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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 21: Darkness and a child

June’s POV:

It was like those movies, when something extreme happens everything goes into that slow motion mode. My life as I felt it flash before me came to a sudden slow pace. I watched as we hurtled to the dark depths below us, hair flying around from both of us as the air whipped through the car. As we were getting closer in the slow state I was seeing this, I turned to Harry, the last thing I saw, and saw the fear and guilt in his eyes of the mistake he just made, his hand reaching out to push me back against the seat as the car crashed hard into the water. The impact was so harsh and severe that we both whip lashed, I caught a glimpse of Harry’s head slamming against the steering wheel, his arm going limp against me as water rushed into the car, our impending doom coming to an end, and like that everything was back to a fast pace.

“Harry!” I screamed, panicking as the water poured into the car, the cold instantly putting me into a shiver. I turned to see him lifeless, red swirling around where the water hit him, clearly the impact of the car hitting the water had cut him along the way, “Harry please wake up!” I sobbed, shaking his limp form, his brown curls clung to his face in a sad way, red falling down his face, “Please Harry don’t die.” I sobbed even more.

I wiped my eyes, as I looked around to try and find a way out of here before it was too late for us. I quickly recalled a show I had watched about car accidents into the water, what did they say you had to do again? I tried to rack my brain quickly as the cold water started eating away at our small oxygen space.

Don’t panic, when the car levels out is when you open the windows and swim out. If you open to early you will be fighting against a stronger current into your car and have a higher chance of not making it out.

I finally remembered what the show had said and peered around as the car slowly sank into the water, we were at a harsh tilt, making me panic that the car wouldn’t even out in time. I looked to Harry again as he didn’t budge at all, the blood still seeping from whatever wound he got.

I cried hard knowing this was all my fault, I shouldn’t had pushed him to take me home, I should had just tried. The water inched its way into my lap as I started to feel claustrophobic now, the remaining air dying away quickly, “Harry?” I tried shaking him awake, “Harry get up! I can’t get us both out of here.” The tears fell down my face as his body slowly starting shrinking into his kid form from the water.

His face splashed into the water as the seat belt didn’t hold him anymore. I fought against the water to unbuckle my belt and pull him over, the task taking more air out of me than I thought, I slid him into my arms, protecting him from the oncoming water, as we slowly started evening out.

“Please wake up.” I tried to not watch as the water kept filling up, trying to keep my mind rational before I lost it and made an escape too early.

I closed my eyes, praying that we would both make it, as Titanic the movie started clogging my mind at a horrible time, of all the people who sat in the boat knowing their death was on them, and watched as they horribly drowned. Was this going to be my death; was this going to end One Direction? I drug up Harry’s heavy wetted down body to a higher level so he could still breathe as the water started rising to my chest. At that moment the car finally leveled out, “Harry?” I cried as I looked at him, his head lolling back from his out of mind state, I cried as I pushed his soft curls back, “Please stay alive…” I placed my lips against his, blowing one last thing of air into him as I rolled the window down, the water rushed in taking the rest of the air with it, I took one last big gulp of air and sank with the car.

I covered Harry’s nose and mouth so he wouldn’t unintentionally suck in water and die, as I pushed hard out of the car, squeezing myself and him through the window, struggling to understand which was up and which was down. The panic of not knowing how far I was was seeping the air out of me, blackness started to crowd around my vision, as I struggled to swim faster to save both of our lives. The coldness seeping into my bones, as blackness finally ate away what was left, leaving me in a cold dark world.





I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

bananabreeana bananabreeana

I Love One Direction <3