died when she was fourteen , a day before her birthday.

I frown at the now dead girl before reading, "My dear Ruth , we have loved you threw the many years you have lived on this earth. We will always love you dear. So in honor of your untimely death due to Scarlet Fever the entire family has built a church in your honor. Here you will always be remember. We love you darling see you soon. Love mama." I finished reading the small note placing the picture back on the dresser carefully.

That was extremely thoughtful for anyone to do. Though I dislike when people have sympathy for me ,because I am alright. Even though I rather be alive than dead I am okay. I am. . . well getting used to the fact that I am gone ,and now lost forever. I have to accept that I have been murdered though I may never move on from the bastard that has done so.

To look back . . . maybe if I had told Louis about red coat I may still be alive. But that is long gone now and red coat has won. To be honest I had not known my killer so much that, that person could actually murder me. I hope guilt burns my murderer alive ,because I simply did not deserve to die.

I walk to the window looking out to see my mother walking towards the church doors with a large box in her hand. Cold sweat runs down my back as I watch her stern face pick up her phone which had fallen from her hand. The look in her eyes are lifeless as she disappears into the church. I look back into the small parking lot with my breathing becoming harder.


Louis gets down from his car with his black shades covering his gorgeous blue eyes which no longer twinkles even from where I stand. Closing the door of his car ,Louis does the same walking towards the entrance of the church looking down as he brings up his hand brushing his thumb over his bottom lip.

I rest my head upon the window's frame looking out into the busy road. A few fans and regular adults along with paparazzi stand off on the other side of the road watching as the church is prepared. Prepared for my wake.


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