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The Luck of The Irish


"Get your bag, Cady. We're going shopping." A pretty girl standing in front of me said. "Um. Do I know you?" I asked. "No. Well, maybe. I'm Eleanor Calder."

"Really?" I asked. She nodded. "Let's go. Perrie's also coming." She said. "Hola, pretty lady." Perrie Edwards said, walking out. "Hi." I smiled. "Um, gotta go say bye to Niall." I said. "Her boyfriend."

"Wait, what?" she asked. "You're dating, right?" she asked. "Oh... um, yeah." I said.

"Niall...?" I asked. "Hmm?" he rolled over. "Oh, hey sweetie." He smiled. "I loved your performance," he said. "Yeah, yeah."

"That's like...wow." He smiled. "Thanks . Um, I'm going shopping with Eleanor. I'll be back soon, okay?" Niall nodded. I was about to walk out when Niall coughed. I turned around and raised an eyebrow. "Your purse, your phone, and your boyfriend."

I grabbed my purse and phone and gave Niall a kiss. "Bye princess," he smiled. "Au revoir, Prince Charming."

****** At SexyChic ******

"Hi, we're looking for clubbing dresses." Ele said to the saleslady. "Right this way..." she said, leading us to the back right corner of the room. "Ooh. How about these?" She pointed at some cut-out dresses. I shook my head. "I'm too fat for all of these." I said.

Perrie and Ele turned their head. "Saaaaay what?" Perrie asked. "Listen, you are perfect and beautiful and fans would die to be you." She said. "Fans don't know about me..." I trailed off. "Why?" she asked. "Niall and I haven't gone public." I said. "Well... why don't you go public?" Eleanor asked. "I-I... I don't know. What'll the fans think of me?" I asked. "Well. They love Louanor. Or whatever it's called. They loved Zerrie."

"B-But, that's true. But still..." I trailed off. "C'mon, I'm betting you the fans will love you," Ele said. I sighed. "Fine."

"But, really, try on one of these dresses." Ele said. I rolled my eyes. "Fine, you nut job."

We all got our outfits for clubbing. Once we got home, the guys were ready. Marley and Danielle didn't want to go clubbing.

We went to the club, Karma. Just because we were in Jersey. Liam and Zayn were staying with Marley and Danielle.

*At The Club*

I clutched onto Niall's hand, just because I've never been to Karma.

"It's fine, sweetheart," he pecked me on the head. "Niall..?" I stopped him. "Yeah?" he asked. "I'm ready to go public."

"Are you sure - rumors are gonna be flying around, sweetheart..." he said. "Niall James Horan. I'm ready... I'm sure."


"I'll tweet something, I guess." He said. "KK." I said, taking a deep breath.

As I walked into Karma, the scent of alcohol and sweat filled my nose. "Want a drink?" he asked. "Um... Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail."


"Soo... he said, you wanna go dance?" Niall asked. "Not now," I replied. "Kay, princess."

After a few drinks, I started to get a little weary. "Niallllllller," I said. "Hey sexy." Niall slurred. I looked over to Harry. He was grinding all over Brooke. Wait, BROOKE! I know her. My ex best friend.

"Brookie?" I asked. "Ohmigosh, Cady?" she yelled over the booming music. "You know her?" Harry asked. She nodded. "My best friend." She smiled. "Brooke. Can you come home with me?" Harry asked. "Oh, I will. I'll be getting all up in that." She smirked.

Jealous is the word for me.

When we were about to leave, I texted the tweet that would change Niall and I's relationship status.

@kissmycadyy - just enjoyed an amazing night w/ 1d. going home to sleep with Niall. that's right, he's my prince charming, im his princess. Niall James Horan is taken.


http://www.polyvore.com/clubbing_outfits/collection?id=2825884 - The girls outfits.

By the way, in the story Zerrie is an old couple, it's not real in the story.

- Niall's Outfit for Clubbing

- Harry's Outfit

- Louis' Clubbing Outfit


Please update! I love this! So much!!! XD

  • OMG , i love this ! Please update soon !?!?!?!?!?!?!? :D
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