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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 1: I am Harry!

Harry’s POV:

We drunkenly stumbled out of the bar, Liam, Zayn, and Louis long gone with their girls; leaving Niall and I to fend for ourselves.

“Ya stubid ‘arry, not even your mum would fall for ya.” He hung off me laughing. I pushed him and he fell into someone, “Ay, why you run into me?” He slurred pointing to the person.

I stumbled over, pulling Niall away, realizing it was an elderly lady, “Sorry for my mate here ma’am.” I nodded to her. She just stared at me with dead eyes. That ticked me off, “You gonna say anythin’ back?” The alcohol getting to me.

“Young boys, won’t you help me across the road?”

I looked around, noticing our surroundings; we weren’t even in the road or sidewalk to begin with. Niall and I in our drunken state somehow stumbled into an alley.

“Old lady, we no where near a road.” I slurred a little. I grabbed Niall and started dragging him to the entrance, not feeling comfortable there anymore.

“Young boys, please help me to the road.” The old lady turned to us, her eyes black as night.
“No.” I turn around, jumping out of my skin, which knocked Niall over.

What the fuck?

The old lady was now in front of me, blocking the entrance. The fear was coursing through me, something didn’t feel right, yet my body refused to move forward. She lifted her old crooked fingers, curling them in except one, and pointed straight at me, “A curse shall be put forth on thee.”

I gazed at her, confused now, “What?” I tried moving my body away, but it didn’t want to budge.

“Two young boys, with no compassion or love, shall be cursed for eternity.”

“What the fuck?” Niall yelled at her, from behind me.

All those who see me. All those with helping hands. Thy rejection of help and compassion. Shall curse thee. Once cursed. You shall find your savior. If your savior doesn’t fall thee. Then you shall be cursed. For all eternity.” She dropped her crooked finger, eyes dark.
“Dude, she’s on drugs man, let’s get outta ‘ere.” I could hear Niall sobering up. We both ran out of that alley never looking back.


June’s POV:

“June, I need you to lock up the store, I need to leave early to get my kids. You’ll be fine?” my manager asked.

“Yeah. It’s perfectly fine by me.” I smile at her. It wasn’t like I was needed anywhere right now anyways.

I watch her gather her stuff and leave quickly, the night sky taking over. I glanced around, it was a slow day today, and nights were worse, so I wasn’t expecting anything. I sat down, pulled out my cell phone and started texting away.

Ding. Ding.

I looked up from my perch to see who walked in, and saw nothing. A shiver running down my spine. On the news recently were stories around the area, about stores getting robbed at night. I got up to grab the bat, which my manager put behind the register in case of emergencies.

Cautiously, I stepped out from behind my safety zone, and silently walked around display cases of cds. Working in a music store sometimes wasn’t great for situations like this, because there were aisles upon aisles here. I could hear some muffled voices near the guitar area. Then I heard them, “Is anyone here? We need help!”

Frightened, I still ran forward to the voices, skidding to a stop. There were two cute little boys, looked about the age of five, a blonde, and a curly brunette. The blonde boy had his eyes closed, “Thank god someone is here.” The brunette boy said, relief showing on his face, “There was some really weird lady outside, and my friend here collapsed. Can we rest here for a bit?” I gazed down at him, dumbfounded.

“You listening to me?” he said rudely.

“Oh, um…yeah. Let me get him.” I bent down and picked the little blonde boy up.

“Ay! What do ya think your doin’? He’s too big for ya ta pick up.” The little boy slurred as if drunk.

“I’m not that weak. See?” I showed him how easy it was to carry the blonde one.

“What the fuck?” he put his small hand to his eyes, rubbing them.

I dropped my jaw. Did he just say what I think he said? “Excuse me?”

“Somethin’ not right.” He started leaning over, then collapsed. I bent down quickly, making sure to not drop the boy in my hands. I checked his pulse to see if he was still breathing. Thank god. I got up and swiftly brought the blonde one behind the register, laying him on the counter, and went to retrieve the second boy.

/ / /

“What should I do?” I asked myself out loud, confused on what to do from here. I was only 19, living on my own already, and never once in my life have I encountered something like this.

I glanced down at the two sleeping boys, the curly haired one slowly waking up.
“Whe-where am I?” he was partly pushed up from the counter looking around in confusion. His eyes fell on me, “Holy shit! You are one huge brawd.”

“You have one dirty mouth little boy! Who taught you to speak like that?” I exclaimed.

He stared at me like I was stupid, “My mum, my pa, ‘ell, the entire world. The real question is, is who are you? Are you a crazy fan?” he scooted a little away from me.

“Fan?” I asked confused.

“Ya know?” he pointed at himself.

I giggled, “Wow, you sure are one narcissistic kid.”

He crossed his little arms, cheeks puffed out in a pout. I couldn’t help it, he was so dang cute! I pinched his little puffed out cheek, “Ay! Stop treating me like a child!”

I raised my brow at him, “What’s your name first little boy?”

“Little boy?” he huffed at me, “Harry.”

“What’s your little friends name?” I asked, pointing at the blonde boy.

He turned his head, his brows knitting together, “Who the hell is this? I don’t have some kid hanging around me.”

I was throughouly confused now, “He was with you when you guys came in…” I paused and decided to ask something different, “Where’s your parents little boy?”

“Stop calling me a little boy! I’m a grown ass man!” he yelled at me.

I laughed, little kids, “So where are they?”

“My mum lives in fucking England. Now back off.”

“England?” this wasn’t good.

“I’m Harry from One direction. Don’t all ya American girls know me here?”

I broke out laughing, “Aw you are such a sweetie, you must really like One Direction.” I tousle his hair. He pushed away, stumbling off the counter, “Are you okay?” I yelled running around the corner.

He got up, brushing off his legs; he stared up at me, and bam! A shooting pain flew up my leg, “What was that for!” I yell at his running figure.

“I’m Harry from One Direction you stupid bitch!” he flung himself through the door and out into the night.

I just stood there staring at the door. What the hell was that? I turned around, the blonde one was awake now, looking at me confused, eyes watery, “Oh no, please don’t cry. I’m going home soon. We can go home and get you somewhere nice to sleep, until we can figure out what to do with you and your wild friend.” I soothingly said.

He nodded, as he gazed around the store. I swiftly ran around the store, locking up and putting the money away. I went to where the little boy was still sitting, “Ready?” I asked, holding my arms out for him to crawl into. He cocked his head in confusion, but put his little arms up; I wrapped around his small frame and picked him up. He was more precious than the rowdy brunette. He snuggled his head into my chest, rubbing back and forth, he was giggling, “My, aren’t you a naughty little one.” I laughed, ignoring his rubbing head. I locked the front door and started my way home.


I don't know how well this is, so let me know what you guys think about it.



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

bananabreeana bananabreeana

I Love One Direction <3