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One Direction Imagines: TEMPORARILY CLOSED

If They Only Knew


"Niall, higher!" I screamed as he pushed me. My red hair streamed behind me as he laughed, and then shoved the swing. I tumbled off, and lay on my back, giggling hysterically. Niall ran over to me, and flopped down on the greying mulch of the park.

Niall had been my neighbor in Ireland, before he left for the audition. When he left, I lost my best friend. I became lonely and despondent. A few weeks ago, I got an email from someone called Louis Tomlinson.

The email read:

Dear Kayla,
My name is Louis Tomlinson. I'm in a band with your old neighbor, Niall Horan. Niall is concerned about you. He has heard bits and pieces from your mother that you aren't happy like you used to be.
We have a two week holiday from tour, and Niall, and the rest of us, thought it would be a smashing idea if we came to Ireland, and spent them with you. Please reply with your ruling on this.
Louis Tomlinson
P.S. Niall has shown us some pictures of you. You're very pretty.

Fast Forward to now, where Niall and I are laying on the ground of the park. By this time, I've met all of the boys, and thought them all a whole lot of fun. Niall was once again my best friend. Harry kept on hinting at hooking up, but apparently, that's what he usually does, so I didn't think much of it. Liam and Zayn are still a slight mystery, but are very kind, and I would consider them like big brothers, almost.
Louis. The one who sent the email. I looked him up online, to see that sadly, he had a girlfriend. Oh, he made me stutter, and blush, and I believe that Niall was finally catching on.

"So, Kayla, have you gotten with anyone? Maybe Henry?" Niall pried.

I scoffed. "Henry? Oh, come on! You know me better than that. I'm not with anyone."

He stared at me and then questioned, "Would you like to be? I know Harry has a thing for ya."

I smiled, but shook my head. "Harry is very sweet, but no. He doesn't seem like someone I would date. Try again."

Niall poked my cheek and whispered, "Louis?"

I opened my mouth and then abruptly closed it. I glanced at Niall out of the corner of my eye, and decided to remain silent.

Niall chuckled, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "You know... I, being his friend..."

"Niall, no! No set ups. I know he has a girlfriend, and all that. I know, it's just not possible."

Niall smiled and said, "Fine. But as his friend, I know things. And right now, I know that Eleanor is a fake girlfriend. They are great friends, but nothing is really going on with them."

"What about those pictures with them kissing?"

"Staged, theatrical kisses. Face it, you have a chance! He can "break up" with Eleanor, and then BAM! you're in."

I laughed and muttered, "I have a feeling it won't be as easy as that."

A voice behind me replied, "I wouldn't say that. I could make it pretty easy."

I turned my head and gasped when I saw Louis. My face burned red, and I stood up to go. Louis ran over and took hold of my arm, making me stay.

"Kayla. I like you too. Niall didn't even know I emailed you. I heard him talking about you, and he showed us a picture of you-"

"Niall, what picture was it?"

Niall grinned and said, "The one from the vegetable play, where you were a carrot, and then your senior pictures."

I groaned and slapped my hands to my face. "Why the carrot picture? I look so stupid!"

"I thought it made you look sexy..." Louis offered.

I rolled my eyes at him and answered, "Louis, I was eight. Does your sentence sound like an appropriate thing to say now?"

He shrugged and winked at me. I stared at him for a second... Minute... Hour... But when I turned to Niall, he was gone. Louis quickly stepped over and took my hands. "Kayla... I know I'm crazy, my life is crazy, this thing with Eleanor is crazy, but I want to make us work. I know we can do it. Please give us a chance!"

I sighed and shook my head. "I don't know, Louis. Your fans would hate me, I... I just don't know."

He smiled, and slid his arms around my shoulders, just like Niall had done. Only this time, it felt different. There was friendship, but also more.

"Oh, Kayla. If they only knew how I feel about you, I don't think they would."


I have nothing against Eleanor, just btw.

And a note, imagines shall be coming slowly but surely... I have very limited time t write, SO SORRY!!

And, if you want the boys or anyone to sing a song to you, or for you to sing a song, oh have to include that in your special details. But I still need you to choose a song so I can come up with an awesome title. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND TA TA FOR NOW!!


My full name is Lily Whitelaw I am 17 a quiet girl and a very sweet girl with a great sence of humor, blue eyes and brown hair short pretty loves music is a great singer has 3 best friends Sarah, Charlotte and Emily she has a mum and dad,dad is called James and mum is called Helen she is a triplet, she has a triplet brother and a triplet sister her sister is called Hayley and her brother is called Derek, she has a cousion called Emelia she is 17 she is 2 months older than her she also has a younger sister who is 13 her name is Kaylah, she goes to high school one about Niall every girl fancies him and falls in love with him but he only falls in love with me he is 18 years old , Me and my family live in LA
1D song: another world

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No problem
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@Liam's Girl
See, anyone who realizes that the writers on here need to take their time sometimes, is not dumb, it shows you have more understanding than pretty much over half of this website. I don't know you, or your life story. But I know a couple things. One, you're a beautiful, beautiful girl who IS NOT DUMB. read those words. I mean it. And two, the more you think it, the more you believe it. Don't do that to yourself.
PickNandos PickNandos
No i am, i just care and know how you feel @PickNandos
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