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I'm From One Direction Damn It!

Chpt 12: Odd Things Happening

Liam’s POV:

I went looking for that girl, so that I could fix any misunderstandings with her, so that she didn’t go off thinking I had a thing with her because of what Louis said. I walked back into the living room, to see no one there. I waltzed into Niall’s room, to see if she snuck her way in and try to figure out what he knew.

Niall was playing his guitar, a wide smile on his face, “You see that girl?”

He looked up at me, frowning, “That girl has a name Liam.”

“I don’t care. She’s just another girl to me who is way too obsessed.”

I gazed around; about to leave his room, “Her name is June. Treat her with some respect, she did help us mate.” I shook my head, leaving his room. She was already infecting our group; I needed to get her out of here as quickly as possible, before the rest of guys started Okaying the fans to be with us.

I caught Louis slinking down to the living room, “You fucking ass! Get back here!” I took chase after him, as he ducked out of the room and into the hall, “I’ll get you I swear!” I screamed at him, he turned around sticking his tongue out.

Damn git. It’s his entire fault.

I headed back in and made my way to Harry’s room. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a move on him, he would be the easiest to get because of his flirtyness.

I opened the door, “Is that girl in here?” I stopped in my tracks catching a very disturbing naked Harry, and that girl in front of him, Harry turning red, “What…the ‘ell?”

“It’s not what you think.” She stuttered.

“Oh it’s exactly what I think!” I growled, advancing towards her, “You took advantage of Harry’s state, and made a move on him, you know since he is such a flirt. You thought he would be an easy target.” I pointed in her face, as she cringed away.

“Back off mate.” I could feel Harry’s hands on my shoulder as he pulled me away from her, “It really isn’t what you think. And actually.” He coughed nervously, “I was the one who made a move on her.”

I looked at him in disgust, “Really? Her?” I glanced at her. What was he thinking?

“Nothing happened, okay?” he watched the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

I turned back on the girl, “You need to get out of here immediately. You’re causing this band issues.” I grabbed her arm, and tossed her out of Harry’s room. “Seriously don’t come back. Niall even said he didn’t want you here, and Harry?” I turned towards Harry, lowering my eyes.

“Yeah.” He muttered, not looking her in the eyes.

“There, now get out.” I slammed the door in her face, turning on Harry, “what the ‘ell lad?”


June’s POV:

I watched Liam glare at me, the hatred seeping through him, as he slammed Harry’s door shut in my face. I glanced around, confused, not knowing what to do with myself. I stood up, brushing myself off, to only notice that I left my shoes in the very room that the devil was in. I gulped as I went to the door, daring myself to knock.

“What the ‘ell lad?” I heard them talking through the door as I got closer to listen.

“She’s just some psycho fan, what are you doing making a move on our fans? Let alone my fan?”

I heard Harry laugh out harshly, “Are you jealous or something?”

“No I’m not. You should know that we shouldn’t make moves on fans. Remember what happened with Louis and Eleanor? The fans went crazy thinking they had a chance. We have to think, lads before sex.”

“You think I just wanted sex?” I could hear Harry raising his voice, “Did you ever stop to think that maybe I was just thanking her? She did you know, help us!”

“She kidnapped you! You’re just brainwashed mate!”

Kidnapped! I only had them in my place for two days. I didn’t even know they were from One Direction!

I glared at the door, raising my hand to knock, when Harry replied, “We were gone for two days. Two damn fucking days Liam! You don’t know what its like to constantly change from a child to an adult do you? Maybe if you were cursed too, you would understand this situation! June is actually…”

I leaned in to listen to what he was going to say about me, when I heard someone speak behind me, “What are you doing?”

I swiveled around quickly, trying to hide my suspicious behavior, “N-nothing.” As my stuttering gave me away.

Zayn raised his brow at m, not believing any of it, “That’s Harry’s room.” He pointed out matter of factly.

“I-I know.”

“If you know that already, what are you doing in front of it like a scary Harry fan girl?”

I looked away, there was no way I could defend myself, he was just going to believe I was a crazy fan like Liam, “Its not what you think.” Was all I mustered to say.

He sighed out, “then I would advise you to leave.”

A twinge of pain shot through me as I recalled Liam’s words, that no one wanted me here. I nodded my head, and walked down the hall.

“June?” I turned around to see what Zayn wanted, but saw Niall peering out of his room’s door, Zayn already gone, “Where are you going?”

“Home.” I turned around and headed for the door.

“Hey wait!” he yelled, I could hear his footsteps catching up to me.


Niall’s POV:

I ran up to the hurt looking June, “What wrong?” I grabbed her arm and turned her towards me.

“Nothing.” She tried shrugging me off, but I wouldn’t let her.

“Obviously something is wrong. You usually have more spunk in you.”

She stared at me, her eyes cold, “You know, you guys from One Direction aren’t all you are made out to be.”

I gazed down at her confused, “What do you mean?”

“The curse was one thing, and I could understand why you guys may have random bursts of anger, but the rest of your band mates…” she paused looking me straight in the eyes, “Are complete assholes.”

“Just give Liam some time.” I could guess it was his doing, “He’s just nervous that our fans will hurt us one of these days, so he’s always looking out for us. He has a soft spot for Harry.” I smiled at her, trying to show her it would be okay.

“You don’t have to force yourself to be nice to me Niall.” She turned away, making her way down the hall.

“I’m not forcing myself.” I got angry, following her to the door, “June, stop!” I grabbed her arm again.

She turned on me, pissed now, “Stop grabbing me damn it! You are just like the rest of them here. Telling me I'm not wanted; when all I did was have an unfortunate encounter with you guys. It wasn’t like I asked to be your so called savior.” She yelled at me.

I went to try and calm her down, when she grabbed the flowers and vase on the table that the hotel used to decorate the penthouse rooms with, and she dumped the water and all onto my head, “June?” I looked at her, as I came to my small body.

“Find another savior…” she bent down to me, lips next to my ear, “Niall.” She hissed, as she opened the door, and slammed it in my face, leaving me very confused.


Oh snap! :O drama llama!



I cried during this chapter... how heartless could Liam be? :'(

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360

I am! I love the beginning if it. :)


well I'm glad you were able to find it again lol. I just hope I can still keep you entertained with it n_n

bananabreeana bananabreeana

I Love One Direction <3