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Revenge On Eleanor Calder (Coming back this Winter)

Chapter 27

Hannah's P.O.V

Zayn teased me on my entrance, "Zayn...don't tease me" I said rubbing my hands on his chest. Zayn thrusted so hard into me I swear I could feel him in my stomach, his thrust kept hitting my g-spot making me moan. The room itself is full of moaning and cuss words. I closed my eyes with pleasure.
"Open your fucking eyes" Zayn said thrusting faster into me, I can feel my insides getting tighter around his hard length with the friction getting hot. Zayn was keeping his loud moans in and pressed into me neck.
"Fuck!" he groaned and got back up continuing to buck his hips back and forth.
"I'm about to cum" Zayn said breathing hard still thrust into me, his thrusts started to get sloppier and within a couple minutes my walls began to close and I felt his warm liquid inside of me.

I took him out and he let me go, I was finally back on the ground. I got on my knees and started to lick his length from bottom to top, he leaned his head back and moaned in pleasure. When I took him out there was a line of my silvia from my mouth to his erection. Which was quite sexy. He smirked and I smiled back at him and got up. We both put our clothes back on and I licked my lips before opening the door of the fitting room and heading to the cashier to go pay for my outfit. I held onto Zayn's hand and he squeezed my hand. I kissed him quickly so that no one would notice and he groaned. He's quite good...Perrie's a lucky girl...



Bipolar Bipolar

Really!? Aw ilsym :) Thank you!

Yeezy Yeezy

OK ok look

I personally think that instead of publishing that piece of shit 'after' they should publish this (maybe with different characters)

Bipolar Bipolar

Next chapter more drama? Wow. This chapter was drama filled. I can't imagine what's next.

LTStyles92 LTStyles92


Mrs_Tommo53 Mrs_Tommo53