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Revenge On Eleanor Calder (Coming back this Winter)

Chapter 96

Chloe's P.O.V

The evening has been a nicer one than I expected, sorrowful yet peaceful all together. Of course I cried during the ceremony but I just could not take my eyes off of Louis. He seemed so overwhelmed with this event that I am now having second thoughts about telling him about Eleanor's pregnancy.

But if you don't tell him now, it will only make his grief last longer. My subconscious tells me.

Taking in a deep breath I look around noticing how empty the place has become. I rise from my seat on the velvet bench walking around in search of Louis. He's not in the main room, so maybe he is in the back. . crying. If Louis is in tears when I find him, I'm definitely forgetting about the deal with Eleanor and making a run for it. Because I just hate to see people cry especially if I am the cause.

I walk down the short hallway looking behind me at the large painting of a farm-like landscape. Pretty, looks like one of those paintings you would see in a museum that "Do not tou-"

Before I am able to finish my thoughts, I am on the floor surrounded by roses.

"Oh I am sorry," I look to see Mrs. Calder bending down and frantically collecting the roses.

I'm such a klutz you know. Without words, I frown and try to help pick up the beautiful flowers handing them to her. She takes them without speaking and arranges them in a vase that she is holding. At least I did not break the vase.

"Mrs. Calder I apologize," I say in the most softest tone possible.

She just shakes her head and gives me a fake smile before her frown returns. And she walks away with her heels making small click clacks down the hallway.

I smooth out my dress and take in a deep breath before looking down the hallway. . . I don't think that Louis is here. So I turn around and walk back to the main room. As I come closer I hear a woman soft chuckle and Louis' low voice. Slowing down I stop at the edge of the corner trying to hear the conversation.

"I might just be a little late, but I will still come," the lady says.

"That's totally fine as long as your pregnant ass is present you are safe, " Louis jokes back.

"And if not?" she challenges him.

"And if you do not attend tomorrow's event I won't do anything. You just won't get to have as much fun as we do," Louis answers quite loudly.

"So I guess I'll just be missing out then?" she asks.

After that Louis does not verbally answer, but I believe he nods. And honestly this conversation is not important enough for me to stay hidden so I back up a bit before walking into the room seeing the Hannah girl and Louis standing beside a table.

"Oh sorry to interrupt," I cover.

"It's alright. I was actually just about to hit the road," Hannah replies.

I nod and smile taking in a breath,"Alright well after that may I please speak to you Louis?" I ask him.

Louis tenses up a bit but keeps a smile on his face and nods. Afterwards I follow the two out of the garden room and outdoors. Giving them some space, I distant myself to the side of the small building not too far off, next to a tree.

I watch the two keenly as they hug and nod before Hannah walks away, and Louis heads toward my way.

As he nears closer, my palms become extremely sweaty and my mouth becomes dry. God, what am I exactly doing? Oh right, breaking his heart even more remember Chloe. And before I know is Louis is standing right in front of me with curiosity.

"Did you find something?" Louis says clearing his throat.

I squint my eyes as the wind blows my hair forward, " What?" I question him.

"Did you find anything. . .for the case."

"Oh-oh noo, I just. I just would like to tell you something," I look in Louis' eyes afraid and look at the floor instead, " something that you may like to know." I finish.

"Well. . .get on with it," Louis says breathing out and swaying back and forth.

His hands are rubbing together and I can just feel the nerves we both have this evening. But his right, I should just tell him right now and get it over with.

"Louis, when Eleanor passed away so suddenly she was. . "

The wind feels as though we are in a tornado that's going to pull us away within seconds.

"She was what? Fighting for her life, I know that," Louis says with his eyes locked on me.

"Yes, but Louis it was not just Eleanor who was killed," I say loudly hoping he would hear me.

"The what the hell does that mean? There was someone else?" He says.

