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Revenge On Eleanor Calder (Coming back this Winter)

Chapter 33

Eleanor's P.O.V

I looked at Mary strangely. "A safety pin? For what.." I asked her
She motioned for me to come back and I walked where the elder lady sat standing in-front of her.
"I sense a very bad spirit among you" she whispered leaning in, I can't help but feel terrified. "I'm going to give you a safety pin that my great grandfather wore during World War II before he died. I works, so I've been told" she said ranting through her drawers. Mary finally brought out a gold sparkling pin that looked like a look a lock.
"It's beautiful" I said touching the fine piece of jewelry,Mary's a really kind old woman that has a soft heart. I like her.
"Thank you...and just in case, a little something from me. You can have my necklace."
My eyes widened."That won't be necessary " I refused
"Oh no dear, you seem...different. You remind me of me when I was young" she said chuckling before she got into a nasty cough. I patted her back lightly looking at her with concern.
She finally regained her breath and took the pin clipping it to my X-factor t-shirt, I watched as she clipped it on and smiled. I then took the necklace myself and hooked it on after two tries trying to get it to clip.
I smiled and sighed looking at her, she smiled back. "Thank you. Thank you so very much"
"You're welcome dear" with that I couldn't help it any longer. I hugged the elder woman tightly but carefully because she seemed too fragile.
I then looked at my watch,my break is almost over and I'm still starving, "Well I've got to go" I said
"Okay talk to you later. Be careful" she called at me. I walked quickly towards the food court as my stomach rumbled.

Five Minutes Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

I took on last sip before throwing my drink and leftovers away. I'm quit full and my break has about twenty minutes left since Julian said Nelly was there to take over some stuff. I then felt a vibration in my back pocket and took out my phone. -New Text Message from NelNel-'Meet me in the elevator, I've got major news to tell you!'. I replied saying sure and rushed to the elevator. It took about two minutes before the doors opened, it was empty and I got in holding my purse. I looked around, Nelly was no where in sight. I then pressed the floor of where DEB was located to see their new designs, plus I heard they were on sale. I sighed and noticed that the button lights of the elevator flickered. It went from floor two to three in seconds. I tilted my head in confusion..what. I took a step from the corner I was in and pressed number two once again but nothing happened. My breathing began shaky when the lights started to flicker in the elevator it self.
"Hello..?" I said scared holding onto my necklace tightly. No answer. The power finally shut off and everything went black, I then heard something in the elevator, sounded like footsteps.
"H-h-hello.." I said clutching my bag "anybody there..." I finished. I put my hand in front of my face and couldn't even see it. My heart began to race. I breathed so loud that my huffing and puffing filled the elevator as if a couple was having sex. I heard footsteps that came closer, with that I felt a hard fist hit my face, causing me to stumble back making my nose sting.
"Hello?!" I said trying to get up from on the floor. The unknown person then kicked me hard into my stomach making me yelp with pain, since I just ate it felt horrible with all that bloating. A huge knot made me feel heavy.
"Someone help me! Please!" I cried.I tried looking around if I could see a figure, but nothing. I'm guessing it's red coat...Shit. Red coat then grabbed my hair and started to bang my face on the elevator walls ,my beanie fell, I then started to feel my nose bleed. I can't die, not now. I have to fight back, I grabbed onto red coat's hand and bit down hard on it.
"Sh-" he/she was about to say shit but stopped knowing that if he/she talked I would tell it was a girl or a guy. I still couldn't tell. I got up and held my position ready to fight. This was just the beginning.



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Really!? Aw ilsym :) Thank you!

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OK ok look

I personally think that instead of publishing that piece of shit 'after' they should publish this (maybe with different characters)

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Next chapter more drama? Wow. This chapter was drama filled. I can't imagine what's next.

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