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Revenge On Eleanor Calder (Coming back this Winter)

Chapter 20

Eleanor's P.O.V

I woke up and got out of bed yawning and stretching. I turned around to see Nelly in her red coat.
"Oh morning Nel" I said casually looking in the mirror and touching the bags under my eyes, I'm pretty sure that I locked the door last night but maybe I may have not.
"Hello Eleanor" she said with a creepy voice, I looked at my friend and she was holding a knife.
"Why are you holding a knife?" I asked her, my voice shaking and my heart thumping. Nelly then took her arm from behind her back and put on the plastic mask and tilted her head.
I gasped "You're red coat?!" I yelled
"You're a smart girl...like everyone says" she said walking towards me. She tightened her grip on the six inches knife. I walked back breathing tense.
"But why..." I trailed off, she continued walking towards me. I finally took my last step and hit the glass door of my patio. Oh fuck El, you knew this would happen. I turned around quickly trying to open the door but Nelly grabbed my hair. I screamed.
"Hannah!" I screamed, my arms were out reaching for the door, I only got further behind with Nelly pulling my hair so hard that my scalp began to bleed, blood trickled down my forehead. Tears filled my eyes, I looked on my dresser to see my picture of Louis. I looked up to Nelly who took off her mask.
"Someone help me! Please!" I screamed louder, Nelly pushed me towards the wall. I tried getting up but she repeatedly kept kicking me down. I felt very small, vulnerable and helpless.
"Please don't hurt me" I begged Nelly.
She smirked and opened the door. Zayn walked in holding a similar knife in his hand.
"Good morning Eleanor" he said smiling as if it was a normal morning. My heart beated fast.
"Zayn...what. Why" I asked quietly I was weak with no food in my system and being dragged gruesomely by my suppose to be best friend. Zayn opened the door and Niall, Evan, Harry, Becka and even Hannah walked in. All holding knives staring at me. They all wore red coats and smiling.
"Who's first" Harry asked smiling, his eyes were black, dimples still shown. I looked at all of them from my view on the floor.
"Zayn... he can do the honers" Evan said kissing Becka.
Zayn walked over to me and bent down. " I told you, you would regret it" he whispered before kissing below my ear. His hand rubbed the side of my hip. But then I felt a sharp horrible pain in my stomach, I gasp and looked at Zayn. He pulled away after kissing my ear, I looked down to see his knife stabbed into my stomach. While blood poured out of me, tears poured out of my eyes.
"Louis....Just let me say goodbye to Louis" I said crying. But none of them listened. The all bent down and started stabbing me in all places. Niall was the first to stab my face, he stabbed my cheek. I closed my eyes hoping it would make the pain go away. I put my hands out in defense to only receive stab wounds to my hands. The color of the red coats filled my sight with my killers smiling. Harry dropped his knife down.
"I can't do this anymore" he said stepping away. He watched the other stab at me. I looked at him, his eyes were filled of sorrow. Why the fuck didn't he call the police?!
"Poor Louis' gonna have his girlfriend murder" Nelly teased and put Louis' picture down beside me. I looked at his blue eyes and amazing smile. My body was feeling weak. Once the group was satisfied they backed away. I'm shocked that I'm even still alive... I breath slowly, it was getting hard to breath and I layed there in my own blood looking at my group of killers in red coats. Zayn must have been the head of the group.
"I hate you! Got to hell!" I yelled at him.
Zayn grabbed a rope and got on top of me. I was weak but tried to fight him off. This is the end Eleanor, this is the end. He wrapped the rope on my neck and with all his strength pulled tightly. My eyes began weary and I my head dropped. .Fluids came from up my throat and I started chocking on my own blood.The last thing I saw was Louis Tomlinson. He may not have been able to protect me then but I knew that he loved me. I layed there dead on the floor, although I heard a couple laughs. Everything was black.



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Really!? Aw ilsym :) Thank you!

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OK ok look

I personally think that instead of publishing that piece of shit 'after' they should publish this (maybe with different characters)

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Next chapter more drama? Wow. This chapter was drama filled. I can't imagine what's next.

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