I swallow hard feeling the wind come to a stop. Looking around everything is now still and the sun seems to shine more than it was before. Is this a sign, or am I going insane?

"Chloe, look at me." Louis demands.

I tilt my head up looking into Louis Tomlinson's small eyes watching him closely. His bottom lip is between his teeth, and he looks so confused.

"Yes there was," I answer him.

"Then who?" he asks.

The lump in my throat just gets bigger by the second.

"A child," I say in a low tone.

Louis' face looks dumbfounded and out of words, "Who's child Chloe. We need to let the parents know, they may be worried si-"

"Louis, the child was your's" I cut him off.

Louis raises his eyebrows and puts his hands up a bit, "What do you mean, my child?" Louis asks me with tears set in his eyes.

I stand here frozen in place, looking the man that lost his dear girlfriend and child directly in the eyes. I can no longer make out words to come out of my mouth in order to tell him the horrid news.

"Eleanor was pregnant wasn't she," Louis says letting his tears fall.

As I nod slowly, my orbs watch the small tears roll from his pink cheeks and onto the black jacket of his suite.

"I'm so sorry," I say crying myself.

I can not imagine what he is feeling right now. At this very moment. Probably why, maybe why now. Probably a bunch of questions, but I myself can not think straight.

Louis Tomlinson looks down and up at me once again.

"Thank you. For telling me," he says before walking off.

I turn around quite speechless to see him walking towards the burial place of Eleanor Calder, and his child.

Louis' P.O.V

A child. Mine? So the girl had said. But what runs through my head are a millions questions. For some reason my heart has a bigger wound. Not only had I lost Eleanor, but our child as well. A child that were to bring us what most parents would say. Happiness.

I stop looking down at where Eleanor is now buried and sit on the grass. Next her and our child. Picking at the dirt that covers her beautiful body.

I wonder if she knew. Knew that she was expecting, maybe she did. Maybe she did not. Maybe she wanted to surprise me but I will never know. It's too late now after all. And she is gone with nothing left behind. No letter, no goodbye. No kisses, no hugs. Just memories from the past. Just echoes in my head. Just pictures that may fade away. Just nothing.

I wonder what our baby may have looked like. Might have had the Tomlinson eyes, maybe Eleanor's beautiful nose, probably my crooked smile, and small toes. But I may never know because. . .she or he is gone too. Never got to meet me or mommy. Never got a chance to have it's first cry of laugh. All that taken away.

I chuckle under my tears and inhale while rubbing my snot on my sleeve.

Me, a father? I would have done it. As my father would say, I would have done it right and well.

"Right and well El," I say as if she can hear me.

Looking around I see other gravestones. I wonder if their families had been as lost as I am right now. I wonder if there is a child here, buried with the others. Or is it just ours.

Tilting my head back I start to cry again. Mourning alone in sorrow beside my family.

Look at me. Louis Tomlinson, British band member of One Direction. Not only lost his girlfriend, but child. Oh folks I hear he is a coward. Can't even protect his own family. Now this is what I get.


I loose everything.

What have I ever done to anyone? Let alone alone what has Eleanor done? She has done nothing. And our baby. God, what has the child done for God's sake it wasn't even given a chance.

I wonder if the shithead of a murderer knew that she was pregnant. If the person did, would he or she would have still killed Eleanor? Difference of no difference I'm still very upset about it. And nothing will ever make me "feel better".

Not unless she comes back. Not unless they come back.


I close my eyes sobbing louder. I set my head in my hands and cry harder feeling a headache come through. My heart is broken.

You know that feeling where you feel as though you have no one. No one at all. Well for the longest time, the feeling has returned.

The collar of my shirt is drench with tears as well as the arms of my coat. I rather just lie here next to them and sob for all eternity until I am the one to die.

Until I see them myself.


What do you think about this chapter? I hope you like it, and should I update? By the ways, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel: Sameria Jentzen I would really appreciate it. Update soon :) The next chapter will be full of drama.



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