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One Direction=One Love


Haary's POV:
We have been in this house all day cause the fans wont leave. I dont mind I have Emily here to keep me company. Everyone went off to watch the Notebook. Emily said that movie makes her depressed for days so she is not going to watch it. I stayed with her.
" Soo the movie is still on what do you want to do?" Emily asked.
"We could do this..."after that i crashed my lips down on hers. She kissed back right away. I licked her ottom lip asking for entrance and she granted. Her mouth tasted like pineapples. I love pineapples. (i dont know if harry really likes pineapples lets jus go with it) Sense we werein her room i pushed her on the bed. Thats when Abby and Louis came in.

"MY POOR VIRGIN EYES" both of them screamed.

"We all know that neither of you are virgins so get a life and get out." Emily said to them.

"Sorry bout Abby she can be crazy."

"Yeah Lou too he is the wild child."

"Well Im going to go make dinner. You gonna join me?"
she asked.


Please update soon
Looks good so far keep writing