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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 15: Forks, Carrots, Cats, Mirrors, Nandos, and a whole lot of you

Louis’s POV:

I sharply turned as a small Liam came running in. crossing my arms I glared at him, “What have you gotten yourself into? Did you bring the rest of the curse on us?” he was about to say something, but I kept continuing, “We at least know why Niall and Harry were cursed, but no one understands why you were.”

He looked down at the floor, “I didn’t bring it on you or Zayn.” He replied quietly.

“Well, why were you cursed then?”

He peeked up at me, with his little baby eyes, pouting, “I don’t know.”

I glared at him, “Fine be difficult.” I turned around, finding stuff for everyone to eat, so that we could sit down and think smart.

Liam walked over and looked up, “Can you make me something?”

I smiled sweetly at him, “Sure why not.” I waltzed over to the fridge, pulled out some milk, grabbed a bowl, took some of Niall’s easy to go cereal, and made him some cereal. To top everything off, I slowly pulled out a spoon, “here you go Liam.” I smiled at him, placing the bowl down hard on the counter, coming over to him with the spoon.

“What are you doing Louis?” he backed away from me, fear in his eyes, “Don’t bring that near me!”

I was about to stick it in his mouth, punishment for not telling me anything when he clearly knew something, when June barged in, “Liam!”

I straightened up, “he’s right here.” I dropped the spoon on him.

I watched him dodge it quickly and stumble onto the floor at June’s feet, “You lying son of a bitch.” She hissed, bending down and picking Liam up. I watched everything in amusement, pulling out a carrot and snacking on it.

Liam wiggled desperately, trying to escape June’s grasp, “Let me go!”

“No I won’t!” she retorted.

“Seriously. Let. Me. Go!” he screamed, causing a tantrum.

Niall and Harry came in next, with a still worried Zayn.

“Hey my cereal!” Niall pouted, trying to hop up on the chair to reach the bowl I placed on the counter.

“What’s going on?” Harry looked between June and Liam.

Zayn just standing in the back quiet.

I pushed the bowl closer to Niall, as he smiled; eating his food and watching the drama unfold with the rest of us.

“You lied in Harry’s room!” she hissed at him, as he was pushing away from her.

“Oh, lied about what in Harry’s room? This sounds interesting.” I hopped up on the counter, leaning forward.

June frowned at me, and continued yelling at Liam, “You made me believe none of you guys wanted my help here.”

“Vhat?” Niall stopped, cereal spilling out of his opened mouth.

“It’s not my fault that you’re stupid and believed that.” He turned his attention away from her.

“Did you lie too?” June turned quickly on Harry, he stumbled back a little.

I caught Harry quickly looking at Liam in panic.

Wonder what those two are up to?

I decided to stay quiet and watch everything go forward, “N-no.” he finally replied.

“Seriously, you One Direction dicks! I really hope the rest of you get cursed and see what its like when you beg for my help, and realize I was actually someone you needed around!” she screamed as she pushed Niall’s bowl away from him, and hitting Harry perfectly, making him yelp out, going into his kids form.

“Damn it June! Just calm the fuck down!” harry yelled, glaring up at her.

“You don’t need my help, so I can do whatever I want.” She crossed her arms.

I decided this would be the perfect time to intervene just as Niall was about to say something, “Okay okay. Lets all calm down here.”

Everyone stared at me “Shut up Lou.” Harry yelled, turning his glare back on June.

“Now stop acting like a brat.” I smiled at him, hopping off the counter now, demanding their attention. Everyone quieted down, “First off…” I paused for dramatic effect, “Really June? I think that was a little over the top.”

She flushed red in embarrassment, “They lied.” She muttered.

“Damn, do all girls do that when a guy lies to ‘em?”

She flushed even brighter, “no.” she whispered out.

“My point.” I smiled, turning my gaze on Liam, “And really mate? You didn’t have to lie. We already established she was telling the truth about Harry and Niall, and she has been helping them. Look at the situation you are in now. Do you think she is going to be very helpful with you?”

He peeked up at June, “No.” he muttered.

“Exactly.” I strolled around the counter and came to Zayn, “Now Zayn and I are the only ones who don’t have the curse, or at least not yet. We don’t know exactly. What happened Liam?”
Liam stared at all of us, I could see him debating if he wanted to say something or not, “I think its time for you to speak up Liam, or Zayn and I could be next, and your dream with One Direction will be dead.”

Niall gasped out, not really thinking that far ahead, “Liam, tell us now!” he almost toppled over from the high up chair. I quickly steadied him so he wouldn’t fall down, glancing back at Liam.

He sighed loudly, “Fine. This is what happened.”



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

bananabreeana bananabreeana

I Love One Direction <3